Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Poll Pollery, Poll Pollery, Poll Poll Pollree

Well, we've been focusing a lot on reader-interaction in recent times here at the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion, in a blatently obvious attempt at retaining our numbers in the face of the BPL-Blog onslaught. What next, page 3 girls (guys?). Nah, we're sure you've all seen Nugget with his shirt off before. But let's follow up on some of our recent polls:

Well, the surprise in this one of course is the success of Cider. Cider is enjoying a boom in Australia at present, which makes it surprising it gets even two votes, Ultimate players being traditionally contrarians in all things. The 'tears of Jack Allan' polled well also, and thanks for the comment at the field from someone who shall remain nameless that "they're rather taste Jack's blood". Some sort of Twilight thing, I guess.

Speaking of drinks and moody angst:

Yes, this poll was clearly loaded towards our favourite Cola, Salv.

Jokes aside, let us turn out heads towards some of the serious stuff, like Ultimate, the most deadly serious game of all!

This was our biggest pulling poll of the year so far, and while there were some fans for all teams, its clear the big three this season (in terms of self-promotion, at least) are Bermuda Triangle, the Discheads, and What the Huck?

Several things stunned us about the Division 3 poll. None of the Yeast have found this blog as yet. Stacking the donkey vote with Griffith teams only delivered a few extra votes. And Marcus seems to be able to vote multiple times.


Anonymous said...

Jack Allan is so yesterday, like Charlie Sheen or Tomsteve (what ever happened to that guy, anyway?). Why is Jack Allan still coming up in the polls? Now, Dave Warren - there's a guy who could add some much needed celebrity to this blog. The lack of attention to James Hood or V-Brown is also regretful. Maybe you should do a poll about who we'd like polls to be about?

JdR said...

What do you say, readers? More Jack Allan or less?

Who's this Dave Warren cat, btw?

Anonymously Yours said...

What ever happened to team of the week, JDR?

Goose said...

Dave Warren, most powerful man in Brisbane, if you'll believe the stats

JdR said...

AY: Team of the Week relies on a somewhat plastic understanding of the word 'week'.

Goose: Oh yeah, THOSE stats. Gotta roll 3d6 for that, don't you?

Rolo Lover said...

Less Jack Allan, more Rolo

Tomsteve said...

I DEMAND MORE JACK ALLEN! All 300 pounds, that kid so cray!

I would also like to know what happened to Tomsteve, why is he posting at 3am and balling so hard that mofos want to locate him?

Its a Myter-G of a notably upwards direction.

Goose said...