Thursday, April 19, 2012


The new BPL blog is doing a great job in the day to day of BPL action ACTion ACTION, but occasionally we here at the stately mansion feel the need to return to our roots too and talk BPL.

So the latest wizz-bang-for-fun idea over at BPL HQ is that it needs a logo and is running a sweet competition to harness the creative energy flowing around out there! Closing on 17 May.

Our main tip is to ensure the logo has 'Ultimate' and possibly 'Ultimate Frisbee' on it (either in words, or visuals of people with discs on it). BPL means something to you and us, certainly ... maybe a couple of hundred people. But to anyone outside the immediate Brisbane Ultimate playing community, there needs to be some explanation. So think about the audience, and think BIG.

Meanwhile, those with pointy heads are also starting to put on their thinking caps with regards BPL's future.

Our suggestion here is that the 'mid year between seasons season' that has evolved in recent years needs to move beyond 'a thing to fill in the gap while the LD recharges his batteries' to being a massive thing on its own. The mid-year season is the MAJOR opportunity to recruit new players and expose them to Ultimate that's different to mixed and muckaround.

The start of the normal seasons actually sees relatively little recruitment of new players as teams (quite reasonably) invest heavily in winning the immediate season rather than developing players for the future or recruiting newbies.

So, why not a vision of the Winter Brisbane Premier Hat League, aiming at 6+ teams, running for 6-9 weeks, using Annerley 3A,3B,5A,5B, team shirts using the new BPL logo, involving a big effort at recruiting players from BUML and the Universities as well as rank newbies?

A lot of work, yes. But if the goal is to grow BPL, then you need to grow men's Thursday Ultimate to get the pool of elite players.

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