Friday, April 13, 2012

BUML2012-1 Round 7 Preview: I’ll Get My Camera!

So, our regular readers will have noticed that our friendly competition over at the BPL Blog have been trying to up their game in terms of posting and commenting. But we know you all prefer the wonderous longevity, dashing good looks and cheeky humour of the original and best, the Brisbane Ultimate Blog - 1406 posts and counting!

**Division 3 –Id**

>>Griffith Oh Yeahs vs QUTies – Annerley 5A
The rivalry between the QUTies and the three Griffith teams in Division 3 reaches its climax this week. The ‘Ultimate Players for the Real World’ have lost very tight games against the Yee Hars and the Go-Go’s so far this season, and won’t want to be 0/3 against the “Know More …. Frisbee” crew. But, this time around, the QUTies are facing the reds away from their Nathan bunker. Advantage to the blue and oranges? Form-wise, both of these teams come into this match up following holiday-related losses on Easter Monday. Should be close.
>Our tip: Oh Yeahs by 1.

>>Apostles vs Yeast – Annerley 5B
Yeast continue their ‘newbies get 50% better every week’ surge and gave Mellow Yellow a big scare last week, only losing by a couple of points. Meanwhile, the Apostles took advantage of the University holidays and spanked the QUTies, while still having time to drop into the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion for a little tete a tete that will see publication very soon. The Apostles are as close to dominators as Division 3 has at the moment, but they may also get a surprise from the unconventional Yeast rising style, which defies description or submission. Still, form counts.
>Our tip: Apostles by 2.

>>Mellow Yellow vs Griffith Yee Hars – Griffith 1
Our well dressed spy who occasionally drops by the Mellow Yellow Speakeasy has noted that Fluxie and DaveC are now joining Rolo in discretely putting on the plastic macs and slipping out the back door each Thursday night, before returning dishevelled but smiling later in the evening for more pale ales and fine cheese. We await more reports of what this means to Monday nights. Meanwhile, the Yee Hars hope to recover from eating way to much frickin’ chocolate over Easter, by running the heck out of their yellower and greyer opponents.
>Our tip: Mellow Yellow by 3.

>>Griffith Go-Go’s vs Slipped Discs – Griffith 2
The Slipped Discs have spent the season so far flying under the radar … at least until last week when the carpet bombed the Oh Yeahs’ endzone into submission in a massive pyrotechnical display. Many of the Go-Go’s will have their new shirts, but will be wary that from a distance their logo looks quite like a target. They just need to remember that the target is attracting for Casey’s unnecessary hammers. The Go-Go’s have been putting together several new connections so far this season, and this game might be the one where they unleash.
>Our tip: Go-Go’s by 4.

** Division 2 –Ego**
Division 2 continues it's electric boogaloo.

>>Tsunami vs Heroes – Annerley 3A
It’s like the One Direction vs Slipknot.
>Our tip: Tsunami by 3.

>>What the Huck? vs Disc-Iples – Easts 2
WTH clearly don’t go away over Easter, while the Disciples sadly had to forfeit. The momentum seems to be with the Huckers, although the Iples have been known to stage some big comebacks.
>Our tip: WTH? by 2.

>>Baby Chimis vs Discheads – Easts 3
The Chimis haven’t been winning many lately, but thankfully are sensible enough to know that in Ultimate, style counts – at least that’s our interpretation of their plans for a new run of Chimis shorts (get your orders in now). Discheads seem full of nationals-bound players who don’t want to be injured.
>Our tip: Discheads by 5.

>> Bermuda Triangle vs Agent Orange – Gap 1
We recently asked one of the younger BT players what they thought on the season, and their answer was something like “Yes, we’re liking this winning thing.” And we think that’s going to continue against Agent Orange, despite half the Triangle having to make their way across the Saragasso from Moorooka to the Gap. The orange ones are statistically and unfortunately the lowest scoring team in the BUML (partly due to that missed game) – so expect to see Gav get out the big stick and wave it at his team in an effort to be calmer on offence. Tipping-wise though, its undefeated vs all-defeated so far this season.
>Our tip: Bermuda Triangle by 7.

** Division 1 – Superego**
A look at the table after everyone’s played everyone (aside from the missed Gap game between the UQ Lovers and the Ghost Who Walks – which many would suggest is straight forward to tip the winner of) and its relatively close, in particular due to a good win by the Drop Bears last week, and White Lantern getting a tie against the Poachers (who’d previously tied with the UQ Lovers – watch that clock more closely, Poachers!)

>>The Ghost Who Walks vs Poachers – Annerley 3B
As mentioned, the Poachers had high scoring draw last week against White Lantern – indeed, going on the stats, the Poachers are the highest scoring team in the entire BUML. Maybe its just that they don’t faff around between points? Or it could just be that they’re very very good. TGWW meanwhile continue to build their class from week to week. We here are waiting for them to slay a giant … is this the week? Probably not. Can someone send us a photo of the littlest Ghost (no doubt now getting quite big), in purple preferably?
>Our tip: Poachers by 6.

>>Dyspnoeics vs Drop Bears – Easts 1
Drop Bears entered the winners circle last week and have basked in the glory for seven days. But now comes the wake up call, as the Blue Ds are no doubt angry and confused about not being top of the table, like in that movie, Spaceballs. Let’s hope the other part of the double bill isn’t The Bad News Bears. It was apparently noted that there were a few too many photos of the self-promoting Dyspnoeics in the recently published History of BUML. Perhaps we can correct this with a photo of the Drop Bears next week?
>Our tip: Dyspnoeics by 4.

>>UQ Lovers vs White Lantern – Gap 2
Both of these teams have had a lot of tight games this season, but our expectation is the trip to The Gap should loosen them up a lot, leading to plenty of white hot loving! Can someone send us a photo of the White Lantern and UQ Lover strips for this season?
>Our tip: White Lantern by 1.


Goose said...

I think the tipping of dyspnoeics is a bit generous..

They did lose to a savage 4 girls 3 boys Lovers in a tight game last round. If poachers have their shit together they should dispose of them handily

Anonymous said...

Begging for comments is below you, JdR!

Mansauce said...

You are very correct there Goose, we did lose a game we should have easily won. You could probably say that we lost it, rather than UQ winning it, but that's neither here nor last week.

Dyspnoeics are playing Drop Bears this week, not Poachers champ.

adam said...

Dysp. are playing Drop Bears this week Jack.

adam said...

double posting at the same time!

Luke said...

Oh Yeahs by 3
Apostles by 4
Mellow Yellow by 3
Go-Go's by 5

Heroes by 2
WTH by 6
Discheads by 5
Bermuda Triangle by 7

Poachers by 8
Dyspnoeics by 8
Lovers by 3