Monday, May 30, 2011

It is time to leave work now

I'm surprised you haven't ducked out early to mentally prepare for tonight's match.

The Much Awaited Return of Loldiscs!

Check out the Hurdling group on The Book. It's really taking off!

Marvin Gaye with Mixed Nats?


It's an exciting time for Ultimate in South East Queensland, and we're predicting the biggest, most competitive Mixed Nats qualifying series in the North for some time. With the big one being hosted by Brisbane's cooler, older cousin (Melbourne), it is quite likely that many a frisbee player will fancy an excuse to visit the cultural capital in October.

This blogger has been keeping his ear to the ground on the matter since whispers began even at the Australian Ultimate Championship in April.

We have heard that Dusty is keen to shake off the first four letters of his name and train hard over winter. Don't believe it? Neither do we, and in fact we demand photo evidence and a training blog from this veteran partier.

The Heroes club seem to be out in front in terms of organisation, with training more-or-less being underway. This basically involves a bit of forethought into the clubs general Sunday trainings, which will remain open to all. More specific training is rumoured to begin in July. It is likely that the usual conundrum applies here, with enough male interest for 2 teams but maybe just enough women for one.

Word is that Reece and Sophie want to play with young people. Reece plans to get a team together, while Sophie has been attending Heroes training. That said, the Heroes list is aging, and it will be up to Agent Orange star Vanessa to bring the required party and show Soph that 25 year olds can be a bag of fun ;)

Trevor has publicly announced that UQ will be making a bid again this year. Will they go under their usual name of Lovers, or their recent unusual alias of QUTies? One would expect training to begin around August. Lovefest will definitely be on the agenda.

But what will happen with the usuals? We were under the impression that John Doe players were on a 2-year contract, ending after this seasons tournament. But a wise punter in a pub pointed out that Al, Stu and Maylin etc. were a good chance of making Mundi's this year - the Australian Mixed team who will play together at Mixed Nats.

Will we see a Slamtown / Byron collaboration? Will all these ideas fall apart, leaving Heroes, Agent Orange and Discheads all going to Melbourne, as joked about by that wise punter in the pub? We hope not.

It is possible that we will see around 5 teams playing off to qualify. Last year, we were given two spots and a wild-card. Who knows what we would get if we had 5 teams at qualifiers? Probably JdR.

New Poll

The insanity which became Sam Simmons is upon me, as evidenced by this exquisite photo of me sucking back a lovely coconut!

A new poll is up (how exciting!) so dance on over to the left side of your screen and vote for who you think will be MVP. Tell us why you have voted that way by commenting on this thread! Although my stats tell me that today is going off, you, my friends, feel invisible!

Up Yer BUML: Round 11 Preview - A Mystery Package

Borag Thungg BUMLettes! Well after last week's washout, we here in the command module decided to defer preparing the preview until it was certain that games are on. And while there was a fair bit of rain last night, the skies have been blue all day and no disappointing emails have come through as yet. But we're run out of time, so will be handing over the reins to Morbo, our local anchormonster.

Division 2

Griffith Go-Go's vs Griffith Oh Yeahs - Griffith 1
Morbo congratulates this University for fielding two teams. May death come quickly to their enemies!

Starlight vs QUTies - Annerley 3A
All QUTies are vermin in the eyes of Morbo!

Baby Chimis vs Disciples - Annerley 3B
Chimis give Morbo gas. In lighter news, the Disciples are doomed, due to their tiny, inferior human brains.

What the Huck vs Tsunami - Annerley 5A
Morbo appreciates that What the Huck is beligerent and numerous.

Ghost Who Walks vs Agent Orange - Annerley 5B
Morbo demands an answer to the following question, "Which of these foolishly named teams should be exterminated first?" Morbo demands comments!

Division 1

Wuxi Finger Hold vs Mellow Yellow - Griffith 2
Prepare to exchange pleasantries!

Dyspnoeics vs Heroes - Griffith 3
Pathetic humans - prepare to write down recipe!

Poachers vs Disheads - UQ 7A
Morbo will now introduce the competitors - useless team 1, useless team 2, and my friend Adam B.

Plastic Scourgery vs Bermuda Triangle - UQ 7B
Morbo's viewers trust a deep male voice, and huge throbbing forehead veins!


Why Jody Will Win MVP (Again)

Although I'm told that he didn't have an outstanding, points taking performance in the Final Round, I'm sure it won't matter. Here's why:

1. He won it last season. This can work against the MVP holder, as teams are more aware of his potency and may mark him harder. The captains may also be more critical, unfairly but understandably comparing "Tonight's Game" to previous games. This said, I think he will stand out more when he has good performances.

2. He does flashy stuff. You know, lay-outs and shit. Although he has Al on his team, who is also polling well, the lay-outs are exciting!

3. He's Black. Yeah, I said it. Much proclaimed as the best tan in ultimate, Jody's not just a little black, he's dark as the night! And my point is, this is a stark contrast with the rest of the computer geeks who play ultimate and lack Vitamin D (most of our outdoor activity is at night, people!) So yeah, basically 3 reasons why he gets noticed. It's kind of like Jason Akermanis or Adam Cooney when they won Brownlow Medals - they had incredibly bright hair colours!

4. He's a really good player. Although he does these noticeable things, he's consistent, and his efforts seem to lift the team and drive them toward victory.

Dojo to take Spirit!? WTF??

Dojo 11 draw. Bugs 11
Heroes 15 def. Bandidos 7
Slamtown 15 def. Cobras 7

In a final round where nothing has changed on the ladder, an array of unpredictable stats has arisen. Dojo are sitting on 86.5 (average) for Spirit, and appear to be in the lead. Special LD has no doubt with-held the results of other contenders, Heroes (78.5) and Bugs (77.5). If either of these teams score an "average" of 8 for their last game, it would not be enough to topple the Minor Premiers from taking out yet another trophy in what appears to be a Golden Age for the Kenshi.

SFC finish with the most points scored in the league (and 3 places higher than ever before), while Los Bandidos have the most against. Bandidos also finish 1 spot higher than punters predicted, and the Heroes find themselves in the finals for yet another first. Cobras finish with a lowly spirit score of 72.5, and even considering the forfeit, I think that's the lowest score, or biggest margin I've ever seen!!

End Post.------------------------

Sunday, May 29, 2011

All Your Mondays Have Come At Once!

Lurking around the water coolers of Brisbane offices is a blogger desperate for inspiration. After surveying the landscape, we must say that it's been a long time coming. The following conversations were recorded:

"...not enough blogposts! I've been getting so much work done. At this rate, I'll be made redundant by August!"

"I've noticed far to many similarities between recent BUB blogposts and recent Dojo blogposts."

We here at the Imperial Palace have never been known to encourage redundancy, with the exception of some politicians, of course.

It sounds like someone's got a case of the Mondays, so we here at the BUB are giving you all the resources you need to make your Monday totally unproductive. It's as if all your Mondays were coming at once!

In the style and manner (or lack-there) of Sam Simmons, I will endeavour to post on the hour, every (working) hour for the day of Monday (30th May 2011). To make this even more impressive and to highlight the benefits and responsibilities that come with (not) going to uni, I'll let you in on a secret. I won't even be using a fancy phone. If it's 9am and I haven't posted yet, that's your fault for starting work early. This post counts for 9am. I may also have a lunch break like the rest of you.

But for now, rest is warranted, lest these posts turn to mindless rambling.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Is You Can't Be Arsed Watching TV Tonight ...

... here's the massive Ultimate Canada Magazine to check out.

Or you could vote in our new poll over there ... which is best? Townsville? Gold Coast? Cairns? Or Bowen (??)?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Rain... or.. Bane?

Rain = Bane for Ultimate lovers.

BUML is off, yo.

Cairns Ultimate Better Than Brisbane Ultimate? Say It Isn't So!

Cairns Ultimate is enjoying massive media attention, at least what rates for massive media attention in their fine, North Queensland city.

We for one love the repeated use of 'catchy'. Gonna have to use that one.

Drop the article a comment if you care about Ultimate in Queensland! :)

Is it also possible that Jamie has grown even taller than when some of us met him at Regionals back in February?

Up Yer BUML: Round 10 Preview: Rice Wars!

Borag Thungg BUMLets! A privileged few will have been aware that I, JdR the Well-Travelled, once again departed Godzone last week for a few days R&R in marvellous Hong Kong. But alas, despite strict instructions to the support drones, the preview for this week’s BUML games was not completed to satisfaction. Be assured that these drones have been appropriately punished. Now, while the weather might make it all moot, let’s look at the THRILLING draw.

Division 1
Bermuda Triangle vs Discheads – Griffith 3
The masters of smack vs the masters of hack. JdR the Obscure’s tip: Discheads
d-bot: Discheads

Plastic Scourgery vs Poachers – Annerley 5B
JdR the Retrospective compared members of the Scourgery to characters from the successful TV series Happy Days earlier in the season. Tonight, it should become clear that they’ve jumped the shark. Either that, or it will be revealed that the Poachers are really Pinky Tuscadero in disguise. JdR the Serupticious’ tip: Poachers
d-bot: Poachers

Mellow Yellow vs Heroes – Annerley 5B
The Green vs The Yellow. Almost but not quite an Irish drinking song. JdR the Brotherly’s tip: Heroes
d-bot: Heroes

Wuxi Finger Hold vs Dyspnoeics – UQ 7B
The team nobody talks about up against the team that everyone’s talking about. Why is this so? JdR the Analytic puts this down to the success story that is both teams public relations antics – ie Wuxi Boss’ Kaitlin’s preference for a no-to-zero press presence, up against Mansauce and Andy Lankowski’s constant media hype. JdR the Polite’s tip: Wuxi.
b-bot: W00shy

Division 2
What the Huck? vs Starlights – UQ 7A
What the Huck seem to have managed to master the trick to winning Division 2 games – apply zone on defence and run like hell on offence. Meanwhile, Starlight are on the up after their maiden win as a team last week. Alas, much like the Lions, we can’t see them getting another one tonight. JdR the Axis’ tip: WTH.
b-dot: WTF

Agent Orange vs Griffith Go-Go’s – Griffith 1
For some reason, folks in our hearing have started to nickname Agent Orange as ‘the belly buttons’. Some may think this is some sort of stream of consciousness thing along the lines of Agent Orange -> Navel Orange -> Navel -> Belly button. But apparently this is not the case, and its something more to do with witchcraft, as several of the team apparently have an ‘outie’ (and seven is a suspicious number in itself). You decide, or you could join the Go-Go’s as they get out the pitchforks and flaming torches and look to rout the evil ones from their Nathan village. JdR the Fetishal’s Tip: Go-Go’s.
d-bot: AO

The Disc-Iples vs Griffith Oh Yeah’s – Griffith 2
Speaking of nicknames, apparently Ryan and Marcus’ gang are playing further with their witty name and tried calling themselves ‘the Iples’, which of course when written looks something like a reference to ‘nipples’, which of course Abe and Issac Stone both have, despite their adventures with open flames. Our point? Nipples. JdR the Erect’s Tip: Oh Yeah’s
D-b-t: Nipples to Cripple

The Ghost Who Walks vs QUTies – Annerley 3A
There’s an old jungle saying that’s probably true - that The Ghost Who Walks has the strength of ten tigers. But this could be the week that the purple-suited ones come up against eleven tigers (and a cougar or two!). JdR the Educated’s Tip: QUTies.
dbot: GWW (Get Wet Willy?)

Tsunami vs Chimichangas – Annerley 3B
This is a big clash. JdR the Excited’s Tip: Tsunami.

bslot: Chmi

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Qtr Final: Los Bandidos Vs Heroes

Holy Bejenko's, it's the last round of the season again and the shaker is almost empty for two herbaceous teams. The top 4 is by no means settled. But then I consider aggregate, and even the right series of wins and losses would not be enough to shake the top 3, with more than +15 points in aggregate separating Dojo from SFC and SFC from Buggers.

So that's settled. I think.

So onto fourth place - it's the Green Grand Final, or a qualifying final, if you will.

Heroes were predicted by many to take fourth place by default this season, and perhaps they played as if it were set in stone for the first half of the season. With 10/12 team members playing nationals (albeit different teams), the Heroes were underwhelming, listing their first win and draw amongst their worst performances this year.

Los Bandidos on the otherhand, have been Mr. Reliable. Their improvement can be graphed, and the worm is definitely, steadily up. With a 15-1 shamozzelling against the now wooden-spooners in round 1, it seemed very unlikely that LB would have a worse performance. A come-from-behind draw and a win in the following week was more than even Gref anticipated, at least publicly.

Perhaps the Buggers can be used as the measuring stick. Los Bandidos shocked the world with a win over the Buggers in Round 7. Heroes came close, going down 11-12 after a terrible first half. The original green machine claimed over at their blog that they played their first full match last week, against Cobras.

So it's fair to say that both sides are peaking at the right time, and tonight's match will be a real hum-dinger.

Questions on everyones lips are - What Will Chris Brown Do? Who will Huck it most - Jangles or Gref? Will any of the LB top 4 players take a sub? Will Danger live up to his name? Will Bevan be able to huck it around the poll again? Who will come out wearing the Green Jersey? Will goaltimate be played again?

Time will tell.

Last Round@!!@#

Monday, May 16, 2011

Planking Fail - We In Brisbane Ultimate Were Doing It First!

Obviously the next stage following the current internet meme of 'planking' will be 'planking fails'. And then we'll say, "Sorry, Brisbane Ultimate was there first".

Women's Winter Wonder League

"Hey girls!"

Many Girls: Hey Dan!

"Wanna see what's in my trench-coat?"

Many Girls: NO!!!!!!

Awww C'mon! It's just a survey about the Wonderful Winter Women's league that's in conception! Here, just take this survey and you'll be free from this Ultimate Exile and be able to play frisbee with your own kind again. You really should do it, because they are thinking of letting boys play. You don't want that! Or do you?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Up Yer BUML Round 9 Preview: The Buddy System

Borag Thungg BUMLettes! The thrillsucking Dictators of Zaargh have once again done their best this week to prevent postage of our fantastic weekly preview of Monday's BUML games, this time by disabling Blogger around the globe! However, not for anything am I called JdR the Patient and Clever, and of course much like mail in the old west of your planet, the post must go through! Zarjaz!

Division 2

Division 2 starts to run like a hephalump towards the end of the round robin (although there remain some catchup games to be played, but all glory must be laid at the feet of drawmaster Foxy, who was prescient in guessing some results and putting together a BLOCKBUSTER of a Round 9, with every game going to be difficult to tip (at least based on the ladder info available at So lets get into it.

Ghost Who Walks (1st) vs Tsunami (2nd) – Annerley 3B

According to (that’s the required two mentions), this is the top of the table clash of the titans, so the hype is there and Foxy wisely put this game on the premier Annerley 3B field. The game itself is hard to preview though – we hear at the stately mansion don’t know that much about the wavelike ones (aside from getting beaten by them), who are clearly the dark horses of Division 2. Hopefully they’ll forgive us if we compare them to the Python, the crazed terrorist who is currently getting an appropriate punch to the jaw and additional permanent skull mark from The Phantom in the daily strip in the Courier Mail that you’re all no doubt watching closely. Yep, we’re tipping the friends to pygmies everywhere, The Ghost Who Walks.

What the Huck? (7th) vs Griffith Go-Go’s (8th) – Griffith 1

Two of the sexier teams in the League, although the Go-Go’s will be without Fiji Nealo and Nudist-I-Mean-Naturalist Chris this week as work drags them off the billy-o. We haven’t mentioned Bugger Si so far in these previews, and he’s a clear balance to the match in terms of slightly greying but strangely sexy guys, so that’s remedied then. As boring and usual, we tip the Go-Go’s, if only because Dan and Sholto would be laying on the shit if we went otherwise.

Starlight (10th) vs Griffith Oh Yeahs (9th) – Griffith 2

Although Ultimate is always the winner, this game will see one of these teams speak in the spirit circle for the first time this season. Expect this game to be wild and wacky, while occasionally tender and sensual, and possibly bodice-ripping and manhood-throbbing. We’ll scream “Oh Yeah” as far as a tip goes.

Agent Orange (4th) vs QUTies (5th) – Annerley 3A

This is a tale of two teams, who both fancy themselves, but both are coming off losses, and have had a hard look at themselves after a hot shower in the full length mirror and under the fluorescent lighting, and are wondering if just maybe what was once cute puppy fat may now be the start of flab, and maybe that once pert backside is really starting to sag, and they’d get back to the gym if only they weren’t so busy at work and had to hide those threatening letters from the credit card companies. So yeah, its hard to tip with both these teams against the world and trying to live their dream or at least be happy, when their problems don’t really amount to a hill of beans. Anyway, our tip is for the QUTies.

Baby Chimis (3rd) vs The Disc-iples (6th) – Annerley 5B Griffith 3 (note change)

While the Chimis scored what some would view as the upset of the round in forcing Agent Orange to beg for mercy 14-9 last week, The Disc-iples are really becoming the story here, as they continue to coalesce into a formidable Ultimate-playing machine (or a small planet, whichever you prefer). Nonetheless, only a fool tips against the Baby Chimis, and so we’re going for the Disc-iples.

Division 1

Division 1 gets a bit wacky, draw-wise, as we continue into ‘rematch territory’. No doubt drawmaster Foxy was well into the Jaegermeister by the time he got to programming Round 9, or is he just a bit cheeky?

Mellow Yellow (7th) vs Bermuda Triangle (6th) – Annerley 5A

Mellow Yellow took the win two weeks back, 17-9, commencing their end of season resurgence (which some would put down to the departure of the team’s top drinker to Melbourne, although others would say its because Rob has stopped effing about with a disciplined Nationals-tilts and got back where he belongs – half-arsed League play and hucking long like he just doesn't care any more!). But everyone involved will know that this game will probably end one team’s finals hopes, while keeping the other one’s at least on life-support, so expect all throws to be on and every ridiculous option taken. Then again, Bermuda Supremo Geoff does have the lowest AFDA number in the entire BUML, meaning there’s probably something tricky in the tank, so we’re going to tip the three-sided-ones.

Wuxi Finger Hold (3rd) vs Plastic Scourgery (8th) – Griffith 3 Annerley 5B (note change)

Reps from Bermuda Triangle and Mellow Yellow have regularly tried to portray themselves to us here in the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion as the sacrificial-lambs-to-the-need-to-make-Division-One-big-enough-slaughter, but they’re forgetting of course the good-looking-and-charming-but-otherwise-hopeless rabble that is Plastic Scourgery 2011. Perhaps it’s former child-star-but-now-aging PaulS’s inability to reach above his head, or maybe it was all that past success that saw them losing all those draft picks, I don’t know. But at least by having the Scourgeons around, we don’t have to talk about Wuxi too much. Wuxi won 17-5 last time they met, and we tip something similar happening again.

Dyspnoeics (4th) vs Poachers (1st) – UQ 7A

There might be two teams marching out onto the field for this game, but really its going to come down to two very big men in a sport full of Bigmen: Mansauce and DanB. We know who’d win a danceoff, and we know who’d win a beard-growing competition, but as for Ultimate Frisbee, its hard to tell. This could well be a grand final preview. We tip the blue team, if only because it allows us to continue our mild-internet-based flirting with AndyL’s missus.

Heroes (2nd) vs Discheads (5th) – UQ 7B

Of course, if we’re talking about grand finals in Division 2 (as an aside, a fun game to play as an Ultimate player, is when you’re watching a mainstream professional sportsperson be interviewed, consider reversing every cliché they spout), these two teams would argue they’re in with a huck. An 11-11 draw back in Round 3 provided a taste of the sibling rivalry between these two squads – something of a Snow White / Rose Red thing, we understand. We’re going against the grain here and tipping the Discheads, if only because the lord of the stately manor doesn’t even get out of bed to piss for minor matches like this one.

That's it for this week. See you on the field!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tip of the Iceburg

Dojo will show up an LB lack of defense, Heroes will get their bratwurst and kiffler out against Cobras and SFC will win convincingly, providing Mike is not there.

AUG News

If you had your ear to the ground lately, aside from earthquakes you might hear rumblings of AUG News. Apparently, the event will be back on the Gold Coast, perhaps to give first years one more taste of schoolies without the toolies brand. *Sigh. The games will be held at the Runaway Bay SUPER(funhappy) Sports Centre, which boasts many fine meat trays and tri-coloured pastas.


Monday, May 09, 2011

The Unofficial Announcement

That crazy unofficial website has some pretty interesting news for tonight. Some grounds open, some not. Will Discheads pull their finger out and represent at the pub? Time, and the Heroes blog will tell.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Details Confirmed - 3rd Annual Brisbane Indoor Ultimate Championships!

So for the third year in a row (!), the Brisbane Indoor Ultimate Championships (proudly sponsored by the Brisbane Ultimate Blog), will be held on the Wednesday Ekka Public Holiday.

Can you match the heroics of previous winners, Mongo and Novovengo? Or perhaps just come along and have a great time.

Date: Wednesday 17 August 2011 (Ekka Public Holiday in Brisbane)
Time: Doors open 10.15am, game on at 11.00am, all done by 4pm

This year we're moving to a new, sweeter (and cheaper) venue!

Venue: Logan Metro Indoor Sports Centre, Browns Plains Road, Crestmead.

What: For Brisbane folks, Indoor Ultimate is something different, but its more common in those parts of the world with snow. Indoor Ultimate is a great change of pace – very fast, no wind, and even beginners can throw from endzone to endzone.

Who: Get a bunch of mates together and get registered – space is limited! Roster size is maximum 8 players. 5 on the court at one time, max. three per gender.

How much? $100 per team if 7 or more teams register. $120 if its 6 teams or less. Includes courts, insurance, prizes.


More to Come!

Friday, May 06, 2011

Up Yer BUML – Round 8 Preview: This Game Respects Big Moves

Borag Thungg BUMLettes! Alas for JdR the Mighty, time is short for this week’s preview. So we’ll see what tricks we can use– not for nothing are we known as JdR the Volumniously Brief!

Division 2

Tsunami vs The Disc-iples – Griffith 3
Tsunami have only lost one game this season. The Disc-iples have yet to root out the traitor in their midst. We’re tipping the big waves.

What the Huck? vs Griffith Oh Yeahs – Griffith 2
What the Huck have had a see-saw of a season, but this makes a change from sitting on one of those wombats on springs. Oh Yeah’s remain winless but are scoring regularly – averaging 8 points a game – suggesting that while they can score, their issues are turnovers and defence. Abe is a poozer. We’re tipping the little lambs with a lot to learn and saying What the Huck?

Db: WTF by 10

Griffith Go-Go’s vs QUTies – Griffith 1
When these teams met back in Round 2, the QUTies won convincingly 14-7. Of course, Trevor wasn’t in a relationship then, according to Facebook and in concert with our desperate need to seem connected. Will this make any difference? Not to our tipping, where we feel obliged to tip the Go-Go’s.

Db: Draw

Agent Orange vs Baby Chimis - Annerley 3B
This looks like being the closest match of the round, although perhaps its just because we here at the BUB keep talking up the Chimis, which is probably crazy given that Arrlann is all married now we hear and is probably quitting Ultimate and staying home with his pipe, newspaper and smoking jacket. This is how we coincidentally how we envisage the home life of Agent Orange captain Gavin, although with more Heroes Club bunnies waiting his every beck and call. Imagination is wonderful, isn’t it? Anyway, we tip the Orange.

Db: AO by 3

Ghost Who Walks vs Starlights – Annerley 5B
The GWW are a highly disciplined team who thumped a psyched up Griffith Go-Go’s last week with a combination of firm zone defence featuring big guys at the front and back, with blistering female driven offense. Hence, another big battle for the Starlights as they continue their inaugural season. Its always tough being the new team on the block – we’ve all been there. Our tip remains with the folks who boogie through the jungle in their purple suits.

Db: GWW by 10

Division 1
As with any piece of work, when you’re running late, you add to the word count by cutting and pasting from Wikipedia – so lets do this for Division 1.

Bermuda Triangle vs Heroes – Annerley 5A
The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Triangle, is a region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where number of aircraft and surface vessels allegedly disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Popular culture has attributed these disappearances to the paranormal or activity by extraterrestrial beings (like Sam S). Meanwhile, the Heroes are a product of Bowie’s Berlin period, and while not a huge hit at the time (like Guarin), has gone on to become one of his signature tunes. Our tip – Heroes.

Db: by 1 (spirit score 10, both teams)

Mellow Yellow vs Dyspnoeics – Annerley 3A
Mellow Yellow got a win last week, and is a song and 1966 single release by Donovan. The song was rumored to be about smoking dried banana skins, which was believed to be a hallucinogenic drug in the 1960s (much like Fluxie). Dyspnoeics relates to shortness of breath, or air hunger, (much like what occurs in the presence of Suze). Our tip: Dyspnoeics.

Db: Dyspnoeics by 4

Plastic Scourgery vs Discheads – UQ 7B
Plastic scourgery is a medical specialty concerned with the correction or restoration of form and function, usually via a whip or lash (wielded by a ginger lunatic such as Jack). Dickheads were a brand of matches released by Australian businessman Dick Smith in 1999 (the same year that Craig B was born). The name is a pun on the Redheads brand of matches. Our tip: Discheads.

Db: Plastic by 3

Wuxi Finger Hold vs Poachers – UQ 7A
Poachers are near as we can tell the top of the table in Division 1. Poachers engage in the illegal taking of wild plants or animals contrary to local and international conservation and wildlife management laws (such as those that protect Dan B’s). But Wuxi Finger Hold have also pulled off some big wins this season, much like Po (or Julz) in the movie Kung Fu Panda. Our tip: Poachers.

Db: Poachers by 1

Thursday, May 05, 2011

It's all happening here at the palace

In context of the season:

Dojo vs Heroes

Dojo are 2 points clear on the table, so if they keep winning, the minor-premiership is theirs. This is a familiar position for the kenshi. A win for Heroes would take some pressure off and boost confidence after another season of improvements with little to show for in the wins column.

Buggers Vs Cobras

Buggers are looking slipped from form and are structurally looking a bit messy without some of the gun players/leadership. Their finals spot is assured, with only Los Bandidos threatening to take third. There is little difference at the end of the day between 2nd and 3rd, bar pride. Cobras have struggled this season, with all but Reece and Finn departing. Their new look side could threaten if they got a full squad, but they couldn't manage 6 last week. Mathematically still a chance.

Los Bandidos vs Slamtown

For a team that lost it's first game 15-1, it comes as a surprise to many that they are now in fourth and threatening to take third. Or is is? Allegedly the new "Green Machine" (I prefer their alternate strip!), a win tonight could put a defining gap between Bob Brown and Adam Bandt X 2. Slamtown will be looking to annihilate their opposition and stay hot on the heels of the Dojo. With the Bugs next week (who take on Dojo in the last round) and Cobras before the finals, they've got one hand on the minor-flag-poll (innuendo?)

And as it's all getting very exciting, we have an MVP update, which seems questionable, especially in light of the TomSteve scandal a few seasons back. Obviously you can't rig it for your own team, but knowing the standings may influence a captains eye and mind.

Jody & BW are on 6.

Mike Neild is on 5 and hasn't played every game but for some reason doesn't have an average. I guess if he plays another game he'll win (influenced?). Jangles is there too, having missed one game and yet no average.

Pete Allen & Finn - 4.67(4 from 6 games), Finn - 4.67(4 from 6 games).

Abra & JJ have 4.

Leon & Reece are on 3.5 (3 from 6 games)

Bevan, Buzz & Greff all have - 3

What's all this average business about, then? The rules state that the MVP will be the player with the highest average of votes from games played, provided they have played 50% of the seasons games. My opinion: If you don't turn up to all the games, you're not the leagues most valuable player (unless you still score the most points).

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Rules is Rules

The old saying goes "rules is rules" but this doesn't mean that we can't question and test the rules from time to time. Besides, nothing spells drama like a good stirring of the old rules pot!

These discussions are usually raised when something unusual happens. Rain, bad spirit, and unusual outcomes are usually the culprit. Perhaps all 3 apply here, we're not sure.

Last Thursday, we witnessed some Cobras and Dojo players doing something unusual with a goal on the field. Cobras had apparently forfeited, albeit LD Graham being unawares. The rule states that it is extremely bad spirit not to inform the LD and the other team captain before 12 noon on game day in cases of a known forfeit. We here at the BUB aren't pointing the finger - we are more upset at having to add an extra column to our ladder!

What is more perplexing, is that in accordance with the rules, Dojo are awarded 15 points. This is a difficult one to work out, but Spesh has seemingly stated that in this case, the 15 points were awarded due to the average Dojo "for" this season. It would then go to reason, that they should also receive and average for "against" this season (in this case, 9). That would give them an increased differential of +6, which would also be the average for this season (or would it?).

There are obvious holes here - what if it were the other way around, and Dojo had forfeited. Cobras average would work out to 9 for and 11 against - hardly advantageous!

I'm for punishing the team who didn't turn up, but I think that 15 points is an unfair advantage, as they "got lucky" and didn't earn their points.

More rule probes to come regarding MVP's!

---------End Post.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Be Subversive

ALright you unworthy peasant dogs, get your filthy fingers on the keyboard and type, or if you are too uneducated to type, click this link that the Empire provides for you with your measly tax-payer denarii.

A new insurrectionist has arisen in the land of the BUMl, but I can assure you he has blue blood running in his veins. He will no doubt be bringing the embarrassing infrastructure screaming into the 21st century.

It's time to show your pleb power. Do it.