Sunday, May 29, 2011

All Your Mondays Have Come At Once!

Lurking around the water coolers of Brisbane offices is a blogger desperate for inspiration. After surveying the landscape, we must say that it's been a long time coming. The following conversations were recorded:

"...not enough blogposts! I've been getting so much work done. At this rate, I'll be made redundant by August!"

"I've noticed far to many similarities between recent BUB blogposts and recent Dojo blogposts."

We here at the Imperial Palace have never been known to encourage redundancy, with the exception of some politicians, of course.

It sounds like someone's got a case of the Mondays, so we here at the BUB are giving you all the resources you need to make your Monday totally unproductive. It's as if all your Mondays were coming at once!

In the style and manner (or lack-there) of Sam Simmons, I will endeavour to post on the hour, every (working) hour for the day of Monday (30th May 2011). To make this even more impressive and to highlight the benefits and responsibilities that come with (not) going to uni, I'll let you in on a secret. I won't even be using a fancy phone. If it's 9am and I haven't posted yet, that's your fault for starting work early. This post counts for 9am. I may also have a lunch break like the rest of you.

But for now, rest is warranted, lest these posts turn to mindless rambling.

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