Wednesday, October 31, 2012

BPL Week 11

Slamtown v Lovers
Slamtown have been the most consistent team this year in terms of performance, however they have been the most inconsistent team in terms of personnel. Slamtown are the team you are going to have to beat if you are going to win this comp. I would not want to play them in the semi finals so the battle for 4th (or 3rd if cobras get their act together could be interesting)

Lovers are not done yet. They need to win out the season to make the finals. No easy task but it seems the uni boys have found something special to cause 2 upsets. Now I don't think they will pull it off but I am keen to see what they can do. With no easy wins in this comp the finals could be decided by teams like UQ. I expect UQ to chance their hand at every opportunity and wreak havoc with the younger legs that they have.

Jangles Prediction: Slammers by 6

Dojo v Cobras
The battle of the tanking teams. So I feel like comparing Cobras with Melbourne Demons, but I won't. As that would make troy a first round pick when he is at best a third maybe a forth round pick. So for those non AFL fans out there Cobras need to pull themselves together if they are to win this comp. They narrowly accounted for a Jangles less buggers and lost to UQ. If they go back to the Cobras of old and have Junior punting it they will continue to struggle, however if they can find their early season stingy offence then expect some tough games.

Dojo just need to tell steve cameron there is a bye.

Jangles prediction: Cobras by 3.

Blitz v Heroes
This is a must win for both these 2 teams to keep them in the hunt for the finals. Heroes will be looking to regain some of their form from early in the season. I believe they line up with their stars this week and this was the main reason for the Heroes boys struggling against a solid bugs 7. The Brown boys are the key to the heroes offence as without then there is a lack of long threats on the field. It will be a win able road ahead for heroes with the 3 teams below them on the table and Cobras who are struggling for some form when missing their key players.

Blitz have fallen a long way from the early rounds and are missing some hunger. Sure you win a couple of games against decent teams, but you need to keep it up boys. I have no pearls of wisdom for this team as the talent is there to do well, just add time and they will be mixing it with the big boys.

Jangles prediction: Heroes by 4


Reece said...

Dojo tanked way way back. Cobras have just hit a rough patch. We'll account for the Dojo 15-8.

Anonymous said...

Well done once again Jangles...
My tips:

SFC by 8
Dojo by 2
Heroes by 2

Anonymous said...

What about the BUML Finals next Monday?

Jangles said...

I am just getting some details first. Trust me Sauce and I will have some long rants on BUML.

Troy said...

Actually tanking would imply that I was a priority pick which is prior to the first round. Which I might add sounds about right.