Monday, November 05, 2012

BUML Grand Final Preview

After taking a trip to research ultimate blogs in other countries, I’m back just in time to help fill you in on the most important games of the year: The BUML Season 2 Grand Finals!

Division 3
Ultimate Apostles Vs Dump and Burn
It’s safe to say the Ultimate Apostles have been the dominant force in Div 3 this season. With only 1 loss, 1 draw and more wins than Goose has had bad haircuts, the Apostles are definitely the favourites in this match. This team was undefeated until round 9 and has an imperious points differential of +62. What does that mean for this game? Everything and nothing. Strange things happen in grand finals and Dump and Burn are not a team to be taken lightly. While their offence only ranks 4th in division (the Apostles scored 36 more points than them over the 11 games), they have the number 2 ranked defence. Oh and that single loss the Apostles suffered this season? That was against Dump and Burn. The Dumpers have shown this season they know how to win close games, something that counts when there is pressure on every throw like in a grand final.
Pete Allen Niceness Scale (PANS) Score: 83%. The 2 most spirited teams in the Division should ensure a well spirited and nice game.
Most likely to score a high amount of Robert Horrys: Nicholas Coote from Dump and Burn.
The Verdict: If Dump and Burn can keep it close they have a huge shot. If the Apostles get an early lead, they should be too strong to run down. I’m smelling something cooking here, and it’s not just Jangles’ practicing for when he becomes a dutiful house husband. Or the Rock. I smell an upset. Dump and Burn to win in universe point 13-12.

Division 2
What The Huck? Vs The Ghost Who Walks
This should be an awesome game. Both teams are full of match winners and play a whole team game, using every weapon at their disposal. They also contain some of the BUB’s favourite players! On the purple side is the BUBs own Adam ‘Jangles’ Beu. Jangles has proven a key pickup for Ghost this season, giving them leadership and experience across all aspects of the game apart from laying out. I don’t think Jangles has won anything for a while, so expect him to be fired up at the prospect of a trophy. Standing across the field from Jangles in ridiculously long socks straight out of a David Jones catalogue from 1972 will be the Huckers own Trevor ‘Trevor’ Lovering. Trevor brings key height to a fairly short WTH? Team and also some sound Div 2 level handling skills. Statistically these 2 teams are very evenly balanced. Ghost has a slight advantage in the scoring department, but their defence is on par with the opposition. Both teams also employ good zone defence, smothering the opposition and forcing them to make mistakes. In theory this should mean they both know how to play offence against zone as well. These teams have only met once this season and Ghost got a sneaky 1 point win.
PANS Score: 75%. Both teams are well spirited and will no doubt look to the nicest guy in Ultimate for inspiration.
Most likely to score a high amount of Robert Horrys: TJ from WTH?
The Verdict: We already know both teams can defend, so it will come down to which team shows more composure with disc in hand. I think Ghost will use their height to good effect and get the W 14 to 11.

Division 1:
Dyspnoeics Vs Cadillac
This promises to be a battle royale of epic proportions. How epic is that you ask? It should be bigger than Ben Hur’s brother. More powerful than Dave Warren even! Well, nothing is quite that powerful, but you get the drift. It’s another 1 v 2 match-up and was the grand final many people picked at the start of the season. For Dyspnoeics, getting to this game has been harder than usual. The normally stable team has had more roster disruptions than times Reece has been photographed urinating outside. Apart from a single injury concern, the Blues should have a full strength team for one of the first times all season. Cadillac has had similar problems over the course of the season, but have pulled it together on the run home and been in devastating form. Both of the teams are chock full of big names from Brisbane Ultimate. For Dyspnoeics, look out for Andy Lankowski for the men and Molly Young for the women. For Cadillac, the Mayor of Slamtown Stef Rappazzo will be a handful and Gen Healy will create match-up problems all night long for the Dyspnoeic women.
PANS Score: 91%. Neither team has Pete Allen playing, but Dyspnoeics won spirit and Cadillac has a distinctly Heroes themed team, meaning good spirit all round.
Most likely to score a high amount of Robert Horrys: Sandra Poon from Cadillac
The Verdict: Div 1 grand finals have had a tendency to be lopsided the last few years, but I see this being a very tight tussle. Both teams have experience and guns all over the park, so whoever settles better and keeps the unforced errors down should get the lollies. Dyspnoeics haven’t gotten much tipping love from me all season and I see no reason to change for this game. Cadillac to win 15-13.
Let me know how you see the games going in the comments section.

Don’t forget to come down to the fields and cheer on everyone playing! The details are:
Location - Matches will be at Griffith Uni Nathan Campus AFL Fields.
Times - Arrive from 7pm, Matches start at 7.30pm, soft Cap 8.55pm, Hard time Cap 9.00
BBQ - There will be a gold coin donation fundraising BBQ at this event and beverages available.
End of Season - Prizes and awards and all other announcement will be on the night, so please stick around after the match to show your appreciation of everyone's efforts over the season.

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