Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sundays are for Pick Up

For many years there has been a lack of ultimate on the weekend. Sure there is the occasional tournament like QHat or club training sesssions. I remember the good ol days before dub step hit main stream and Junior was still a junior. It was a simpler time and sundays were spent playing pick up at QUT.

QUT pick up was started by Beth Rougier and Myself as a way to get an ultimate scene going at QUT way back in 2006. It was a success over the summer with the like of Huddy and hungover Dusty becoming regulars on sunday afternoons. Now there is reason for me reminiscing of the good ol days. Like all good things that come back into fashion Sunday Pick up is back this summer.

Break out the camping chair the floppy hat, your radio to listen to cricket and come on down to the Kelvin Grove fields to enjoy some Sunday arvo Pick up. Like school kids on holiday we will be starting at 4 O'clock and running until you need to go home at dark. Cleats, soccer boots and all types of footwear are allowed so take that wednesday nights. No commitment is required, but if I make the effort to come down I expect you too as well. I will be happy to do some coaching for those who ask as well as answer your questions all things ultimate. So bring friends, family, housemates, randoms of the street or just yourself and play some pick up.

Sunday Arvo Pick up
Where: QUT Kelvin Grove fields,153.017212&num=1&gl=au&t=m&z=17
Time: 4-Dark on sunday arvos
Cost: Free, suits all budgets
Bring: Light and dark, water bottle, disc and boots


LiamG said...

This excites me.

wetnose said...

Just to be clear, that comment wasn't from me.

Marissa Dubina said...

Is this still going on? I'm from Ohio, USA, and I'd love to play some ultimate, while visiting. Do you mind sending me an e-mail to let me know if this pick-up is active, still.