Tuesday, October 23, 2012

BPL Week 10

Field 1: Bugs v Cobras

Bugs are hitting their strides with some intense defence and superior defence. hahahahaha. couldn't say that with a straight face. The Bugs have found some form by revisiting some tradition buggers structures. Buzz has proven his worth picking up the disc and getting the offence moving. They will need their wits about them this week with the younger, fitter, faster, funnier? Cobras. I would expect the Bugs to stick with their offensive plan and mix things up on defence.

Now some would say that last week was the loss the cobras had to have. They would be wrong. Sure they were down in numbers and missing their paid imports with immigration issues, but loosing to UQ really? Reports have it that Finn scored all the goals and other reports have it that troy scored more than Finn. I have a feeling that these are both wrong and they were meant to say turnovers. I expect the boys to bounce back and cross the river with a strong game this week.

Cobras by 5 Inappropriate comments (Yes, Mat and Stu tipping against the Bugs again)

Field 2: Dojo v Slamtown

This game will hopefully be a cracker. Arguably the game of the round, Dojo need a win and the slammers will want a win to keep alive the minor premiership. With their big names back in the line Dojo are as threatening as ever. They have been there and there about this season. If you think it is because steve Cameron has played more than 50% of games your only partially right, it is because the Dojo have decided to be serious and start warming up. This is a double handicap for the team when Sensei shows up. Pete Allen and Fatty will be key to tightening up the Dojo Zone at either end and also providing legs on the offence.

Hmm all the slammers I expect will all show up this week as the Mayor has thrown his weight around and negotiated the leftover beers from last week to be brought to the field. Jokes on him Buzz got a lift home last week and drank them all. With a full handling line the slammers are a scary proposition. Stopping one of al, abra and the mayor is easy, stopping all 3 takes some good defence. Add to that Gref doing something crazy downfield to cancel out pallen, which is a match up I want to see more. This doesn't sound like a huge team, but it the players we don't normally mention getting the job done. Beaner, Bo and Jordy are all worthy of some attention and Kev will go unnoticed all night til some forward roll in the endzone to score.

Slammers by 3 Lucky Long Bombs unless thrown by Al then they are bread and butter

Field3: Lover v Blitz

Lovers are playing for pride now and I hope they have found that winning feeling finally. These young kids really just need to get that offence rolling and they will cause all sorts of headaches for most of the teams in the league. They are mostly just missing that veteran receiver to get them out of jail or just score some easy goals. They have the legs and the athleticism but are just missing the smarts which is funny for a Uni team. Should have gone to Griffith.

Blitz, well how the mighty have fallen. after shooting out of the block they have a good loosing streak going. Added to this are the reports that Spesh has strained a hustle muscle playing mixed ultimate in perth of all things. Cunliffe will need to be at his poaching best to turn this team around. Timocles "gotta catch them all" Copland has returned from Junior worlds a smarter player and is becoming more of a weapon for the team. Atlas on the other hand is already a proven weapon and just need some time to become a super player at the local level if not higher.

Blitz by 2 Cunliffe Poach D's

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