Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Northern Regionals aka Queensland Open/Women's State Championships - Less Than Two Weeks Away!

Holy moly - with all the attention given to the BCI on the weekend, some folks are realising with surprise that Northern Regionals aka the Queensland Open/Women's State Championships, are on next weekend 13-14 March!

Get the scoop at the official website. More coverage here when we get the chance!

Don't forget - this tournament is open to EVERYONE. Its not an elite event. For many League players, this is their annual 'just playing with the boys or girls' weekend, rather than the usual Mixed fun. So get yourself on a team!

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briggsy81 said...

Thanks for the link, JdR!

QLD women especially, please register via the AFDA rego page (link is on Regionals website provided above) as Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.

It's looking to be a fun tournament, especially for those who only play mixed most of the year. Girls, you can get away from those smelly boys for a bit! And fellas, time for some secret mens' business!