Monday, March 01, 2010

First Frisbee Over the Line

So instead of attending the BCI (full news over at the Firestorm site here), JdR decided to do the Clem7 Fun Run, carrying 12 frisbees.

The 12 frisbees reflected his commitment to carry a disc for each $20 he raised for the Royal Children's Hospital Charity. $250 rolled in. Well done to those who donated!

The run was amazingly tough. Even with the cool morning, the humidity generated by 5,000 runners in the tunnel made for some draining conditions. Then there were the hills - the start was a steep downhill for 1.5km to get 60m under the Brisbane River, then it was a solid uphill for 3.5km to Woolongabba. Then about face for a long down hill, and then a complete bastard of a final 2km uphill to the Finish. Most runners found themselves 5-10 minutes off their usual time for the distance.

As he passed the finish line, JdR was mentioned over the PA system as the "First Frisbee Home ... and probably the only Frisbee too. And what's with the backpack!?"

Photos are sadly sparse, despite JdR being seemingly the only runner who'd done something unusual by waving a frisbee around - but this was an event for serious runners, after all. But if you look closely at this photo, you might spot him getting ready to go, backpack on (alas, the fluro disc he waved about a lot isn't visible). Look near the lady in pink.

For the records, JdR came in at 1358th of the 4361 people who completed the event, and 398th of Males in the 30-39 age group with a time of 1hour 2 minutes and 8 seconds for the 10.456km run.


Jack said...

Yay for JDR!
Though I was under the impression that you would be literally carrying the discs. No bags allowed. That would've been much more entertaining.

JdR said...

I couldn't work out how to wear the discs externally without damaging them or being worried they'd fall off. Particularly as I had to borrow a few (I don't have many discs - old ones tend to get given to newbies).

Maybe one day we'll get out the wire and a drill and make a promotional outfit ...

But I did get plenty of looks just carrying a disc in my hand the whole way. Unlike other fun runs I've been in, there was no frivolity - no costumes, etc.