Wednesday, October 31, 2012

BPL Week 11

Slamtown v Lovers
Slamtown have been the most consistent team this year in terms of performance, however they have been the most inconsistent team in terms of personnel. Slamtown are the team you are going to have to beat if you are going to win this comp. I would not want to play them in the semi finals so the battle for 4th (or 3rd if cobras get their act together could be interesting)

Lovers are not done yet. They need to win out the season to make the finals. No easy task but it seems the uni boys have found something special to cause 2 upsets. Now I don't think they will pull it off but I am keen to see what they can do. With no easy wins in this comp the finals could be decided by teams like UQ. I expect UQ to chance their hand at every opportunity and wreak havoc with the younger legs that they have.

Jangles Prediction: Slammers by 6

Dojo v Cobras
The battle of the tanking teams. So I feel like comparing Cobras with Melbourne Demons, but I won't. As that would make troy a first round pick when he is at best a third maybe a forth round pick. So for those non AFL fans out there Cobras need to pull themselves together if they are to win this comp. They narrowly accounted for a Jangles less buggers and lost to UQ. If they go back to the Cobras of old and have Junior punting it they will continue to struggle, however if they can find their early season stingy offence then expect some tough games.

Dojo just need to tell steve cameron there is a bye.

Jangles prediction: Cobras by 3.

Blitz v Heroes
This is a must win for both these 2 teams to keep them in the hunt for the finals. Heroes will be looking to regain some of their form from early in the season. I believe they line up with their stars this week and this was the main reason for the Heroes boys struggling against a solid bugs 7. The Brown boys are the key to the heroes offence as without then there is a lack of long threats on the field. It will be a win able road ahead for heroes with the 3 teams below them on the table and Cobras who are struggling for some form when missing their key players.

Blitz have fallen a long way from the early rounds and are missing some hunger. Sure you win a couple of games against decent teams, but you need to keep it up boys. I have no pearls of wisdom for this team as the talent is there to do well, just add time and they will be mixing it with the big boys.

Jangles prediction: Heroes by 4

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

BPL Week 10

Field 1: Bugs v Cobras

Bugs are hitting their strides with some intense defence and superior defence. hahahahaha. couldn't say that with a straight face. The Bugs have found some form by revisiting some tradition buggers structures. Buzz has proven his worth picking up the disc and getting the offence moving. They will need their wits about them this week with the younger, fitter, faster, funnier? Cobras. I would expect the Bugs to stick with their offensive plan and mix things up on defence.

Now some would say that last week was the loss the cobras had to have. They would be wrong. Sure they were down in numbers and missing their paid imports with immigration issues, but loosing to UQ really? Reports have it that Finn scored all the goals and other reports have it that troy scored more than Finn. I have a feeling that these are both wrong and they were meant to say turnovers. I expect the boys to bounce back and cross the river with a strong game this week.

Cobras by 5 Inappropriate comments (Yes, Mat and Stu tipping against the Bugs again)

Field 2: Dojo v Slamtown

This game will hopefully be a cracker. Arguably the game of the round, Dojo need a win and the slammers will want a win to keep alive the minor premiership. With their big names back in the line Dojo are as threatening as ever. They have been there and there about this season. If you think it is because steve Cameron has played more than 50% of games your only partially right, it is because the Dojo have decided to be serious and start warming up. This is a double handicap for the team when Sensei shows up. Pete Allen and Fatty will be key to tightening up the Dojo Zone at either end and also providing legs on the offence.

Hmm all the slammers I expect will all show up this week as the Mayor has thrown his weight around and negotiated the leftover beers from last week to be brought to the field. Jokes on him Buzz got a lift home last week and drank them all. With a full handling line the slammers are a scary proposition. Stopping one of al, abra and the mayor is easy, stopping all 3 takes some good defence. Add to that Gref doing something crazy downfield to cancel out pallen, which is a match up I want to see more. This doesn't sound like a huge team, but it the players we don't normally mention getting the job done. Beaner, Bo and Jordy are all worthy of some attention and Kev will go unnoticed all night til some forward roll in the endzone to score.

Slammers by 3 Lucky Long Bombs unless thrown by Al then they are bread and butter

Field3: Lover v Blitz

Lovers are playing for pride now and I hope they have found that winning feeling finally. These young kids really just need to get that offence rolling and they will cause all sorts of headaches for most of the teams in the league. They are mostly just missing that veteran receiver to get them out of jail or just score some easy goals. They have the legs and the athleticism but are just missing the smarts which is funny for a Uni team. Should have gone to Griffith.

Blitz, well how the mighty have fallen. after shooting out of the block they have a good loosing streak going. Added to this are the reports that Spesh has strained a hustle muscle playing mixed ultimate in perth of all things. Cunliffe will need to be at his poaching best to turn this team around. Timocles "gotta catch them all" Copland has returned from Junior worlds a smarter player and is becoming more of a weapon for the team. Atlas on the other hand is already a proven weapon and just need some time to become a super player at the local level if not higher.

Blitz by 2 Cunliffe Poach D's

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

BPL Week 9

So it seems last week happened and the damped fields failed to hamper most teams. I myself was preparing for a warm bath in the mansion when ads informed us that he was at the fields warming up at 5pm with a coffee and some cement.

Field 1: Blitz v Dojo
Now Dojo has a win loss record to rival that of black caviar on field 1. Who knows why? but I believe it is because they don't get tired walking from their cars. Now Dojo would have to be considered favourites in this game it Fatty and Pete show up. With out their 2 work horses the dojo offence often stalls and forces a bad throw to a 50/50 match up. They are also missing their mandatory red head to baby daddy duties.

Blitz have been taken seriously in recent weeks and as a result have been put back in their place. It is good to see a team taking warm up seriously, however I think it is cunliffe trying to get himself warm as much as the rest of team. Don't write this team off yet as they have a number of gun players and if they don't make the finals they will have a say in the result.

Jangles predition: Dojo by 2 Hammer Goals, by more if all 3 dojo boys are there.

Field 2: Heroes v Bugs
This game is new school vs old school game. The younger fitter heroes team against the old and wiley bugs. Now in ultimate there is no substitute for fitness and speed and heroes have plenty in the cupboard, however this is of little use if they don't have the throws to supply the cutters. With the brown boys shooting the lights out against weaker opposition I am personally yet to see them rise to the challenge against a stronger mark. George is like a new man, I mean he talks now, he has a hunger for the disc now and with his speed and fitness there are only a number of guys in brisbane who can put and pressure on him.

The Bugs have been working on a few things early in the season only to throw them out the door and go back to what they know works. Buzz has again taken control of the handling line and with the likes of Trev, Spec G, TJ and Jangles to hit down field he is like a kid in a candy store. If this was a fantasy league there are a number of guys on this team who run hot and cold, Big Dave and Rolo for instance. Dave had a huge game against Blitz with a number of goals and huge meters only to go back to a minimal number of touches from the next 2 games. Rolo on the other hand quietly squrriels away on defence and will pull something crazy out when you least expect it.

The result of this game could go either way and I expect it to be a battle of tactics with both teams expected to play to their strengths.

Jangles Prediction: Heroes by 2 lucky Billy Brown Bombs

Field 3: Cobras v UQ lovers
hmm is it just me or are the Cobras getting cocky again. We all know how that ends up for teams **cough**dojo**chock**cough**. Now I must admit without Junior turning the disc over they are a renewed team. They are bound to get some Ds with the likes of Finn and Grundles on the line, however they are playing offence with a respect for the disc or else wetnose told them he will only run for one offensive possession. Either way the offence is looking solid and stingy to some decent defences.

UQ well this team will keep plugging away. I haven't done the figures but i think it is pretty safe to say they wont feature in the finals. It remains to see if they will take this as a sign to throw caution to the wind and play some free flowing frisbee. They have plenty of talent and athleticism just need to correct their shot taking. Now I know we are all referees however I tend to think with a team like UQ regular calls regardless of validity can cause some havoc with the flow of the offence. This may be one area UQ can improve on the timing of the calls being made as often after a foul call the defence gets some time to reassess and reposition even though it is not suppose to have the chance too. 

Jangles Predicition: Cobras by 7 and to be the first into the beers.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's Raining

While Playing Ultimate in the rain is awesome, We rarely get permission to use the fields when it is wet.

No word on fields for BPL and WUFL yet. I am hopeful, but contingency plans may need to be thought about for the BPL beer round.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

WUFL Insights

Many thanks to Mollly for providing us some specs on each of the womens teams. Time to start with the merchandising. I like the Purpler Logo, but they have sophie so I will always bet against them.  

Touted as the first women’s ultimate league in Australia, Brisbane’s WUFL has long served as a crucial venue for Brisbane women to discover Ultimate – as well as an incubator for Queensland’s elite talent.  
Yet next to her more gregarious older brother – the Brisbane Premier League – this quiet achiever is woefully under-represented in the metadialogue of the ultiverse – a fact lamented in the comments of last week’s Brisbane Ultimate Blog.
Stung by this realisation, this long-time WUFL player booted up the Dell and, while the rest of the world slumbered under the social collective anaesthesia of Grand Finals weekend, banged out the following guide to…
Who’s Who – WUFL Season 2 2012
Jersey colour: Blue
: Ashlee “Laser” Dodd and Laura “Wayne Webke” Berendorff

Stalwarts: Molly Young, Alana “Hans” Folkes
Wins-draws-losses: 2-0-1 Imports: Scandinavian connection Bodil “Bee” Carstens.
Other noobs to watch for: Dodd-squad matriarch, Fiona Dodd
Strengths: Hucking game  - core roster all equally comfortable on either end of a big huck play; Height - average height of roster an intimidating 5’9”. Established connections: over 50% returning players from last season’s grand final-winning team.

Jersey colour: Black
Captains: Peta “Naughty” McNaughton and Meagan Bulley.
Stalwarts: Stephanie Moroz, Kellie Mantle.
Wins-draws-losses: 0-1-2
Allow me to introduce: Canadian import, Landra Lecour. Catch her in action on Mondays with Baby Chimis. German visitor Kaya Dresing.
Rising stars: Vanessa Brown -- this Heroine just keeps getting better – and fresh face Cara Hansen.
Strengths: McNaughton Game Analysis TM; precision offensive game; the Moroz hammer. Dominoes are keenly missing last season’s stalwarts Gen Healy and Aurelie “Off the Rails” Chanson, but with a new crop of unknown quantity players under the careful guidance of McNaughty, they are the dark horse of this league.
Jersey colour: Red
Captains: Jess Mumford and Dom Simpson*
Stalwarts: Anna Bui, Em Briggs (?), Bri Fyffe
Wins-draws-losses: 2-1-0
Fresh off the boat: Merridy Fairchild (South Australia by way of Rockhampton), Renata Mares (international woman of mystery.)
Two-to-watch: Antonia Burwell-Rodriguez (Hint: the clue is in the surname) and Anne Conibear – last season’s overall MVP joint-winner.
Strengths: Connections all over the shop. Powerhouse throws from Dom, Bri, Mumfy and Merridy consistently finding Anna Bui and Anne Conibear in the endzone. On paper, this is the strongest team in the league, and on the field they don’t disappoint.

*Reported to be responsible for awkward moniker. 

Jersey colour: Purple

Captains: Jo Ashdown and Samantha “Scamp” Campbell

Stalwarts: Sophie “Windsock” Stewart
Wins-draws-losses: 2-0-1
Nice to meet you: International imports Claire Stark (making her mark at recent Uni games) and Jo “Gogo” Herschan. Both experienced players. Look for yellow shorts.

Rising stars: Too many to name them all, but they include… Maddy Coman (last season’s overall MVP joint-winner and hot contender for speediest girl in Brisbane ultimate). Kate Stewart (scientists are lining up to study her DNA in an effort to isolate the elusive “Australian Junior Worlds Captaincy” gene).

Strengths: Also a very strong team on paper. Inexplicably struggled against Pleasure Zone when they met early in the league, but expect them to come back strong. Consistent level of skill and speed across the roster. The rumour mill suggests that the support of ultimate-playing partners and Sophie Stewart’s sideline chatter give them an extra edge.