Saturday, April 30, 2011

Up Yer BUML - Round 7 Preview: It Don't Take a Smart One

Borag Thungg BUMLettes!

Once upon a time there was a Mighty Ultimate Player known to the world as electronica as JdR. He journeyed to your sad little speck of a city from a distant planet on a mission to brighten up the drab lives of BUMLettes everywhere. The Mighty One began to write semi-short, semi-humourous preview posts full of scrotnig insights, and posted it online for the laughably low price of free. Many and varied were the wise words of JdR, some of which the BUMLettes (particular from the HUC) loved and called zarjaz, and some of which were too difficult or past-their-time in terms of obscure cultural references for mere mortals to understand. Of course, written down it all seems so simple. But if this were truly easy then every Ultimate related blog would be updated regularly and this mudball of a planet would be producing posts as Thrill-Powered as this one, wouldn’t they?

Anyway, on with next Monday’s games (as well as our usual ramblings on issues of import).

Division 1

Mellow Yellow vs Bermuda Triangle – Griffith 3
This match should really be renamed as some sort of charity shield. Two of the oldest Clubs in the League, makes this a bit like Souths vs St George or something, with Rob as Russell Crowe and Rockly and Jamie as Reg and Mark Gasnier. Mellow Yellow will of course be reeling this week due to the loss of Dave the Barman to the Melbourne scene, and possibly from the hangover that followed his Little Creatures fuelled farewell. On the other hand, this departure may reinvigorate the team, as rumours of a tilt at the Melbourne Hat and comfy billets with Dave fire the team up. Meanwhile, Bermuda Triangle will be wondering if they can overcome their Griffith curse and pick up a few happy points.

JdR the Gladiatorial’s Tip: Bermuda by a squidge.
Danbot’s Tip:

Dyspnoeics vs Plastic Scourgery – Annerley 5A
A few folks have seen the fancy new Dyspnoeics shirts wandering around, as well as meeting the newest member of the team, young Matilda who’s hitting the age where Ultimate really starts to matter (5 weeks old). This will probably give them the edge over the Scourgeons.

JdR the Referentorial’s Tip: Dyspnoeics by a lot.
Danbot’s Tip:

Wuxi Finger Hold vs Heroes – Annerley 3A
This game will have an ass so big that when it walks down the street, people will say “Goddam, that’s a big fat ass!” Now that the insults are out of the way, we should also make mention of the Heroes’ burgeoning secret and slow attempt to take over the BUML, starting of course with the new and innocent looking website - - put up by a subversive who will be hunted down, no doubt. Whoops, maybe we’re still insulting. We don’t know.

JdR the Confused’s Tip: Heroes by a few.
Danbot’s Tip:

Poachers vs Discheads – UQ 7A
Rounding out Division 1, and for those paying close attention, you’ll see that we reckon we’re definitely into Round 7, and Round 6 (the washed out week) will hopefully be played again another time. We say this because the Discheads would much rather be facing up to the Dysponeics than the Poachers, who are quickly becoming the Charlie Sheens of the competition.

JdR the Gentle’s Tip: Poaches by a number.
Danbot’s Tip:

Division 2

The Ghost Who Walks vs Griffith Go-Go’s – Griffith 1
And so to Division 2, which of course is way more interesting, if only because there are more boys and girls involved and therefore the chances of JoeyDan getting it on after a game can only be greater. Not that the Phantom cares about that stuff – he’s too busy putting that skull ring on evil-doer’s chins. The Go-Go’s have been drilling hard before games – is this the week for a big breakthrough against quality opposition?

JdR’s the Optimistic’s Tip: Griffith Go-Go’s by a handful.
Danbot’s Tip:

Tsunami vs Griffith Oh Yeahs – Griffith 2
Tsunami have scrounged a few wins, but the so-far-winless Griffith Oh Yeahs should not be discounted, having come agonisingly close over their last few games. Still, the students could start to face the inevitable second-half-of-semester-fade, when the study pants come on and for some strange reason feeling guilty about study and so staying home from Ultimate and watching TV instead seems to make more sense than going out for a good bit of exercise.

JdR’s the Masters Degree Holder’s Tip: Oh Yeahs by the least amount
Danbot’s Tip:

What the Huck? vs Agent Orange – Annerley 5B
Did you know that Agent Orange are the best looking team in the competition, the most wealthy, the most able to have sex with multiple partners any time they like, the most able to huck that disc to any point on the field, and did we say the best looking? Of course, whatever we put here, the Danbot will probably edit to show his team in the best possible light.

JdR’s the Rewritten’s Tip: AO by 15.
Danbot’s Tip:

Baby Chimis vs QUTies – Annerley 3B
While we’re not totally sure of ladder positions and all that, this is a big game between two of the stronger teams within Division 2. Except for the fact that Trevor is now in a relationship, meaning that if he even bothers to turn up, his wrist strength will be shot and his decision-making with disc in hand will be even more questionable due to overall brain-fade.

JdR the Romantic’s Tip: Chimis by a Bunch
Danbot’s Tip:

Discheads vs Starlight – UQ 7B
Let’s hope the lights are on at UQ, so that people can view this titanic clash with unaided ocular sensors. Alas, being last on our previews list this week, we give them the least attention. Which means you can stop thinking about sex now.

JdR the 10 foot Infravision’s Tip: Discheads by some.
Danbot’s Tip:

Now, lets hope for no rain!

School Fields

This is just an idea for those out there looking for 'permanent' fields (hello Sydney/Melbourne).

Now of course, what we're talking about are fields with lights for League play, and ideally toilets and somewhere to store some stuff.

If you've exhausted yourself talking to Councils (mostly because the fields that they do have are already heavily used by others), perhaps its time to talk to schools.

Last year's Crawford Report noted that the obvious way to increase the number of sporting facilities available to the community is to work out ways to make school ovals available.

A REAL key of course is having a link to a school. Is there someone in your Ultimate community who works at the school, or is an alumni from the school, or even on their children's school's P&C? Can they have a yarn to the Principal or Sports Master?

Many schools have a history of putting lights on their tennis courts and hiring them out - this is the model to take on. The school gets a better facility, it gets a regular income stream, its security is improved by having responsible adults on site at night, and it strengthens its links to the local community.

There are of course some practicalities. Can the field be easily accessed without visitors having to walk through the school grounds? Is there scope for parking? Is there access to toilets without walking through the school?

Committing to a school can also involve making that school a real centre for teaching kids Ultimate.

So the goal - can your Ultimate group develop an agreement whereby you cooperate to fundraise (both via seeking government sporting and school building grants, and directly via car washes and all that stuff) to upgrade a schools' field to put lights and so forth on it?

We Like To Keep Our Balls Close To The Wire

As you can see, the shit really hit the fan in January, when the blog went on hiatus. Since dstrel invaded the mansion, it's been all fun and games. JdR's return has definitely helped us toward our all time peak. Jason has truely inserted his column "Up The BUML" into must-read blogging culture.

Of course, we're keeping all our eggs in one basket, hoping for nearly 400 views on the last day of the month to take us past the June 2010 all time high. Such a feat has not been seen since last Wednesday!

So here's your chance to tell us whats up? Have you loved the Carl/Mansauce bromance smack? Is it the uncanny resemblance to the UQ blog format? Want more dodgy photoshop pictures? Less JdR? Perhaps increased Diversity? Should we stir the pot like the good ol' days or what?

Friday, April 29, 2011

Crusty Old Men

Congrats to the following QLDer's for making the Australian Masters team (Silverbacks) - arguably the best ever team to leave Australian soil in any Div (except maybe some of the teams who left Perth to go back home in 2006). With out further ad-jews:

Al (alphabetical order always favours)
Pottsy (former QLD)
Kevvy from Byron (it's QLD ok)
Matt Ryan
Will Mitchell (well.. he played for Ignition)

These 1979ers and below are gonna bring some ol' fashion Mongrel to... Europe.
A completely unbiased report on AFDA suggests that they're going to piss it in.

Yeah Golf Monday

If you're at a loss for some frisbee activities next Monday (particularly if the weather looks likely to prevent another night of BUML), why not get along to some disc golf in the morning?

A low-key, disc golf tourney will be held on Monday the 2nd of May at the course at Yeronga.

Venue: Fehlberg Park – Yeronga / Farifield
Meet in the carpark on Hyde Rd (off of Fairfield Rd)
Date: Mon 2nd May
Time: from 9:00am – registration
9:45 players meeting (all players to attend)
10:00 tee off
~12:00 presentations
Format: 18 holes, single stroke
Course: Fehlberg Park, using the std comp nines – C1 & C2
Divisions: Depending upon who shows up
Cost: $2 which covers insurance & prizes
Discs: BYO golf discs or ultrastars
For sale (new from $10 each)
Loaners available
Notes: there is a water tap on the course
The nearest toilets are ~1km away.

TD: Tim Marchbank – 0413 989 174

For those interested, a meeting of the newly formed Brisbane Disc Golf Club will be held after the event over lunch.

Brisbane's disc golfers are very friendly folk, and disc golf is a real challenge for those who are used to having catchers for their throws.

Our tip is also to have a few coldies in the bag while you take in the round (or a flat white if you are a Hero).

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Split eNZ

Finally, these pesky Split Rounds are drawing to a close. I think they came at the right time, but we'll be back into full swing soon.

It is said that a break produces funny results; perhaps it is apt to name it an "off-week". We've seen Los Bandidos improving weekly, with a 1 point win against the Cobras, and a very credible win against the Buggers. Dojo suffered their first loss at the hands of SFC, and it has been reported that Heroes are perpetually kicking themselves in the nuts over "the one that got away".

Well, these weeks have shown us that anything can happen, and that everyone can play. We here at the internet look forward to the unraveling of the pointy end. No doubt tempers will be tested and spirit scores will be under closer scrutiny.

Enough bullocks, I'm tipping Heroes and Dojo ftw.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Slow News Day

We're not sure if the makers of this video know what Ultimate is, but it's still amusing.

Link to video click here!!!!! (not porn)

Actually... here it is.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Banana Splits (Corrected)

Big Apologies to anyone who may have been put out by the errant ways of those of us who write decrees from aloof in the Imperial Palace. Our minds must have been elsewhere, like at Bevan's house and on AFL, beer and steak.

Below is the corrected draw. I hope I didn't put anyone out, especially in terms of those playing. This serves as a good reminder to do your own research, and make sure you are on the dog cup group.

Last weeks results - SFC beat Heroes and Los Bandidos scored their first win in universe point against Cobras!!

This tipper is expecting Dojo and MBB to continue on their merry way. Or will we see Los Bandidos fire again, in the pointy end of the season? Can Dojo keep winning forever, or are they due for a forfeit? Ah, that is the question!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More Wining and Dining with VIPS

After months of negotiation with the Top Dog's PA, we finally scored a meeting with the Man About Town, at least on a Thursday Night, BPLLD - Graham Prickett!

With the 4pm early bird special done and dusted, we were fairly confident that JdR would not be roused from his armchair in the pool room. After numerous bottles of red, we felt we got a glimpse of a Special Vision for BPL. It's all a bit blurry now, but we'll try to piece things together for you.

So Spesh, c'mon man. Give it up. What's going to be different this season?

Not much, Stu has done such a great job in the previous few seasons I wanted to keep as much as that goodness as possible. Also I'm new to the LDing game and I wanted to get my head around the challenges before I went changing much. I've got a few ideas for upcoming seasons so we'll see how that goes.

Just a few, hey? What are your big hopes for the direction of BPL?

At the moment I see BPL as a link in the chain for players from beginner to nationals and beyond. The way I see it is
UQ/BUML -> BPL -> Nationals etc. I don't want to change this but I'd like to get more up and coming players down playing BPL so this means recruiting more from UQ/BUML leagues.

Did see that Poll we did? 53% (24 people) said that they'd be happy to drive to the GC once a season. Will we see this happen?

Maybe.... I think it's a good idea....

We'd need someone to organise fields, perhaps someone from SFC??

I guess the way I'd see it run is SFC would play their first 5 games of the season in Brisbane then the last 5 of the season at the Gold Coast.

It would actually make financial sense for bpl as well because we pay for 2 fields at Annerley every Thursday. If we had only 2 games we could cut it down to 1 field.

Good idea, I'll look into it.

Thanks mate, I came up with it my self. The other item for discussion is growth of BPL and bringing in new players. A two-tier system has been mentioned. This would involve the existing clubs supporting a second team. Would this work?

My plan at the moment for recruiting new players into the BPL is to run a 4 week hat league between seasons (around June/July). Al organised a similar league last year. I want to encourage as many players from BUML/UQ leagues to play this and then to get captains on board recruiting from this league.

I don't think we have enough players for a two tier system. A 2nd tier BPL league seems strange to me. BPL has always been a step above the other leagues in Brisse. If you make a 2nd tier you make the second tier the same standard as other leagues. Other leagues have chicks so why would play with a bunch of dudes if the standard is the same?

I suppose it would require a club approach. Sounds like you and Bug 01 aren't talking.

Is 8 the starting point (or average) for spirit scores?

I don't really care as long as captains are consistent week to week.

What happened to The Field #1 rule? They say it's gone the way of the Buggers..

Recently changed this back to what it was before. Will be discussing with captains on whether it continues next season.

Cheers Spesh.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Ggrrr Hehhhhh DJJJDRrrr

Disgruntlation, Batman!

Disc is off again thanks to that old foe, the attack from above, The Rains!

Keep an eye on the Heroes blog, as rumour of a boat race at Archive run rife!

Alternatively, the rain has cleared in Townsville, so I might see you around the airport trying to scab a ticket.

The 60's

Congratulations to the following QLDers for making the 60 woman / man Austrlaian squads:

Molly & Maylin in the Womens

Abra, Jangles, Al,
Cunliffe, Jmac
Pete, Stu
[edit] Mike Neild (obviously) [/edit]
in Mens.

Dunno if I missed anyone. A few x's in there, do we talk about them?

The full list and more info can be found in trash talk on AFDA.

It's Sean Flanagan's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Flan!

I said "Rain, Dear". It's the wrong season for that!

If you see the above image outside of your window on a Monday morning, it's safe to say that you'll have a case of the Mondays. CAUTION: Lawrence believes that you'd get your ass kicked sayin' something like that man. This rule holds true even more so for the ultimate frisbee player in BrisbAne.

The best thing to do on a rainy Monday is to stay glued to this group:

To Subscribe: send a blank email to

That's right folks, don't rely on your carpet-cleaning captain or the blog for the news, that would be as reliable as watching the news on channel 7, 9 or 10. Entertaining, but hardly credible. The inside scoop can often be found at these sites:

Check the draw at: (actually, this is more like the Courier Mail)

Subscribe to:

For Brisbane Ultimate Disc Association (other disc stuff in Brisbane, eg. Wednesday pickup, Disc Golf):

For Women’s Ultimate Frisbee League:

For Premier League:

So no word yet on tonight's games, but we will try to stay on top of things, ala msn/yahoo news.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Registration Opens for Something You'll Want to Register For

Quietly posted onto the AFDA website.
Gold Coast - Carrarra Sports Complex. 6-7 August 2011.

Mmm ... canal frontage ....

Foiled Again!!

The Vote to Impeach has been shot down at the last minute. That pesky John Doe character remains at large.

I suppose the main benefit of having anonymous posting options is to allow people who don't have accounts to comment. Another benefit may be for someone who has a position of leadership who wants to draw attention to something without making an official statement from their position.

With almost half of us voting against the anonymous post, I encourage those who post anonymously to consider putting their name at the end of the post. Some of the time, the veiling of your identity makes your comments seem more aggressive, snide and generally inflammatory. It's OK to have a bit of a controversial poke around here, but put your name on it so that we can understand where you are coming from. If you feel like your comment may offend, this blog is probably not the place to be airing your frustrations, and perhaps you could consider appropriate channels for working these things out.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Up the BUML Round 5 - Bart the General

You all seem to be enjoying the attention the BUB is now lavishing on the Monday night Brisbane Mixed Ultimate League, so let’s release JdR from the Room of Retirement once again to offer his views.

Borag Thungg BUMLets! It is I, JdR the ever-generous-with-time, here again to support you in your daily battle against thrill-suckers by previewing the upcoming round of BUML. And what a round we have in store before going into the mid-season break. We’ve even been told to leave space for tips from our editor droid Danbot. So let’s get into it!

Dyspnoeics v Discheads – Griffith 1

It’ll be nothing but action Action ACTION as the mouth-breathers take on the flatskulls. Even as we type these words the vibrations from this game are throbbing back through TIME ITSELF to rock the keyboard, so apologies if there are any mistooks.

JdR the Superlative’s tip: Discheads by 1
Danbot’s tip: Cock-Rock by 4

Starlight v Griffith Oh Yeahs – Griffith 2

Last week’s little bit of rain in the afternoon demonstrated the differences between the scrotnig and nonscrot Ultimate players, with several teams light on for numbers, and none moreso than the Griffith Oh Yeahs who for the first time ever had less than seventy-dozen on the sideline (mostly thanks to some laziness we guess from the Athlea St Irregulars). Still, those who were there were properly thankful as they got themselves a real solid run, what with having barely any subs and all. Will this change this week against the mightly-upbeat Starlight, who must fancy their chances. Yes, it’s the motley blacks vs the motley whites, with never a dull moment.

JdR the Insoulecent’s tip: Griffith Oh Yeah’s by 3
Danbot’s tip: Yeah Yeah Yeahs by 1

Tsunami v Griffith Go-Go’s – Griffith 3

The Griffith Go-Go’s move onto the unfamiliar territory of Griffith 3, but this is the uphill end of the Griffith AFL field so this should help against the rampaging Tsunami. Here in the Command Module its getting harder and harder to sort out games like this in our nonetheless high domed heads, so we’re plugging for a close one. Can the Go-Go’s get a third win in a row, for the first time ever?

JdR the Mighty’s tip: Go-Go’s by 1
Danbot’s tip: Nuclear Disaster's by 6.... actually, it's 7

Mellow Yellow v Heroes – Annerley 3A

According to some reports following last week’s game, the Heroes have been considering continuing what might be called a NYNY approach to Spirit of the Game. They’ll find this difficult this week though, coming up against the frequently intoxicated Mellow Yellow squad who love nothing more than a chance to laugh.

JdR the Impenetrible’s tip: Heroes by 2
Danbot’s tip: Drew Hutton by 2

Poachers v Plastic Scourgery – Annerley 3B

This is the battle of the hottest dudes in Brisbane Ultimate - Dusty vs Dan. I’m still totally bummed not to be in their division – just being in the reflection of their zarjaz glow makes me feel even more impressive than I already am. It’s LD droidette Adilia’s birthday soon too, so we anticipate the Scourgeons offering the appropriate gifts.

JdR the Administrative’s tip: Poachers by 1
Danbot’s tip: Draw your swords

Baby Chimis v Ghost Who Walks – Annerley 5A

Purple and red are colours that do not normally mix so well together, however these teams are full of intensity and are ready to let loose the artistic approach to flying disc sports that they are famous for.

JdR the Hootings tip: Baby Chimis by 3
Danbot’s tip: The Mexican by 2

Agent Orange v Disc-iples – Annerley 5B

The relentless march towards an Orange future continues, with the fusion jazz of Adults Only looking likely to sweep the endearing Disc-iples aside with ease.
JdR the Exculpatory’s tip: AO by 6
Danbot’s tip: RSL by 5

Wuxi v Bermuda Triangle – UQ 7A

The lights were on Wednesday night, so maybe after last Monday’s hassle the UQ Oval 7 will be once again ready to handle the non-stop-thrill-power that is Ultimate as demonstrated by some of its greatest practitioners (at least in this galaxy), Wuxi and Bermuda Triangle. Although Geoff has been playing Ultimate on this grass for something like 20 years or so, these day’s its Kaitlin, Julz and Pallen’s backyard, bbq area and outdoor thunderbox.

JdR the Universal’s tip: Wuxi by 7
Danbot’s tip: Wookie by 5

What the Huck v QUTies – UQ 7B

Rounding out the round, Hammertime becomes What the Huck, just in time to take on UQ team, the QUTies. Confused? Don’t be.

JdR the Not-Trevor’s tip: QUTies by 4.

Danbot’s tip: ERROR!

And that's it. Splundig Vur Thrigg!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Splits [Ouch!]

In the tipping, we have Rick with a convincing lead, tipping 8 out of a possible 12 (83%), although his namesake Mike (Nolan Jnr)has 88% in the 3 rounds that he tipped. Huddy has 7 which puts him at 58% and no one else is worth mentioning this week! Pete is no where to be seen. Can't quite figure out that tactic. My tip for this week - Rick, Mike, Jules, Stef: all 2 ;-)

That is all.

The Other Hancock (Neither Mick or Herbie)

But Rachel Brennan, NSW.

Here's the write up, lifted straight off AFDA

I first met Rachel Grindlay at a NSWFDA meeting (2002) where she declared that she was interested in watching and giving opinions for NSW Ultimate but was definitely not interested in anymore committee roles after her experiences as the NZ Treasurer and President for the previous 2 years (performing both roles simultaneously). From that point on Rachel has managed to bring her immense organizational flair to a large number of Administrative positions within both the State and National bodies. Within the year she accepted the role of Secretary for NSWFDA and remained in that position through to 2005. At that point, she took over the role of Treasurer, serving to 2010. Even though she resigned her position at the UFNSW 2010 AGM she has continued to perform basic duties while the new Treasurer comes up to speed and signatories are handed over. During that time, she was an integral part of the NSWFDA Executive being involved with all key decisions. She freed up the administrative role by taking on the vast amount of data entry and expense tracking within the NSWFDA financial system. Her role in driving the NSWFDA’s yearly report has been instrumental in guaranteeing the association’s NSW Department of Sport and Recreation grant in a number of years. Rachel was also a member of the AFDA Board during this time, filling the role of Secretary from 2003 – 2004.

In addition to Executive administrative roles, Rachel has been responsible for organizing a number of Australian tournaments (Australian Ultimate Championships 2008 (Treasurer), NUFL2 (TD) 2006, NSW State Championships (Treasurer and co-TD) 2008, Longest Day (Co-TD) 2005-2009 and Into the Wild (2009)). She was the Squad Manager for the Australian teams attending the World Ultimate & Guts Championships in Finland in 2004, and has been a chief organiser of the Wildcard club side since 2006.

Rachel has been keen to help develop new and intermediate players to build their skill level through to the elite level, particularly women. She has been an integral part of the Wildcard leadership team, constantly encouraging women to improve their skills from beginner through to elite levels. She coached Wildside (Wildcard/Southside B team) at the Australian Ultimate Championships in 2004. She has also organised a women’s league in Sydney. Her friendly attitude has helped many young women continue their Ultimate careers forward.

Rachel’s playing skills are also of a level that matches her elite peers. At a national level she has competed in most major championships, including the Australian Ultimate Championships (2003, 2005-10), Australian Mixed Ultimate Championships (2002-05, 2007-10), Australian University Championships (2001, 2009). Rachel won with mixed team Shto-liba in 2004 and captained Wildcard to victory in 2007 and 2009. On the international stage she has played in the World Ultimate Club Championships (2002 and 2006), represented Australia in the Asia-Oceania Ultimate Championships (2005), winning a silver medal, and on the Australian Women’s team at World Ultimate & Guts Championships (2008), which finished fourth, their highest placing ever. Rachel was a senior member of many of these teams, this testifies to her elite level of skills and dedication to her athletic level.

She has been recognized for her contribution to ultimate both on and off the field by being awarded the Wildcard Club Person of the Tear for four consecutive years from 2006 to 2009, AFDA Administrator of the Year in 2007, and a UFNSW Award in 2009.

On a personal level, I have always found Rachel to be a fantastic ambassador to the sport of Ultimate. She brings an enthusiasm and efficiency to all she does. From meetings to tournaments and on-field play; her leadership qualities and love of the Spirit of the Game sees her throw herself into the sport at all levels with an energy and passion that befits a Rob Hancock Award winner. I would see Rachel as a fitting Rob Hancock Award Winner.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What you didn't know about JdR

It's time to shine the spotlight on the champion of this blog over the last few years. Even since his retirement to the pool room, JdR has managed to permeate this new-look blog, just as he remains busy busy busy in all Ultimate affairs.

Recently, Jason was received one of the greatest honours for contribution to our spot. At Nationals, he was presented with the Rob Hancock Award. Rob Hancock was a man who made massive contributions to Western Australian and National Ultimate from the period of 1979 until his untimely death in 1984. He pulled together AFDA in the Great Unification of The Autonomous States in the early 1980's and was a legend on the field.

Apparently there is a write up on AFDA about Rob, but BEWARE!! If you go searching for it, you may never return!!

Here's the nomination justification for JdR:

Jason came late into the sport of Ultimate at the age of 30. He started playing two days after moving to Canberra in February 2001 and has played ever since. He had originally been introduced to the sport in the mid-90’s by Stu McGlashan at UQ, but stupidly decided to stick with soccer.

By mid 2001 he was directing the local ACTUA League and in 2003 became President, remaining in the position until he went overseas in 2004. During the period 2002 to 2004, Jason ran several leagues and tournaments, and was a member of the 2003 Australian Ultimate Championships TOC. For a good part of this period, Jason was ‘Mr Frisbee’ in Canberra.

In late 2002, Jason became involved in national administration of Ultimate when he became editor of the AFDA Newsletter, delivering 17 quarterly issues over the period to late 2006 – including while he was living in the UK in 2004/2005. The newsletters were a massive amount of work, providing a balanced combination of news from national teams and local leagues, as well as the less serious side of the sport (will we ever know who Secret Squirrel is?). It is a tribute to JdR’s efforts that the quarterly newsletters have now been replaced by an annual magazine.

Upon return to Australia and Brisbane in mid 2005, Jason joined the AFDA Board through a casual vacancy, before formal election in 2006. 2006 also saw World Clubs in Australia, with Jason forming and leading the ’74 Flood Queensland Masters team to Nationals 2006 and then onto World Clubs. Jason has competed at Australian Championships on five occasions and was also a member of the first ever Australian Masters team that competed at Worlds in Finland in 2004;.

In 2007, Jason assumed the role of secretary which he remained in until his resignation at the 2010 AGM as one of the AFDA’s longest serving directors. During his period on the board, Jason was one of the most active board members, contributing to many key decision on the national level. Jason was the key driver behind the creation and revision of the AFDA’s safe play policies – as well as many of the AFDA’s promotional activities (such as Wide World of Sports at Nationals in 2008). Jason ensured the smooth running of many prominent AFDA functions, including the AFDA and RHA awards for 2005-2009, and the Annual Reports for five years running (2005 to 2009). Jason’s period of five years on the Board.

Jason’s departure from the national scene was prompted in part by his causal paid role as CEO of QUDA, staring mid 2008. In addition to this role, Jason continued to make important contributions as a volunteer to the sport of Ultimate, from forming local and regional teams for tournaments, and in February 2010, helping to establish the Griffith Nathan Ultimate Frisbee Club which boasts near to 40 members after twelve months. D

uring this period, Jason has also been among the most prolific Australian bloggers of Ultimate, with his Brisbane Ultimate Blog possibly the most notable blog for our sport in Australia. Jason has made over 1000 posts over the period 2007-2010, with a further 50 or posts on

Over the past decade, Jason has been one of the most active and dedicated volunteers in the sport of Ultimate. While he’s in no way short of initiative himself, if you needed something done – Jason would find time to do it and then give you a dozen extra ideas while doing it. He is a deserving recipient of the award and I strongly recommend his nomination to the Board.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Up the BUML Round 5 - Your Red Headed Step-Child

We've decided to let JdR out of the Room of Retirement a bit early this week, to give folks the weekend to consider his ravings and get them out of their systems before they take to the field on Monday night (weather permitting). Let's see what he's got.

Bermuda Triangle vs Heroes - Griffith 1

We’re dubbing this game the "Battle of the Inbreds", as most of the players on Bermuda are related to at least one other player on the team, and it’s there’s a lot of brotherhood and sisterhood on the Heroes (plus that Carl and Mike bromance stuff (I don’t know why we bother putting comment-bait out there for them like that, they’ll comment on anything). While on form the Heroes are looking the goods, we reckon this is the week that Bermuda are going to topple the applecart and come up with the win in a close one.

JdR: Bermuda by 1
Dstrel: Bermuda by 3 (Geoff)

Griffith Go-Go’s vs Griffith Oh Yeahs – Griffith 2

We might be slightly biased here in the BUB Room of Retirement, but we’re declaring this one the MATCH OF THE ROUND. There’s a dozen names we could offer for this game – the Generation Gap (yes it’s the 2010 gang from Griffith verses their 2011 recruits), the Study with the Buddy, the Bone with the Stone … but we’ll settle for Go Goh Yeah. A lot of this game will come down to how the more experienced ladies on the Go-Go's contain the mobility of the Oh Yeah lasses. On the guy-side, its really about the trash-talk.

JdR:Impossible to tip.
Dstrel: O Yeahs by 2

Mellow Yellow vs Discheads – Griffith 3

We haven’t talked much about the Mellow Yellow’s Dave combo this season, and I’m not sure why as they are truly stars within the firmament. Dave B, Dave C, Dave the Barman, and of course FluxieDave, RobDave and CarlaDave. When it clicks, then it clicks. At my house, we hold the name Dave very close to our hearts, but that’s mostly because of the Far Better Half’s long-standing passion for Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters. Holy crap has it really been 20 years since ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’? This is not the tangent it seems to be, as most of Mellow Yellow were moshing like lunatics when this came out, and will no doubt have marked the anniversary of Kurt’s death over the last few days. So we’re tipping the D’s (who’re more soft rock than grunge) to take this one.

JdR: Discheads by 4
Dstrel: Discheads by 3 (Mellow Yellow are under-performing due to nightmares of past Div 1 experience

Disciples vs QUTies – Annerley 3A

The QUTies got a big scare last week, and we don’t mean the sight of Trevor rubbing various parts of his body. New team the Griffith Oh Yeahs gave the tie-dyed terrors a bit of their own athletic medicine last week, but the managed to escape with a one-point win. Meanwhile, the Disciples have continued to spread the word of Ultimate and are scoring lots of points. A challenging one to tip, but we’re going with the

QUTies by 1
Dstrel: Disciples by 1

Wuxi vs Plastic Scourgery – Annerley 3B

We haven’t mentioned Kaitlin yet in our match previews this season. So lets just lunge in now - she’s going to win this game for her team, singlehandedly. Meanwhile, we are still trying to work out who’s the Fonzie on the Plastic Scourgery team these days. It used to be Stu, which of course made May the team’s Pinky Tuscadero. Dusty seems to be trying to shed his Pottsy image with a hairstyle stolen from the Tokyo Shock Boys.

Wuxi by 4
Dstrel: Wuxi by 6 (should be well rested!)

Tsunami vs Hammertime aka WTH – Annerley 5A

While there has been talk on the grass, the BUB is once again proud to present an on-line scoop! Hammertime are transforming, bit like Optimus Prime who’s also got a thing for red and combat decks, into WTH – not a vowel-less WiTH, but really the acronym for What The Huck!. There you have it. Anyhoo, this game will be a biggie for both teams, with both improving their combos rapidly as the season progresses. But after rolling the admittedly Nationals-affected Baby Chimis last week, our tip is

Hammertime/WTH by 5
Dstrel: Tsunami by 3

Baby Chimis vs Starlight – Annerley 5B

Starlight are doing it tough this season, but seem to be having fun in doing it. The Baby Chimi’s will have to first recover from Peta’s housewarming.

JdR: Chimis by 6
Dstrel: Chimis by 10

Dyspnoeics vs Poachers – UQ 7A

These are two very good teams with what’s developing into a great rivalry. Can they turn this into a very good game? A lot will be on the shoulders of Captains ‘Sauce and Blacklock, who will no doubt be matching up for everyone point. In fact, let us just compare these two. Dancepower – huge advantage to Blacklock. Digestivesystem – definite advantage to Mansauce who will consume anything. ITskills – advantage Blacklock, although Mansauce does update his Facebook status more often. Facialhair – advantage Mansauce there, although it is not like he wears it well. Are we done giving attention to these two? Yes we are but there’s always room in the comments. On the field we think it will be the

Dyspnoeics by 3
Dstrel: Dyspnox by 5

Ghost Who Walks vs Agent Orange – UQ 7B

Don’t take the lysergic acid diethylamide before this game, as the mash up of flailing purple and orange may cause outbreaks of psychodelica not seen at UQ since Buzz was an undergrad. This is a big game as these two teams have been mostly undefeated near as we can tell from the Room of Retirement. Luke AA and gang must be credited for their rapid advancement in skill and on-field organisation, and they may be able to take it up to their more fancied rivals, partly at least due to El Presidente Gav’s distraction in the form of taking it up to his local Councillor and the burdens of the Heroes Ultimate Club becoming an incorporated entity. This is a toughie for the punter, particularly look at the matchups between Vanessa and Alana for AO and Gemma, Julie and Nat for the GWW, but with some Nationals players back on deck and rejuvenated this week, we’ll have to tip

Agent Orange by 1.
Dstrel: AO by 2

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Sacrificing One's Wellbeing For The Blog

Spirit of Ultimate in Disrepute Again!

It's time to fire up that crusty old debate again and potentially summons Sensei back to the blogosphere. The questions in the past have included

What is an average spirit score?
What is a good spirit score?
What is the criteria for a good or bad spirit score?

In the BPL, we had a gentlemen's agreement that the starting point was 8. At nationals, someone, presumably Matt, provided us with 4 criterion, including knowledge and use of the rules, fair play, etc, etc (I don't remember them all).

8 as a starting point was fine, until Buggers decided that they didn't use 8 as a starting point (so I'm told). At Nationals, my team "Quoll", decided that 5 was an average score. With 5 as an average score, I don't know how a team gets a 10 for use and knowledge of the rules..

Quoll won spirit, and I imagine that we gave some of the lowest spirit scores due to our low average that we worked from.

In BUML, my team has given a few 10's for what I thought was pretty standard spirit. If 10/10 is the standard, how do you give credit to an extra spirited team? It makes the scale quite negative.

It is the view of Your Humble Blogger, that a Swiss Spirit Scale should be embraced as standard. Nathan uses this scale when he TD's. It's a scale from -2 to +2, with 0 as the average. You can award 1 or 2 points for good spirit, or take 1 or 2 points for bad spirit. This seems to be a more consistent and objective way of measuring "spirit".

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

More Reasons To Loathe Sydney

Boringly, two Sydney teams have won nationals. Wildcard defeated Canberra's "Factory" in the Womens and in Mens it was predictably the Colony machine who Pillaged Melbourne's Chilly, who controversially threw their first round match against Firestorm to proceed to an easier round (unsubstantiated claim!!). That said, Chilly still had to put Plunder away to get there, and we are all glad it wasn't an all Colony affair.

The highest placed QLD team was Firestorm who finished 6th. Black Betty finished 8th. There was a huge turn out for the final and they say it's been the most competitive nationals ever, and everyone gave Matt and Sandra a huge thank you. The end.

Double The Posting Power!

With JdR stubbornly settling into his granny-flat like a bad smell that won't go away (ala my Heroes shirt), the need for autonomy has arisen. Like any good family, especially those with political influence (ala Gaddafi and his sons), we do not discuss our personal opinions with one another and congruency is often lacking and publicly misunderstood.

Being of Old Royal Stock, JdR insists on using the "royal we". This throws matters into further confusion, and it should be understood that by we, he means me (as in him). Get it? I didn't think so.

So while JdR will use the royal we to represent himself, I will most likely use some stupid phrase like "Your Emperor" or when I'm being really cocky "Your Humble Narrator" (ala A Clockwork Orange, YHN), with capitals and all to demonstrate my understanding of true humility.

End Post.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Up the BUML! Round 4 Preview

We'll let JdR wander in from the Room of Retirement again, because he seems to think he has it in him for a weekly column on the Monday night Mixed League known as BUML. Let's see how this goes.

Hi there Mixed Ultimate fans. If you can tear your bo peeps away from today’s Day 4 of the National titles, then maybe you can give some thought to tonight’s big games.

Poachers vs Heroes - Annerley 3A

And also we’re saying it with a big of exaggeration, this game will be one of the biggest held in Brisbane on this day of 4 April 2011. By our admittedly slightly tipsy account, the Poachers and Heroes occupy seats one and two at the top of the BUML Division 1 table at the moment. The Poachers come into this game with two solid wins and a bye over the preceding three weeks, while the Heroes have said the second spirit circle speech twice so far after close wins, in addition to last weeks draw. Yep, with Dyspnoeics looking like third place holders with two wins and a loss, this little game here is a TOP OF THE TABLE CLASH!

For the Heroes, playing on Annerley 3A is almost like having a home ground. The Poachers meanwhile will still be getting used to wearing cleats, playing most of their matches this year at Oakman Park.

Messing up your chances of tipping a winner is that, like a few teams, key players will be backing up from four days of play, plus last night’s Nationals party tonight, and in Heroes case, this means Carl and Guarin and for the Poachers it’s Myall and Kalin. Bugger it, let’s plumb for the Poachers, and let’s not ramble so much for the remainder of the round.

Ghost Who Walks vs Disciples - Annerley 3B

The Ghost Who Walks has clearly had the strength of ten tigers so far this season, recording two very big wins either side of their Round 2 bye. The Disciples meanwhile got their first taste of victory this season, with a squeaky close one-pointer last week at Griffith demonstrating how this obscure religious order dedicated to the pursuit of Frisbees is getting it together on the field. Still, the Ones Who Cannot Die seem to be going a great job of bringing their newbies along, and we’ll have to give them the tip for this week.

Bermuda Triangle vs Discheads - Annerley 5A

Bermuda Triangle are doing it tough in Division One with two losses (and one other game we don’t know about), after two wins in the grading games. Discheads are looking for a win, after a bye, loss and draw (a bye and a one point win in the grading games). Along with Mellow Yellow, these two teams seem to be setting up camp in the well stocked wine and beer cellar of Division One – so tonight’s match will be important in staggering up the stairs and looking for some Finals action down the track. We tip the Triangle, as the Brown boys will be a bit tuckers out from spending the weekend with Mansauce.

Dyspnoeics vs Plastic Scourgery - Annerley 5B

Speaking of spending the weekend with Mansauce, Jack did that too. But tonight’s game will be like some old school State of Origin Rugby League games – state against state, and mate against mate style. We’re tipping Scourgery though, as despite Dusty’s hangover, he and Paul will be keen to get on the field after a weekend of watching.

Agent Orange vs Tsunami - UQ 7A

Over at St Lucia, Adults Only are undefeated so far this season, but seem to be in third place on the Division Two ladder. Tsunami, much like the floodwaters they bring, continue to develop their familiarity with UQ’s Oval 7. AO is the tip.

Wuxi Finger Hold vs Mellow Yellow - UQ 7B

Given the amount of time they’ve spent there, Wuxi may as well go beyond putting up the tent, lightinghe fire and boiling the billy in the attacking endzones at UQ’s Oval 7, and instead start laying some foundations. A win, a loss and a draw though won’t get them to the finals, but up against a winless so far Mellow Yellow, this is their chance to slip up the table. Wuxi.

QUTies vs Griffith Oh Yeahs - Griffith 1

The QUTies once again get their tye-died outfits on and head to Griffith University for their second big student clash of the season. The QUTs are on a streak after two wins, and easily accounted for the Griffith Go-Go’s not far back either. The Griffith Oh Yeahs, despite being winless so far but its early days yet, will provide some stiff opposition, and with Trev’s stiff shoulder may be in there with a chance for upset of the round. So we’re tipping the Oh Yeahs with a stiffie.

Griffith Go-Go’s vs Starlight - Griffith 2

Both these teams are (we think) winless so this is a big one. The Griffith Go-Go’s are also coming off three losses to start the season proper, but the margins are shrinking from losses of 11, 7 and just a point last week. Still, they are one point their sibling team the Oh Yeahs on the Goal Difference, so will be eager for everything tonight. Starlight meanwhile have recorded a couple of big losses, but will be remembering that when these two teams met back in grading (Starlight’s first match together we think), the Go-Go’s only got the win by a handful of points. Still, we like the Go-Go’s to win this one.

Hammertime vs Baby Chimis - Griffith 3

Terrific Tim J and his team of keen beans will be throwing themselves forward like the orcs at the battle of Helm’s Deep, but the Baby Chimis three wins current stand clear at the top of Division Two and look unassailable. Peta’s Nationals Party recovery may be a factor, but we can’t see the battle of the reds coming out in any other way than a win for the little burritos.

And that’s it for this week. Keep watching the skies, and remember – Up the BUML!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Day 2

More wins for Slamtown.

None for Ignition or Red Betty.

Two wins and a close loss to KAOS for Black Betty

Two close losses to the Colonies for Slamtown, who need to beat HoS this morning in order to stay relevant. I'm off to check it out.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Nationals Update


Ignition had 3 losses including the grudge match against Firestorm, who only won that match, but with Fyshwick and Colony in the pool, they must be happy to make an indentation on the national comp.

Black Betty lost all their matches, as did Red Betty.

However, raising the bar for QLD ultimate, Firestorm had 3 wins today, including a close one with Karma (15-11) and disposing of 5th Seed Chilly in impressive fashion. There were some huge D's and so many contested grabs were won by FS as well. The boys are looking good.

Colony, Fyshwick and I-Beam seem to be justifying their top 4 performance. While what I saw of I-Beam was ordinary, they stole an upset victory from Colony (Pillage) to go undefeated.