Saturday, April 30, 2011

We Like To Keep Our Balls Close To The Wire

As you can see, the shit really hit the fan in January, when the blog went on hiatus. Since dstrel invaded the mansion, it's been all fun and games. JdR's return has definitely helped us toward our all time peak. Jason has truely inserted his column "Up The BUML" into must-read blogging culture.

Of course, we're keeping all our eggs in one basket, hoping for nearly 400 views on the last day of the month to take us past the June 2010 all time high. Such a feat has not been seen since last Wednesday!

So here's your chance to tell us whats up? Have you loved the Carl/Mansauce bromance smack? Is it the uncanny resemblance to the UQ blog format? Want more dodgy photoshop pictures? Less JdR? Perhaps increased Diversity? Should we stir the pot like the good ol' days or what?

1 comment:

OldManTrev said...

Bring back loldisc!