Saturday, March 26, 2011

Belated BCI Report

In the past few weeks, the BUB has been experiencing unprecedented success with the cone of silence. It has been working!! Naturally, we've heard nothing from George. But due to technical malfunction, the following interview was captured this time yesterday.

1. Colony Plunder
2. Fyshwick United
3. Heads of State
4. Colony Pillage
5. Firestorm
6. Chilly
7. IBeam?
8. A-team/Sublime, Karma & friends ?

BUB: Firestorm lost the first two games (right?) before getting their first
against (team?). Did it feel like it was all falling apart? How did
the team get it together to finish with a string of wins, including
an impressive win against Fyshwick (first time ever)?

George: The first game was a case of first big game of the season jitters I think. Especially in the first half, some skill errors enabling Plunder to take the half easily. Played a good second half where we traded. We came out firing in the second game against Chilly, going up 7-2 before getting too complacent and allowing them back in the game. They ended up taking that game. It was just a bit of nerves I think, once we settled and gained confidence we started playing our own game much better, with our offense playing more calmly and scoring reliably, and our defense generating turns and getting some breaks.

BUB: Firestorm are hell-bent on taking the trophy at Nationals this year.
Do the Southerners take us seriously?

George: They should now.

BUB: Who seems to be the favourite, or the team to beat this year? I-Beam
obviously came from obscurity last year..

George: Colony are looking strong and I think will be the team to beat.

Did you catch any of the women's matches? How did BB go?

George: I didn't see much of the women's matches, though I gather BB racked up some wins on Sunday as well.

BUB: That's all! Thanks mate.

George: No worries Dan.

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