Saturday, March 05, 2011


BUB:  hey george
 George:  hey dan
BUB:  you at work?
 George:  no at home atm

BUB:  Ready to do a regionals report?
 George:  hmm dunno

BUB:  You're right. The cone of silence is a must. ACTIVATE THE CONE OF SILENCE!!
 George:  ok


BUB:  Silent George, after conquering the World, you found youself back in the middle of the most intense Firestorm campaign in history. With hopes of sending two sides to Nationals in our home-city this year, satisfied with nothing less than monstering into the finals and taking the trophy, the campaign began with a lot of energy.

...........dead air.......

BUB: Silent George??.......... Georgie boy?

George: ................ Hi

BUB:  Wha?? Ok, nevermind. We've just seen Regionals held in Townsville for the first time. Tell us a little about the boys preparation up to Regionals. Have they done enough? What's different this year?

George:  G'day Dan,
Yeah it's an exciting season for Firestorm with it being a hometown nationals. Preparation and first trainings began early in November, and the boys have been putting in big efforts on and off the field since then. The Firestorm teams played well at regionals, though when we get our first opportunity to match up with the best teams in the country at BCI we'll have a better idea of how we stand.

This year we've be missing the injured Firestorm founder Johnny Mac, though with some returning key players and with some keen and hungry new players in the squad we'll be fielding the strongest firestorm team we've ever had.

BUB: Is there an echo in here?
George: No, I can hear just fine.

BUB:  A glass of wine? By George! It's 10 in the morning! If you insist...... (pours wine) Some obvious names include Abra and Mike who missed last year. Who are some of the lesser-known A guys who we can be excited about?

George:  Yep Mike is back this year, and fellow Dingo Abra another big addition, also we have Canadian import Kalin Thompson and Jamie Morrell will be looking to make their mark.
Chris Cunliffe will be another one to watch after a couple of seasons away.

BUB:  Indeed. Ok. So Townsville... flights, hotels, transport: Who'd you bunk up with?

George:  I stayed with Chris Ende, along with a few of the other Firestormers, who was a great host, took us up Castle Hill for a great view of the town.

BUB:  Very nice, a Villian?
George:  Yep

BUB:  Did you get to watch the hosts perform at all? I hear they didn't train..
George:  We played them, they fielded 2 teams and struggled with a lack of depth, some training would help of course if that was true.

BUB:  Did you play all the teams? Who else was there? Cairns, any pickup team?
George:  Everyone played all the teams at least once, yeah Cairns had a team, helped out with some Brisbane pickups, and Slamtown made the trip up as well.

BUB:  Slamtown vs Ignition (Firestorm B) was picked as the showdown of the weekend. Did it live up to the expectation?

George:  Yeah that was a great game, the Ignition boys gave Slamtown a bit of a surprise getting an early lead to 4-1, Slamtown fought back to level it at 4-4 I think, before Ignition turned up the heat to take the half. They then kept in front to take the win, and was the upset of the weekend.

BUB:  So Slamtown come away with the wildcard and 3rd seed. Who were the play makers in that match?

George:  For Ignition it seemed like a well rounded game with all players getting alot of disc, and some great plays all over the field.

BUB:  Diplomatic, thanks George.
Who are the players holding that team together?
How did they do so well?

George:  Trevor is doing a great job at captaining the team along with Jack, Jules, and Finn, making an experienced leadership group.

BUB:  Ok, so finally, you. And the A-team. Was your greatest opponent yourselves?
George:  Yeah, we went into the tournament with high expectations and the challenge was to play at a high level during all of our games.

BUB:  How's the feeling in the camp after Regionals.
George:  We're pretty excited to have finished one-two, and are geared up for some big training efforts in the coming weeks

BUB:  Ok, before we go, Top 4 prediction for Nats
George:  Ok, Firestorm, Colony, Fyshwick, Ibeam

BUB:  no HOS?
dishy losing favour?

BUB:  George...? George!! Can you hear me... Ok forget it!
Well it took all day but we got there
Thanks mate
George:  Ok thanks Dan

BUB: Did someone say something??


Mansauce said...

Top work BUB! Managing to secure an interview with Brisbane's quietest guy is quite a coup! Tho I worry that George may have exhausted his word quotient for the year and we won't hear him speak again for another 12 months

dstrel said...

Here at the BUB we strive to bring you improbable news stories.

Just between you and me, I don't think that's the last we'll hear of Silent George.