Friday, February 27, 2009

Regionals Buildup - the Klash of Kingscliffe

They've been keeping it quiet south of Brisbane, but the Gold Coast and Byron Bay are firing up for Regionals via a scrimmage this weekend at Kingscliffe this Saturday.

Getting excited?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Get Your Disc Out ... at the Chinchilla Melon Festival!

With only a few days to go, entries are starting to huck on in. Here's the latest:

Hi Brisbane Ultimate Blog,
Most of the QUTies team went to the Chinchilla Melon Festival last weekend, and so I thought I should put an entry in to the comp.
My favourite is with the watermelon mascot. I held up the entire
parade for that one :)
Ben Hutchinson

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Get Your Disc Out ... At Tropfest!

Mr Rueben Berg has supplied us with these photos of Liz Edye and Friends at Tropfest at the Myer Music Bowl on 22 February, 2009.
I suspect these are the current frontrunners for the $100! Not a lot of throwing here though - can you top it? Only a few days to go .....

Monday, February 23, 2009

And the Winner Is ... Tasmania!

Mixed Nationals 2009 will be held in Hobart, Tasmania, from Saturday 10 to Monday 12 October.

This is the first time a national Ultimate event has been held on the island state since 1989 (I think?) Twenty years ago!>?!

Wise Ultimate travelers will consider taking a week to explore the Apple Isle, before backing up for the Two Hat, which is usually held in mid-October (date to be confirmed).

(We've been wanting to use this pic for ages!)

Whachoo Talkin' About, Townsville?

It takes diff'rent strokes to rule the world, and after a cracking O-Week that saw over 100 interested persons jiving with the North Queenslanders at their funky stall, Townsville Ultimate kicks off again tonight, with the cool kids meeting at the JCU Campus Rugby Field from 7.30pm.

The gang have also revitalised their committee - so good on these people for sticking their hands up and taking on a position (that's not "handler" or "missionary").
Mike Larson - President
Simon Urquhart - Vice President
Chris Ende - Treasurer
Keith Cameron-Smith and Duncan Webley - Tournament Directors
Hugh Osborn - General Member
David Dehoolander - Twelve Inch Member
Zane Quinn - Lieutenant-Major Member

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Have You Considered a Stampede?

I don't know if anyone from Queensland has ever gone to the Ultimate Stampede in Bathurst, but its a highly regarded tournament and well worth the trip.

The Stampede won 2007 Party of the Year (and the organisers also took out the 2008 Party of the Year for Eastern Regionals). The Stampede has also received consecutive nominatons for Tournament of the Year, being edged out each time.

Worth your having a look at.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ultimate Village People

Some of you may be familiar with pop group The Village People, and maybe one or two of you (Hi Jon) have seen the awesome Village People movie, “Can’t Stop the Music”.

In the movie, the pseudo-explanation for the ‘look’ of the Village People – dressed as the Construction Worker, the Traffic Cop, the Leather Biker, the Soldier/Sailor, the Cowboy and the Indian – was that they looked like every day people you’d see around Greenwich Village in New York (relative to normal ‘pop stars’, I guess).

Of course, part of the fun was that these guys were singers, dancers and models, dressing up like ‘working class folks’, who were of course extremely camped up.

I thought of this when I was thinking about Ultimate players and what they do for a crust.

It’s always been interesting to me that when you play a sport like Ultimate, you end up with a very wide range of friends. If you play soccer, you’ve probably got 15 mates who make up your team. In Ultimate with the wider community vibe, you probably have like 50+ because you've played on different teams and everyone socialises together.

One result of this though is often you don’t know much about people off the field.

Very few people I suspect know what their Ultimate mates ‘do for a crust’. Its always interesting to ask.

Here’s my guess as to what we’d see if we put together an ‘Ultimate Village People’:

1. The Student
2. The Postgrad / Academic / Researcher
3. The IT Guy
4. The Bureaucrat
5. The Health Professional
6. The Teacher

What do you think are the most common professions for Ultimate players?

Rebel, Rebel, You've Torn Your Cleats

I get the impression only a few Ulti-people around Brisbane are aware of the Rebel Sport club discount scheme,

This entitles you to 5% off any purchase from Rebel including those already discounted.

They have stores at the top end of the Queen St Mall in the City, and at Garden City, Chermside and Carindale Shopping Centres.

The following code must be quoted at the point of purchase - 3475, and mention that it is for the Club Rebate Scheme. You can remember the number because it spells out D - I - S - K on a mobile phone keypad. As always, its good to talk up Ultimate Frisbee when you're talking to staff.

I mention all this because the AFDA also receives a 5% percent rebate on all purchases made by members at the end of each season. Last year, this added up to around $600 for our sport, which is pretty cool. AFDA will be using this to acknowledge volunteers and support development activities.

While we're spruiking, I should add that you make BPL TD Stu happy if you talk to him about Lookfly Ultimate Gear.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Unofficial BPL Results

For those who've been clamouring, here are the unofficial BPL results for Round 1 and 2. We'll get the official results (and probably more correct scores, for the pedants) some time soon.

Round 1 (last week) saw:
- Lovers over Messy, by something like 14-6
- Dojo over Passion, by something like 12-9
- Old School had the bye

Round 2 (last night)
- Messy over Old School, by something like 15-7
- Lovers over Passion, by something like 14-9
- Dojo Mojo had the bye

Table after Two Rounds:
1 Lovers - Two Wins
2 Dojo - One Win, One Bye
3 Messy - One Loss, One Win
4 Old School - One Bye, One Loss
5 Passion - Two Losses

(It could be Wetnose's new pad in stately Brisbane Ultimate Mansion that's slowing things down)

Save Robina Pick-Up

Robina Ultimate is one poor showing away from shutting their regular pick-up game down.

Maybe you can help make sure that doesn't happen and show up for some pick-up tomorrow, Sat Feb 21 at 3pm, Robina Common Park?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

BPL Round 2 - Tonight!

Don't forget about the change of time and venue again this week.

For the second week we are at Griffith Nathan campus - the fields are on Kessels Road across from the QEII Hospital. Next week we should be back at Annerley.

Game on as soon as the footy players clear the field after 8pm.

And Round 2 of course is DERBY ROUND!

Field 1 (Carpark) sees UQ Passion (Light/Pink) take on UQ Lovers (Dark/Maroon)

Field 2 (Clubhouse) sees Messy Buggers (Red/Blue) take on Old School Buggers (Blue/Red)

Dojo Mojo (In/Out) have the bye and will no doubt be at home, catching up on episodes of Iron Chef.

Regionals is Four Weeks Away!

Regionals is four weeks away – have you got yourself on a team yet?

The following teams have already registered for the Open division:
- Firestorm 1 - the Firestorm team that’s selected to go to Perth. Will be out to win everything.
- Firestorm 2 - presumably these are the Firestormers that don’t make the cut, or have decided they can’t afford the trip. Will be out to prove the selectors wrong, and see if they can win some money on the way.
- Brisbane Barbarians - a horde of Brisbane-based players who like tournaments but aren’t so into “training”, now in their second year. Will take drinking seriously.

There is plenty of talk that we’ll also see the following teams getting regoed soon:
- Slamtown Flatball Club (Gold Coast) – coming off recent triumphs and success in the mixed game at Halibut. Will be looking to make the Final and a name for themselves.
- Thor (Townsville) – Third last year and sporting a new enthusiasm. Will be looking for love in all the wrong places.
- The Pass (Byron Bay) – Could find it tougher this year with the departure of Matt and Chloe, but are apparently doing some sly recruitment of Brisbane-based players who want some of that Byron image rubbed off on them.

Register at:

Dates - 14th-15th March, 2009
Venue - Dorrington Park, Ashgrove, Brisbane.

Monday, February 16, 2009

OWeek Is Here! Time to GET YOUR DISC OUT!

Get Your Disc Out month was set up for February for one big reason ... O-WEEK!
O-Week starts today in many Universities around Australia ... perhaps with a captive crowd of adoring First Years ... this is YOUR chance to win the $100 for GETTING YOUR DISC OUT!

Congratulations Mike Neild - Off to Represent Australia at the World Games!

Congratulations to Mike Neild, on his selection as a member of the Australian team, the Crocs, to play in the 2009 World Games.

In July, the Crocs will travel to Kaohsiung, Taiwan in July to compete in the 6 team tournament. Their opposition is made up the USA , Canada , Japan , Great Britain and Chinese Taipei (hosts).

Australia picked up a Silver medal at the 2005 games, arguably the best result ever for a national team.

Ultimate at the World Games is played Mixed, with a maximum of 13 players on the team. The full Australian team are: Diana Worman, Liz Edye, Keah Molomby, Lauren Brown, Katie Bradstock, Ash Martens, Jonathan Holmes, Matthew Dowle, Anthony Dowle, Pete Gardner, Mike Neild, Tim Lavis and Peter Blakeley. Reserves are: Lisi Jarrott, Fiona Macrae, Megan Gamble, Gavin Moore, Owen Shepherd and Jonathan Tatham.

ps - I love how Ultimate is the first sport featured on the WG2009 promo-video!

Ultimate "is the New Black"

Ultimate is apparently "the new black". Its true! A sports editor of a major Brisbane news outlet said so! Check out the comments at this article.

Remind me to invite Phil along next time we have a 'learn to play' session.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hey guys.

As you all should know the BPL venue has changed tonight to Griffith Nathan campus. Specifically the fields immediately adjacent to where we have been playing Regionals for the last 2 years.

For your convenience here is an image of where we are playing. Basically you want to turn off Kessels Road into the fields.


Neild & Cameron muse the new BPL season

With the new season of BPL only hours away we were lucky enough to have two captains visit us here at the stately BUB Manor. Senor Mike Neild was more than willing to visit us from the depth of his Moreton Bay Cave, but Sensei Steve Cameron was a bit harder to pull away from his Michael Phelps' branded Kemuri Bong in the corners of the Dojo Gardens. After they both arrived, we retired out to hammocks on one of the many balconies of the BUB Manor, sipping Mai Tais. Eventually chat turned to upcoming season of BPL, and it was at this point that we decided to press the record button on our recorder.

Brisbane Ultimate Blog: So gents, thank you for joining us here this afternoon. Our apologies for the poorly made Mai Tais, we will certainly have to have a word to Work Experience Will about them. With the new season of BPL just around the corner, how do you see the dissolution of Rawhide affecting the BPL? Do you see a change in people's attitudes or the quality of play?

Mike Neild: The league will be different in a few ways. We now have a bye each round which gives teams an opportunity to regularly discuss training as a group before they decide to take a week off. The standard of the competition will increase as a result of the larger teams and the consolidation of experienced players.

Steve Cameron: Well, it's a shame to go back to a 5 team league (3 teams really) for the obvious reason that no-one likes byes. But I'm going to say that the biggest blow to the BPL is in the loss of diversity in leadership that comes with consolidating into fewer teams. Admittedly however, no-one really seemed to be in charge at Rawhide, except for turncoat Stu's brief time at the stirrups... The upside of the Rawhide implosion is that the rest of the teams have been able to pick up some seriously talented and experienced players, and we can see them now spread across all the rosters.

BUB: Well, very different opinions there about the bye round. How teams use that round may have an impact on their performances in later rounds. We can only imagine that the Buggers will use the week off the train hard and hit out some push ups, will the Dojo will spend the night sending out thoughtful emails. Speaking of the Dojo, Do you think the Dojo will be able to overcome their semi final hoodoo this season? Or in the next 3-4 years for that matter?

MN: Funny old club the DoJo. Lots of talent and paraphernalia and yet there is a weakness within the group that I don't understand which manifests itself at various times. I don't think the Dojo will be in the final this season.

SC: What hoodoo? Oh, you mean the small matter of us losing umpteen semis in a row? Well, I guess if we had two teams each like the UQ/Bug conglomerations we could carry on about how "we" are always in the final as well regardless of which variety of "us" it was.
But in all seriousness, we have had to let go to some people this season to ensure success. Lee O'Dwyer has been sent to South America (which he didn't complain about too much), and we're in talks with Ryan Black as well about maybe taking a little break for some "self-reflection". Dan Blacklock will be focussing on "other interests" whilst Luke is starring in an upcoming "Police Academy Down Under" production. So that should improve our chances. In fact, I'm going to go so far as to say that the only other team I really don't like the looks of is the one that combines the massive (but often highly dodgy) throws of Jason Ray with the stupendous receiving combo of Mike Neild and Leon McIntyre. That's assuming Leon can still run now that he's getting on a bit. Oh, and the names of Al Don, Buzz Burwell and Mat Ryan haven't made an appearance on any roster yet either...

BUB: Well those old timers certainly do know how to keep the punters guessing. They did stop off here to let us know of their plans, but we'll keep that to ourselves. But we can't see Al or Buzz ending up anywhere but UQ. On the topic of UQ, How do you see the split of the UQ teams this season? Which team do you believe will be stronger?

MN: The Lovers team looks to be stronger on big men and reception skills however their aggressive throwing stocks are not as illustrious. The Passion team are stronger with the disc in hand and I think in the end this will make the difference. There is the Burwell factor, which ever team he winds up on will be strengthened. I think Passion will be a harder team to deal with.

SC: Well, Passion have youth on their side, which is really just a nicer way of saying that they'll run around a lot with no idea of what they're doing. Lovers appear dangerous on first inspection with big Julz and Chris Cunliffe on the roster, but without any really dangerous throwers those two guys can't do it all themselves. Curiously absent from either roster are Al Don and Piers Truter. Al is worth several goals a night to his team, and Piers the opposite (Hi Piers!), so clearly whichever team lands one or the other will perform significantly better/worse than expected.

BUB: Now now Steve, this is no arena for you to try and pick up. On to the other super club of Brisbane Ultimate, how do you see the split of the Buggers this season? Which team do you believe will be stronger?

MN: Yeah this is a hard question. The Messy team has a lot of new players. 8 or 9 BPL rookies. It will take some time to get all that together, and the percentage of points that the more experienced players are on the field will be reduced than in the past. The Old school team is clearly a flatter list in terms of experience and caliber of players. The Old School team will be stronger at the start, however if things go to plan then in the second half of the year I believe the Messy group could be very difficult to deal with.

SC: Well, given that you're not giving away the whereabouts of Mr Ryan & Dr Burwell, it's a little hard to say for sure. But the combo mentioned above is pretty hard to go past. Jason is at his best when he can just throw it long and let the receiver do the rest, so having the aforementioned big guys ready to pull down whatever goes up will make that Bug team tougher to match. Sure there's experience aplenty on the other roster, but we all know what "experience" can mean. If Buzz & Mat do turn up on this team then all bets are off.

BUB: Ah yes Steve, we all know what "experience" can mean, we only have to look at the past Dojo results for that. We were all very sad to see the dissolution of Rawhide, with that in mind do you think the BPL will blossom again to have 6 teams? Do you have anyone in mind to potentially lead this treason committing team? When do you see this happening?

MN: This season is looking very strong. All teams are full and there are a large group of new players spread around. I think that we may actually go 5 teams in both leagues this year and then potentially expand back out to 6 in 2010. The Gold Coast could be an option. There are a handful of GC blokes in the mix currently and if the league down there is popular and if regionals and halibut are fun for a group of keen new players then it could be on the cards. There are always a few mercenary type experienced players who would jump at the opportunity to join with an exciting new Gold Coast BPL club. The team needs to hand an identity, it is only way to build passion, commitment and the competitiveness which follows.

SC: Absolutely. I was hoping you'd lead it yourself, Wetnose. You or Will Churchill (I know you'll love to be compared so directly) or Gref. In other words, someone with plenty to say (okay, you don't hear much from Gref except the odd on-field expletive) and plenty of future ahead of them in the game to build a solid unit. I'd tend to think that when it happens it'll be someone from UQ rather than Buggers, as I don't think anyone has the balls (or even the desire) to step out from Mike's shadow.
And while I'm here I'd take it a step further than this, and suggest that the BPL should really have six bona-fide teams, as opposed to the current setup with Dojo facing off against two massive squads that are in a state of perpetual flux. No-one ever knows who's going to be on which UQ/Bug team, and as a result no-one seems to care that much.

BUB: Interesting comments there Steve, almost sounds like you're scared. And if Mike's suggestion of a GC team comes through, surely that would mean the end of Dojo snapping up all of new GC talent through GC Frisbee Overlord Stefan. Well gents, it is almost time for us to head inside for a spot of lunch, finally what are your estimated predictions for placings 1-5 for this season?

MN: I think this will be one of the closest seasons we have seen for a couple of years. 5 big teams, all with game breaking players, most changing a bit from last year. I would suggest the hardest to pick accurately for a while. That being said:

1. Messy Buggers
2. UQ Passion
3. Old School Buggers
4. Dojo
5. UQ Lovers

SC: (1) DojoMojo winning a classic final by 3 points against - (2) Buggers with Mike/Leon/JRay, who scraped into the final after a single-point victory over - (3) UQ Lovers (assuming a late appearance from Al), with the others being harder to separate - (4/5) is UQ Passion and the Other Buggers in either order, with the wooden spooners performing well below expectations all season and the fourth-placers losing badly to Dojo in their semi. The Bug placings could be turned completely upside down though, depending on where Buzz & Mat end up. Trust you to keep a few aces up your sleeve, Wetnose.

BUB: Well, we do certainly have some great knowledge. And with great knowledge, comes great power. And with power in mind, let's head inside and into the powerful air conditioning.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Monday, February 09, 2009

Workplace Will: BUML IS ON!

Howdy readers.

Tonight is the first league night of the 2009 BUML competition. And for some pre event entertainment we’ll take a look at the 4 teams that are competing in the 1st Division.

QUT Uglies: If I recall correctly this team has dropped in number over the past week from 12 players to 9. Unless people have taken their names off the list for fee paying purposes (nobody puts the blogs first anymore). I’ve summed up my feelings on QUT earlier and their placing within div1 is up in the air.

Plastic Scourgery: This team is looking sharp. Everyone is someone. Scourgery have a very strong line up of women this season and the gents are close behind. The team is known for handling pressure very well, which you’d expect considering your axis handler is a Barramundi or because Stu makes for a good popper. Noticable absences are Steven Cameron and JDR who I believe is taking some time off on the whole fatherhood thing, I don’t get it either. As for Steven Cameron, more moon haiku?

Chimichangas: I’m going to avoid putting my foot in it by saying something like “inexperienced”, “green” or something along those lines. On paper a team with the majority of 5 digit AFDA’s can be slandered but I can’t imagine the Chimi’s diluting so heavily. I’m thinking the players are experienced but just new to the country. Also the appearance of another McNaughton (how many are there?) makes me think there will be a team exclusively made up of them one day.

ALL POWERFUL UQ LOVERS: It’s in the name. Nuff said.

Also for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet the new BUML discs are in turning our picturesque view of southbank in to a perfect 10 bum. Discs are $20 and can be bought from Notty at the fields.

See you tonight.


Thursday, February 05, 2009

Will and Wetty get it out better than you!

So while the rest of you are still digging up pics of you with your disc out instead of taking pics of yourselves in public Wetnose and I went on a trip to prove that we let our discs out better than you!

First was a quick stop over in Sydney for a throw in the shadow of an international monument to our fine country and culture. Hucks ended up in the water only to be scoobered back to us by a passing pod of Dolphins.
Not as many people were around because of the weather so we bailed and headed somewhere dryer

I had no idea Wetty meant the Red Centre when he was talking about going somewhere dry. It was about 50 degrees on top of that rock and we managed to play in it. Truly people of such stamina are kings amoungst men!

PS: Don't fall into that tourist trap about it being big. As you can see from the perfect perspective in the photo its no bigger than a large pebble.

Now this was what I had in mind! Getting our discs out in front of all 7Billion people on this planet and a select few thousand of our closest fans in the stadium.

Here the kings of men played within our BUB sponsored ulty dome.

Truly our discs hang out better than yours!

Prove us wrong Brisbanites! Send us your photos with your discs out in public!

Workplace Will- BUML preview part 2

To all who were eagerly awaiting my response yesterday for the 2nd half of my BUML preview, I unlike you who must be living under a rock spent the day thinking up ways to spend the fat cheque of $950 coming our way in the immediate future. The only problem I have is after purchase how to keep feeding it.

Anyway on with the preview.

Dyspnoeics: I don’t know how this team isn’t playing DIV 1. With Coops, McLean and Jimmy Larkin on side justifying DIV2 seems like a bit of a stretch. Ultimately this could pan out to how much the “Sensei Rule” is applied and enforced in DIV2 but if the Sensei were to become slippery then less experienced teams could be lambs to the slaughter and drown in the sheer power of McLean’s Hammers.(My bad for your picture Dyspnoeics. Using Google and your team name only brings up UQ's website and obscure refrences to Molly Young and Jmac )

Heroes: The Heroes have managed to field a rather large squad for a couple consecutive seasons now and have picked up their game considerably. The Heroes found themselves in the final last season against Mellow Yellow going down 15-9 I believe. Captain Daniel Strelan has also signed up a second team under the guise of “Agent Orange”, possibility of a team split to ease the numbers? Likely, but will the quality transfer with the quantity? Only time will tell.

Bermuda Triangle: Another team I believe should be up in DIV1 as well. Sporting a noticeable number of 5 digit AFDA’s this season Bermuda still has its competitive top tier players to be effective on a DIV1 field. I expect Bermuda to utilize their tried and true method of a 4 man wall for another season to try and smother the disc and choke out teams who don’t move fast enough. GET AROUND THAT WALL!

UQ PLAYAZ: Stalling noticeably before the season even starts many of UQ’s players are still busy Jet-setting around the world leaving a noticeable hole in the PLAYAZ roster. This DIV2 team is an opening for any and all rookies from the UQ club who want to take their ultimate to a new level. Helmed by yours truly and Gref Goranson always proves for an interesting season.

The Electric City: WHO ARE THESE GUYS! Let us know in the comments section.

That about wraps up the preview for DIV2, the Div1 preview to come. Stay tuned.

Will – i - aM

Disc Gotten Out in the Past - Reece on a Beach

Email rom Reece:

Hey jdr,
This is a pic of me on one morning at schoolies last year at Surfers. Needless to say I was still hungover from the night before and the night before that. It was taken by a photographer and then published in the Courier Mail. Do I win $100?

Alas, Reece has forced us to restrate a rule that we should've stated earlier - we're interested in new pictures, not old ones. We let Pete's slide a little because it was only a few weeks old, and we were over-excited about our first entry.

But you do get fame Reece! Fame!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Only a couple of days into the competition, and we've received our first entry!

Here's the note from Pete McNaughton:

"Hey mate - here's a pic of playing frisbee on the salt pans of Lake Eyre in about 55 degree heat a few weeks ago. May not exactly be GETTING THE DISC OUT in front of many people (there were almost definitely only 3 other people within a few hundred kms) but I thought it was a suitably exotic location to send it anyway. Cheers, Pete."

As Pete can probably guess, it won't be too hard for someone to GET THE DISC OUT in front of a few more people than he did, but at the moment, the $100 is heading his way!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

BUML 2009 - Season 1 Preview

Hi Everyone - Work Experience Will here. Yes yes, thank you all for your welcome. It’s great to be here, we’ll laugh cry and grow together. I’ve been titled “Work Experience Will” for the month until I finish filling out the workplace health and safety waivers, specifically the ones on feeding the Wetnose and bringing JdR bacardi and colas mixed just right.


This is why I have opted to sleeping in the BUB pantry. I can keep an eye on my spare taco shells and I can throw down about the upcoming Monday night League that is causing a stir in me the most.

I have a dream, not about freedom from oppression and intolerance, but a dream to see the Brisbane mixed scene rival that of Sydney and its NSL league which hosts 50 teams! If you want to compare Brisbane we have about 19 teams here (combining BUML and UQL together). If there is an upside to this shortage of teams it’s that this preview will be much shorter….. :(

So, let’s start with Division 2 and run down the list (did anyone else notice the sudden disappearance of the KG Cougars only to be replaced by the Electric City?)

Mellow Yellow
Helmed once again by Jon 'Never' Good, these guys took the Div2 trophy last season. With extra 2 players added and all other players returning they don’t seem to be changing what works. If the Bermuda and Dyspnoeics don’t give them a hard time in the pool games then they could make the final again.

Ahh the QUTies, how can I write about you and not feel some sentiment. You’re the Abbott to UQ’s Costello. (For those of you with generation impairments further viewing is prescribed: ) But I shall show some self restraint and just do the preview. It’s really good to see the QUT club growing again after what I thought could have been the team’s final breaths when Jangles was leaving. Ms Bird has stepped up to run the second team and props to her! Every player in this team has 5 digit Afda’s so the players are relatively fresh. This is however judging a book by its cover I shall show patience and wait to see how the team does in round 1.

I do NOT want to see this team dissolve. Dan Blacklock and company have put a lot into these guys since they started one year ago and I’m hoping the rest of the team is just being lazy signing up. The Poachers are a middle tier team at the moment but with the field levelled substantially this season I can’t call where they will end up. Quick history point for those interested. The creation of the Poachers kicked into motion the 2 tier system that BUML now uses.

Fresh Fries
"NOOOBS!" you may cry (I cry). BUT! Juniors do surprise you, especially as they get some game time under their belts. If anyone cares to remember Heads of State was big on the Juniors and they finished 5th at Coffs Harbour last year. Hey, at least Piers has a team of Juniors he can focus on up here, now if the Fresh Fries can only get some more junior girls. Placing? Upper-ish.

Tune in tomorrow for the 2nd half of the Div2 Preview.

Will- i –aM

Welcome Aboard - Work Experience Will

We here at stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion have been looking to expand our roster for some time now, and am please to introduce Mr Will Churchill, who is coming aboard for the month of February for work experience.

Will is well known for a truckload of stuff he's been involved in around the Brisbane Ultimate scene. We think he's pretty awesome, even though some would consider it uncool to say so.

There will be a vote at the end of the month to see if we keep him, so pay attention, dear readers.

But for now, welcome Will!

Firestorm Diary with Will and Finn

Last year we managed to post most of the Firestorm training diary entries. We've been a bit behind this time around, but Will and Finn's reflections were too entertaining not to share more widely!

Let us start with Will (and more special blog news about Will to come):

Dear Diary,


This week was hard work and we worked HARD, I don't think anyone has come off that pitch not feeling shagged. Contrary to Chris' beliefs that "if you're not throwing up at the end of a session you haven't worked hard enough", I think it's showing ability to cope with high levels of intensity for longer durations without loosing your lunch is showing our improvement as a team (or his inability to make up new drills on the way over ;).

Tuesday I enjoyed a lot more since we got to get some game time under thebelts. Coming off the Christmas break and a few of the players I have spoken with (myself included) took last season off it as well so it was good to get in a decent chunk of game time. Followed up by MORE game time, which on reflection and discussion with some others was really a good thing. Funny how we think we aren't getting enough game time when for the next three months none of us are going to be doing much else.

The big thing for me this week was overcoming my obstacles. The first was throwing while tired. I can't say that while on the field my arms areas tired as my legs but after knocking out a circuit or working through the chase drill you're shagged all over and keeping control of your arms is essential. The disc is like your newborn baby, don't ever drop it! But so far we're terrible fathers.

My goal is maintaining composure and focus and nutting out what it takes to get that solid throw out when you're shagged. Chris has been talking about getting your step out on those throws. But what are we needing to change? Are you adjusting your body for your new posture? It's easy to throw when shagged and standing straight but whenyour knee is this close to the ground the game changes. You also need to collect feedback from yourself about what parts of your body are dragging because of you being tired and accommodate for them.

The second obstacle for me this week was 'head game'. It's always easy to give up. We can crash through the ceiling and get knocked out cold, but we don't quit. It's amazing to me how much reflection I manage to get done during the solitary drills we do. Every 5 second count down we are given another 4 to think about what needs to be done. But during those 4 seconds will always be the voice in your head telling you to quit, that it's easier to run at 85% because you won't hurt as much, that there are better things to be doing. That's your body being a BITCH!

Don't take crap from a bunch of organs and tissue that are there to serve you! Curb stomp those whiny voices with your ownretort. "This is good for me!" Every extra sprint, every extra pushup, every extra lunge is doing you good and come April you will show those pussy organs who's the boss and who knows best when you can play harder and longer. I had this epiphany about 3/4 through the circuit last week so if you everhear me grunting in pain I'm in my head calling my muscles a pussy for trying to con me into quitting!

Keep your heads tight, what we're doing now is well worth the reward so put in that extra effort and thou shalt receive.

To conclude I will leave off with a quote from a man who has never taken shit from his body and will make it damn well do what he demands because what you're doing is WORTH it!

“Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.”-Lance Armstrong

Will-i-am Firestorm #69

And now over to Finn (I'm sure our South Aussie readers will be interested in hearing what he's up to):
A warm Tuesday morning, I lay in my bed and noticed I was a little more tired than usual before I remember that the day before was Australia Day. A day for drinking, being out in the sun and celebration of our country, not to mention listening to the triple J hottest100. And I’m sorry but if your sex is on fire; you’re doing it wrong and you probably need some sort of cream.

This is significant because, I don’t know about you but, when Australia Day passes the year has truly started and the holidays are over. It can be a little depressing so as I turned up to training that night, the noise and the team atmosphere and getting to play some games of the sport we all love was a great upper and good kick into the real start of the year.

Tuesday we mostly focused onfield smarts and offence. This was based on a drill where the offensive teammust have at least 3 people in the middle corridor of the field at all times. It was a little taught to start with but as the drill went on we noticed thatif you kept to the drill you will have an open field to play with. When the disc swings across the field most of the time cutters were open. Towards the end of the night there was considerable noise coming from the sideline which only makes you work harder. It was a great session to run into some game practice and set up for a massive year to come. And I thought I should give a special mention to Jangles for his girl layout.

I left Tuesday night with a big smile on my face and that continues until Thursday night when we I realised that Chris was going to hurt us. And hurt us he did! We start with Chris’‘running technique drill’. I think he just likes us to look stupid around the girls so he looks better. There was also our standard circuit which was hard and I certainly felt the burn, it was such a deep burn! We followed this up with a fatigue throwing drill and that almost killed me but a great idea we need to still play good ulti when we are tired. To finish we were made to run a relay and that really got the voice going. Let’s lift this voice up a little! Even though I give shit to Chris and hate doing fitness training the results are obvious and when I get home I always feel better if I know I have pushed myself.

09 is upon us Firestormers andnow we have to hit our straps. We can be a massive force at Nationals! We can all help each other to get to a higher level by encouraging each other more and good hearted banter. Let’s not forget that league starts this week makesure that you are pushing each other all the way, that is the best way we can improve as a team! As I new player to the squad I have found the group very open and accepting and the banter is good and I’m really looking forward to the year ahead. F#CK Yeah Firestorm!!! Big thanks to Chris for running fitness and Al and Stu for Tuesday nights.


Monday, February 02, 2009

Get Your Disc Out for $100

The Brisbane Ultimate Blog is offering a $100 as our first prize for our inaugural GET YOUR DISC OUT competition.

Inspired by the Triple J radio station's well known 'Beat the Drum' contest, GET YOUR DISC OUT is about getting your frisbee out where people can see it, and promoting Ultimate in the process.

To enter, you need to send us a photo (to jjderooy at yahoo dot co dot uk) of you GETTING YOUR DISC OUT somewhere in Australia, along with a bit of the story (just in case its not clear from the shot).

You need to do this by the end of February - the winner will be announced on 1 March or thereabouts.

Our judging panel will be interested in creativity, entertainment, and just how many people you can GET YOUR DISC OUT in front of.
  • Maybe you'll carry your frisbee out and proud while catching your train to work all month.

  • Maybe you'll do some lunchtime throws in the City Square or next to the Freeway.

  • Maybe you'll do a nude run through a crowded lecture theatre with just a couple of frisbees to cover your nakedness.
We're sure you'll have plenty of ideas! Good luck!

New Season, Handy Links

With new seasons starting soon, it might be worth boning up on the basics and how to teach them.

Ultimate 101 on Youtube:
Introduction: com/watch? v=lhZPYE- Lk84
Throwing: com/watch? v=YARlOA07uhc
Catching: com/watch? v=jxYNea22doM
Defence: com/watch? v=87Tw5EjCmVo
Offence: com/watch? v=phUOsiBZr- o
Conclusion: com/watch? v=RjosgIMYCNM

Tip 'o the propeller beanie to Bruce.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Women's League Starts Soon!

Women's League grew steadily in 2008, so WUFL 2009 is gearing up to start on Tuesday 17 February, at Oakman Park, Toowong.

Time to start registering!