Thursday, November 29, 2012

BPL Semi Final 2 - Cobras v Bugs

Northside Cobras (2) vs Moreton Bay Buggers (3)

Semi Final 2 is in my unbiased opinion the game to watch. These 2 teams have up and down performances all season. Cobras with a dominant first half of the season and then their fall from grace losing to UQ. Bugs started in fine style loosing their first 3 games only to pull it all back to finish 3rd. Cobras will go in favorites  but this is far from a walk over win for the snakes from the North.

Northside Cobras
North is were it is at, At least if your are a hipster or a stylish uni student. Cobras bring a flair to their game which make their game entertaining to watch. I would go as far to say pretty in fact far from it, they bring the unexpected with ruthless passion.

Last seasons wooden spooners have been reinvigorated by the return of founding father wetnose and the addition of T-bone booth from south of the border. Also by cutting some of their weaker players sees cobras shed many of their turnovers and increase their potency on offense. In addition to this the snakes play an excellent defence strangling teams into submission. Against the bugs offence I would expect the cobras defence to generate plenty of turns, however it will be their ability to hold onto the disc that will determine if they dominate this game.

Players to watch on the Cobras will be Dan "the vegan" who has to be respected as a threat. He will be smiling all the way to the end zone if you give him an inch. Finn will need to work hard on defence in the absence on Dr. Grundles and his killer Mo.

Moreton Bay Buggers
The once dominant force in brisbane mens Ultimate has been plugging along in recent years without the drive of its spiritual leader in Mike Nield. Now this team is pretty darn old team with only a couple of guys below 25 and not too many more below 30. But with age generally comes experience with a number of bugs players ultimate careers old enough to head off to high school, while Buzz's is about to graduate university.

The Bugs early season was one of experimentation and high hopes and while they did loose 3 straight they were 3 close games. They reverted back to a traditional no fuss bugs offence and surprise surprise they started to win games. This team isn't about to blow any team off the field with athleticism and height but they do bring desire and mongrel enough to roll any team on their day. Hinging on the work of TJ, Trev, Spesh and Jangles in the middle of the field to get the disc moving, the bugs offense has been gaining momentum when they need it most.

Defence is probably always going to be an older teams Achilles' heel and Bugs are no different. Often struggling to match up across the park the Bugs have become a strong zone unit trying to force the disc toward its stronger defenders. Expect plenty of zone especially if there happens to be wind.

Players to watch. Spesh G the original Spesh has to be respected on the field. You don't win nationals just by being on a team with Gak. Oh wait maybe you do but you need to at least get selected on the team and Spesh is definitely good enough to make a nationals team. Often overlooked when being match up on man he is likely to cause you plenty of headaches if you do. For any new player to the game you must pay attention to what Buzz does with the disc. Not only does he have some of the best throws in the game he also has some creative shot selection and a knowledge of the game that only 20 years of ultimate will bring. Self promotion time, Jangles will be a significant part of the offence for the Bugs and will fill in where ever he is needed. With his old man hip finally starting to come good you might be lucky enough to see him layout, but I wouldn't hold your breathe.

Jangles Prediction: I would really like this one to go to golden point. I expect the game to go the way of Cobras but I intend to make them earn it.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

BPL Semi Finals - Slamtown V Dojo

Of course I have to do a write up for the Semi finals.

Slamtown Flatball Club (1) v Dojo Mojo (4)

The form team of this season against the form team of the last few years. I have been thinking for a few days about how I see this game playing out. To be honest it is hard to see the dojo getting up over what is an formidable GC team. So lets start by looking at each team.

While no Mayor on field for slammers has little effect on the team. If anything it probably adds a bit more mobility to a handling line that is already hard to stop. Abra, Al and Boo will continue working as a solid unit, controlling the disc and looking for the easy hucking options. Obviously the Chris K factor is a big problem for the Dojo, who do you sacrifice to mark him? For me it is probably a ryan black or walls match up as pete is needed else where and most of the other players are too slow. Cola would be handy so I assume Sensei has had the cement truck park out the front of cola's place to help him harden up for the game.

Slamtown have shown us that they can compete against zone and man D's. If anything I would say they are a little more likely to turn the disc against a zone. However if you have some mobile talls like dojo does (sort of) might like to play straight up to give some chances to get some swill hucks to pull down.

Players to watch will be Gref as always will be making a duckface as he gets horizontal just in case someone happens to be taking a photo. Al would make anyone think this game was easy. The smoothest thrower in brisbane if not Australia, he finds a way to make hucking 50 meters look like a dump pass. Kalin is the slamtown hustler. If he live on the coast I can imagine him set up in the mall, card table ready to hustle to gullible tourist out of some multi-coloured Australian monopoly money. If Kalin isn't in his mans pocket, he will probably poach off to steal something from the fridge. Chris K "nexgen" is one for the young guys to watch. I have had the pleasure of chasing him around the field. I say chasing as he is too fast and smart to shutdown easily. Eventually you lapse in concentration and he pounces.

Dojo's strength for many seasons has been their zone defence. Why teams have struggle in the still and humid brisbane night time conditions I don't know. It is safe to say that BPL has reached the point where teams need start looking at using more man defence and less zone with stronger throwers and deeper teams shredding weak zones. Dojo however will win or loss this game in the warm up. Yes big call, but the good Dojo used to show up at 7:15 throw a couple of discs and a few more heckles then take the field. Now they think they are some sort of elite team and run a warm up. Many of Dojo's players will be ready to set up camp and rest walking from their cars so lets not make them run anymore than they have to.

Offensively Dojo are almost completely reliant on the holy trinity of Pete, Fatty and Coops. The other will fill in but pete and fatty will start things off 9/10 and get some flow going. Coops has some of the best fakes in the league and has plenty of throws in the kit bag to get the disc to his key men down field. I would recommend the slammers to make the Dojo run as much as they can early in the game. This will pay off in the second half as the fatigue sets in and the lack of fitness takes its toll.

Players to watch. Wallsy is still an excellent receiver and if you are lucky he may pull something out of the kit bag. His best days are probably behind him, but he still has a shoulder height lay out in him. He just doesn't bounce like he used to. Mr Bionic Watson has spent plenty of time mucking around with a disc and thus has one of the best thumbers (excluding Bmc) in brisbane ultimate. May not be the best option but it is a scoring option and seriously who thinks of marking the thumber. Pete Allen "the boy who didn't" will be at his usual tall best. However if Dojo are to get up he will need to find another gear for this game. It will be a good test of his temperament as he will need to get some turns for Dojo to make up for the number of turns the Dojo offence is likely to have. I am also keen to see Pete v Gref, I remember the Pete v Mike match up and the number of massive aerial battles that could go either way. Lets hope both sides get us some floaters and they can have a ding dong battle.

Jangles Prediction: I see this one getting away from the Dojo. Slamtown can adapt better than any team in the league and the distribution of responsibility on the slamtown line relieves much of the individual pressure. Slamtown by 4.

Bugs v Cobras to follow.

PS. Anyone who complains about the grammar will be shot on site as I haven't had a chance to edit this yet.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Queensland Hat This Weekend

Hi friends,

Was wondering if you all have considered playing the QHat or attending the QUDA ball. If you are intending on playing and have been just little slack on registration we need you to register ASAP so that we know numbers for the tourney and importantly for catering at the Ball.

If you are concerned about the price of this tourney I'd like to remind you that you get two days of disc, a jersey, food on the days, the Ball which includes a two course meal and drinks, all fee's tourney and ball prizes. Considering that the Ball is valued at $120 (Yay Dusty negotiations skills) it is really great value.

Dates: 24th-25th November, 2012
Venue: Annerley Soccer Club, Greenslopes
Format: Hat Tournament
Full tournament and Ball = $100
1 day and Ball = $100
2 day without Ball = $70
1 day without Ball = $70
Ball only = $70

So if you're on the fence, just think, it's a weekend of Frisbee with your mates, a ball organized by yours truly and an excuse to dress up with a bunch of your friends. What more could you want, isn't this a weekend you don't wanna miss?

Please try and help me and the TD out with positively promoting this unique tournament to other Frisbee folk you mingle with.

Thank you very much
Queen Dustin Czok
If you aren't playing Qhat then Pick up at QUT is still a go for sunday afternoon. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sundays are for Pick Up

For many years there has been a lack of ultimate on the weekend. Sure there is the occasional tournament like QHat or club training sesssions. I remember the good ol days before dub step hit main stream and Junior was still a junior. It was a simpler time and sundays were spent playing pick up at QUT.

QUT pick up was started by Beth Rougier and Myself as a way to get an ultimate scene going at QUT way back in 2006. It was a success over the summer with the like of Huddy and hungover Dusty becoming regulars on sunday afternoons. Now there is reason for me reminiscing of the good ol days. Like all good things that come back into fashion Sunday Pick up is back this summer.

Break out the camping chair the floppy hat, your radio to listen to cricket and come on down to the Kelvin Grove fields to enjoy some Sunday arvo Pick up. Like school kids on holiday we will be starting at 4 O'clock and running until you need to go home at dark. Cleats, soccer boots and all types of footwear are allowed so take that wednesday nights. No commitment is required, but if I make the effort to come down I expect you too as well. I will be happy to do some coaching for those who ask as well as answer your questions all things ultimate. So bring friends, family, housemates, randoms of the street or just yourself and play some pick up.

Sunday Arvo Pick up
Where: QUT Kelvin Grove fields,153.017212&num=1&gl=au&t=m&z=17
Time: 4-Dark on sunday arvos
Cost: Free, suits all budgets
Bring: Light and dark, water bottle, disc and boots

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

BPL The Run Home

So BPL is nearing the pointy end of the season and there are still six teams in the comp who can make finals. Cobras and Slamtown are in the finals and it is just a matter of where they will finish. You would expect these 2 teams to lock down the top 2 spots, but the order will be decided by the head to head game this week.

This leaves the 4 way scuffle for the 3rd and 4th. Bugs, Dojo, Heroes and Blitz are all locked in this tussle and we are going to look at how they got to this point, the run home and where we expect them to finish. What we do know is that 6 wins will get you a finals berth this season. Thats means you need the magic 28pts to fall over the line.

After a pedestrian effort last season with much the same personal, Cobras turned the league on its head. Cutting some of the fat then adding even more with Troy and wetnose the team seems to have found a better balance this season. Consistency doesn't exist between points let alone games with this team. They are likely to do something crazy just coz it looks good. The Key seems to be wetnose. Not so much for any thing spectacular but for exploiting the lack of depth of other team. A solid receiver in his own right you risk conceding an easy goal if you give him a weak match up.

Run Home
Slamtown(L),Heroes(W), Bye

Current Position 1st
Predicted finish 2nd.

Now for those who may have been around for a few years, The Mayor is the new Pottsy. While he is a good player in his own right it is his ability to draw good players to himself that see his teams feature at the top of nearly every competition he enters. This Slamtown team is no different. I will give him the GC players that he has on the team as a given Al, Beans, Nandor, Troy, Bo and few more however it is the brisbane pickups that start to really fill out the list e.g. Gref, Kalin and Abra. Now in saying this I doubt they have had the same team show up to consecutive weeks, so come finals personal maybe an issue. This week is a must win if they are to take out top spot but I am backing them.

Run Home
Cobras(W),Bugs(W), Blitz(W)

Current Position 2nd
Predicted finish 1st

Looking back at their early season form, Bugs where in some deep doo doo. The lost their first 3 games and where showing no signs of turning things around. It should be noted that Buzz was absent, getting his post worlds chinese bug finding skills honed. Since then bugs have gone 4-2 which puts them up with the top 2 teams in the form guide and will have the others worried. What has changed well the structure has sorted itself out some what. The younger fitter bugs (most of whom are over 25 except trev who is just an old man) are running riot down field. Once the disc gets moving the down field skill and throwing threats are hard to shut down.

Run Home
Blitz(W), Slamtown(L), Lovers(W)

Current Position 3rd
Predicted finish 3rd.

The boys have lost their way a bit in the latter half of the season. I don't know if the early season form went too their heads or they have changed anything, but they are looking like the easy beats of old in recent weeks. I am hopeful that the heroes boys can turn it around however if they can't account the boys from that fancy university this week then they will be out of the race for the finals. Their top 4 will need to be on there game for the green machine to roll into the finals.

Run Home
Lovers(W), Cobras(L), Dojo(L)

Current Position 4th
Predicted finish 5th

The boys from the are trying a new tactic this season. For years they have won the minor premiership and then chocked in the final. They are trying to sneak into the finals and choke a week earlier. Now if they just too my advice and tied and gagged sensei in the back of ads mini then they would roll most teams in the competition. I would expect the dojo to all show up for the finals as they don't like to loose. I would hate to have to play them in the semi finals with Fatty, Coops and Pete all there and firing.

Run Home
Bye, Lovers(W), Heroes(W)

Current Position 5th
Predicted finish 4th

Now these boys have gone the opposite way to the bugs. They had a suprise start to this season rolling some of the top teams and playing some good ultimate. I don't know what has changed but I guess there is less people throwing to Chris's lane poaching these days. They could mathematically make the finals still but they need to win against the in form bugs and the flatballers for the GC.

Run Home
Bugs(L), Bye, Slamtown(L)

Current Position 6th
Predicted finish 6th

These boys are out of the race for the finals but they can still avoid the wooden spoon and stuff up jangles prediction table. With BW weekly reminding us to read the rules to which I say I agree, some of the old boys are still operating on 2007 rules. He is doing some great things with the UQ boys when he can keep their heads in the game and off the niggle. I hope these boys don't just show up for the last 3 weeks as they are playing 3 of the 4 teams fighting for a finals berth.

Run Home
Heroes(L), Dojo(L), Bugs(L)

Current Position 7th
Predicted Position 7th

Monday, November 05, 2012

Big Week of Ultimate

For all the unimformed there is plenty on the go this week.

Monday Night - yes tonight, sees the BUML finals with 3 games to keep you entertained. Why sit on the couch and talk to your TV, when you can come on down and heckle a real life frisbee player. Games start at 7:30 at Griffith Nathan.

Wednesday Pick-up

Thursday Night -BPL is hotting up with only a few weeks left there are some close games every week and must win games if teams want to make the final. If you are keen to watch some of the best ultimate you will see in brisbane come down and check it out. Annerley Junior Soccer Club from 7:30. Also WUFL is on I think, if the girls can fill us in that would be great.

Saturday - Big Skys is on again. If you haven't got yourself on a team I am not sure if it is too late but it is for a good cause with all proceeds going to help support Mike and Stacy Nield in there battle with Motor Neuron Disease. If you can't play come on down and watch the fun, Play some sideline games in the Slamtown tent? and by some raffle tickets. The Gap Soccer Club games start early and run all day.

Sunday - Firestorm and Betty are launching their club seasons. If you are keen to play nationals or are just looking to take your game to the next level it may be worth coming down and checking it out. Starts at 9am and will run most of the day and will included some fun activities and drills to help improve your game. At the same place as Big Skys on the same nice fields.

Over summer looking to keep playing ultimate? There will be sunday arvo pick up back at QUT Kelvin Grove. Yes you heard it here first, the return to sunday in the sun just no gaurantee of Huddy being there this time. More Details to follow.

BUML Grand Final Preview

After taking a trip to research ultimate blogs in other countries, I’m back just in time to help fill you in on the most important games of the year: The BUML Season 2 Grand Finals!

Division 3
Ultimate Apostles Vs Dump and Burn
It’s safe to say the Ultimate Apostles have been the dominant force in Div 3 this season. With only 1 loss, 1 draw and more wins than Goose has had bad haircuts, the Apostles are definitely the favourites in this match. This team was undefeated until round 9 and has an imperious points differential of +62. What does that mean for this game? Everything and nothing. Strange things happen in grand finals and Dump and Burn are not a team to be taken lightly. While their offence only ranks 4th in division (the Apostles scored 36 more points than them over the 11 games), they have the number 2 ranked defence. Oh and that single loss the Apostles suffered this season? That was against Dump and Burn. The Dumpers have shown this season they know how to win close games, something that counts when there is pressure on every throw like in a grand final.
Pete Allen Niceness Scale (PANS) Score: 83%. The 2 most spirited teams in the Division should ensure a well spirited and nice game.
Most likely to score a high amount of Robert Horrys: Nicholas Coote from Dump and Burn.
The Verdict: If Dump and Burn can keep it close they have a huge shot. If the Apostles get an early lead, they should be too strong to run down. I’m smelling something cooking here, and it’s not just Jangles’ practicing for when he becomes a dutiful house husband. Or the Rock. I smell an upset. Dump and Burn to win in universe point 13-12.

Division 2
What The Huck? Vs The Ghost Who Walks
This should be an awesome game. Both teams are full of match winners and play a whole team game, using every weapon at their disposal. They also contain some of the BUB’s favourite players! On the purple side is the BUBs own Adam ‘Jangles’ Beu. Jangles has proven a key pickup for Ghost this season, giving them leadership and experience across all aspects of the game apart from laying out. I don’t think Jangles has won anything for a while, so expect him to be fired up at the prospect of a trophy. Standing across the field from Jangles in ridiculously long socks straight out of a David Jones catalogue from 1972 will be the Huckers own Trevor ‘Trevor’ Lovering. Trevor brings key height to a fairly short WTH? Team and also some sound Div 2 level handling skills. Statistically these 2 teams are very evenly balanced. Ghost has a slight advantage in the scoring department, but their defence is on par with the opposition. Both teams also employ good zone defence, smothering the opposition and forcing them to make mistakes. In theory this should mean they both know how to play offence against zone as well. These teams have only met once this season and Ghost got a sneaky 1 point win.
PANS Score: 75%. Both teams are well spirited and will no doubt look to the nicest guy in Ultimate for inspiration.
Most likely to score a high amount of Robert Horrys: TJ from WTH?
The Verdict: We already know both teams can defend, so it will come down to which team shows more composure with disc in hand. I think Ghost will use their height to good effect and get the W 14 to 11.

Division 1:
Dyspnoeics Vs Cadillac
This promises to be a battle royale of epic proportions. How epic is that you ask? It should be bigger than Ben Hur’s brother. More powerful than Dave Warren even! Well, nothing is quite that powerful, but you get the drift. It’s another 1 v 2 match-up and was the grand final many people picked at the start of the season. For Dyspnoeics, getting to this game has been harder than usual. The normally stable team has had more roster disruptions than times Reece has been photographed urinating outside. Apart from a single injury concern, the Blues should have a full strength team for one of the first times all season. Cadillac has had similar problems over the course of the season, but have pulled it together on the run home and been in devastating form. Both of the teams are chock full of big names from Brisbane Ultimate. For Dyspnoeics, look out for Andy Lankowski for the men and Molly Young for the women. For Cadillac, the Mayor of Slamtown Stef Rappazzo will be a handful and Gen Healy will create match-up problems all night long for the Dyspnoeic women.
PANS Score: 91%. Neither team has Pete Allen playing, but Dyspnoeics won spirit and Cadillac has a distinctly Heroes themed team, meaning good spirit all round.
Most likely to score a high amount of Robert Horrys: Sandra Poon from Cadillac
The Verdict: Div 1 grand finals have had a tendency to be lopsided the last few years, but I see this being a very tight tussle. Both teams have experience and guns all over the park, so whoever settles better and keeps the unforced errors down should get the lollies. Dyspnoeics haven’t gotten much tipping love from me all season and I see no reason to change for this game. Cadillac to win 15-13.
Let me know how you see the games going in the comments section.

Don’t forget to come down to the fields and cheer on everyone playing! The details are:
Location - Matches will be at Griffith Uni Nathan Campus AFL Fields.
Times - Arrive from 7pm, Matches start at 7.30pm, soft Cap 8.55pm, Hard time Cap 9.00
BBQ - There will be a gold coin donation fundraising BBQ at this event and beverages available.
End of Season - Prizes and awards and all other announcement will be on the night, so please stick around after the match to show your appreciation of everyone's efforts over the season.