Thursday, May 31, 2012

Titles Can Be Challenging

Since its raining, we're sure desperate BPL players will be dropping by the blog today, looking for something ... anything.

Happy Birthday Carl.  Long may you do those things that you do.

Is the 'chair lift' legal in Ultimate?  Probably (on the basis of it also being legal to sit on the field playing matchbox cars or Twister), but can't be arsed working it out today.  Let us know in the comments. 

Also hope you're all following John McNaughton's North American Adventure Blog.

Everyone should play the BPL Winter Draft.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Accidental Collisions Are Not Ok

There've been a few conversations near the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion about collisions on the Ultimate field.

Specifically your blog-keeper has noticed several collisions in the BUML over the last month or so, and then heard someone recently went to hospital after being cleaned up (thankfully, concussion was not diagnosed and the lady went home with "only" a very sore head).

Your blog-keeper is a bit hard-core on avoiding collisions on the field, as his soccer (a collision sport) career was ended with such an accident, leading to taking up Ultimate (talk about a silver lining!)  Sure, he's getting on a bit, but he hopes to be playing disc for another decade.  A bad collision will however end that (he's getting fragile - as we all will with age).  I hope that at whatever age you took it up, everyone can imagine themselves in 20-30-40 year Ultimate careers.

So we encourage readers to remind everyone (either all your team before your next game, or talking on the sidelines to individual players) that dangerous play is against both the Spirit of the Game (so don't crash into people please, or even look like you are going to!), and are always fouls (if someone crashes into you or makes you think they are going to, call foul immediately).

I had a chat to a couple of newer players last night, and realised that we need to ensure people grasp the nuance that in Ultimate "collisions are still your fault even if they are accidental".

Other sports have a (rubbish) concept about there being "no malice" in accidental collisions and that being ok.

In our sport, you have a responsibility to avoid collision (and otherwise injuring people through flailing arms, elbows and knees) - even if this means slowing down and/or taking your eye off the disc (ie risking a drop or missing a chance at a block) to have a look around you to make sure you know where other players are (ie reducing the risk of collision).

Accidents are not ok - they are avoidable and they are every player's responsibility to avoid.

Newer players are often still learning the rules and the self-control required for Ultimate, and may be coming from other sports where the style is to put your and other people's bodies on the line to contest the pill, and then get up and shake it off afterwards. Newer players are also less able to call foul following the shock of being nailed. Older players may be psyching themselves up to win games and be tempted to lose control. But remember that Ultimate is a social sport built around everyone's enjoyment - there are no sheep stations on the line here. The competition is with ourselves.


WFDF Rules of Ultimate

1.6. The following actions are clear violations of the spirit of the game and must be avoided
by all participants:
1.6.1. dangerous play and aggressive behaviour;
17.1. Dangerous Play:
17.1.1. Reckless disregard for the safety of fellow players regardless of whether or
when contact occurs is considered dangerous play and is treated as a foul. This
rule is not superseded by any other rule.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Halibut Date Change

Halibut 2012 will be held on 18-19 August at Carrara on the Gold Coast, not the traditional first weekend in August (4-5) as previously notified.

Friday, May 25, 2012

BUML 2012-1: Round 12 – A career in politics is no preparation for government!

So for those who are playing at home … we’ve run out of quotes from the Octonauts television show to use in the titles of the previews this season. Octonauts is cool. Anyway, give yourself a kipper if you knew the source of the quotes. We’re now onto another television show.

So we’re into Round 12 … gee, is it just us or has the season done well to avoid the mid-season drag? I think partly it’s the great work of the BUML Organising Committee, who remain nearly invisible behind the scenes. Things keep ticking along neatly. For those of us who’ve been around a few blocks, we’re enjoying the luxury.

There’s four games left of the regular season before Finals time, so almost every team is desperate (but only Griffith FC seem to be dateless).

**Division 2: Larry
>>Baby Chimis vs Disc-Iples – Annerley 3A
>>Bermuda Triangle vs Heroes – Easts 2
>>What the Huck vs Discheads – Easts 3
>>Tsunami vs Agent Orange – Gap 1

Let’s look at this division as a whole, because there’s been a few surprises in recent weeks that could rock the boat. The stand-out of course has been the unfancied Chimis rolling Agent Orange last week, 14-12. No doubt the red resurgence was sparked by a bit of off-hand smack-talk over at the Heroes Blog. The Babies will be looking for a second in a row against fellow cellar dwellars the Disc-Iples. Both teams won’t be making the Finals this season, but have plenty of spoiler potential. Bermuda of course are all set for the Finals, as are Tsunami and What the Huck?, but all three will be keen to keep winning. Bermuda will consider the Heroes easy meat, but the Heroes need to get at least three more wins to have a chance into the Semis, and so will be hucking long on Monday. The ladder is tight though, with third placed What the Huck? taking on the fourth placed Discheads, who remain a chance to drop with a tough draw to finish the season. The Huckers drew with Tsunami last week to set up some tasty future battles, but the big waves will feel like they can merely ripple this week against Agent Orange.

>Our Tips: Baby Chimis on form, Bermuda on dominance, What the Huck? on speed, and Tsunami on endurance.

**Division 3: Moe
>>Apostles vs Slipped Discs – Annerley 5A
>>Griffith Go-Go’s vs Yeast – Annerley 5B
>>Mellow Yellow vs QUTies – Griffith 1
>>Griffith Oh Yeahs vs Griffith FC – Griffith 2

Things are very very interesting in Division 3. Being the ‘lowest’ division, some would expect these teams to also be slightly less organised than the crack military units you find further up the BUML tree. Such observers of course are demonstrating their complete misunderstanding of Ultimate. In reality, some teams have their shit together, and some don’t, and that’s the competition. The easy game to pick this week is first vs eighth – the Griffith Go-Go’s, who’re now getting used to the idea of JdR leaving and probably now playing better, should defeat the Yeast, who remain valiant in their inaugural season. One would also think the Griffith Oh Yeahs should have the experience to take care of Griffith FC, but the work of each team varies a lot from week to week, and with the right combo on the grass (like the one that scared the pants off the Apostles last Monday) they may get up. The Oh Yeahs certainly play better at home. Then things get quite interesting. After swinging the pink at every team in the competition, the Apostles come through their three games in a row against Griffith teams (two losses and then a tight win over FC) looking vulnerable. The Slipped Discs meanwhile have continued to improve through the season, culminating in last Monday’s surprise 15-6 demolition of Mellow Yellow. The Brisbane Beer Club must be looking very closely at its continue sponsorship of the Yellows, who apparently have considered selling the fridge and flying veteran Eireann back for the remainder of the season. MY have an opportunity this week against the QUTies, but the students might have their shit together this week after only scrapping together seven players 40 minutes late last week.

>Our Tips: Griffith Go-Go’s are too good, the Oh Yeahs will pride themselves through, the Apostles will right the ship, and Mellow Yellow will work it out.

**Division 1: Curly
>>The Ghost Who Walks vs Poachers – Annerley 3B
>>Dyspnoeics vs Drop Bears – Easts 1
>>UQ Lovers vs White Lantern – Gap 2

Division one is now mostly sorted out, with all teams having played themselves twice, we know who's got form over whom, and who is Gref's beotch and all that. But there’s some vagarities in the draw, some kinks to ease out, and some adjustments to the top four that still need to occur before the finals hit. The Poachers have smashed the Greater Western Walkers twice previously, and will do so again, keeping in mind that they’re currently second on goal difference and the sour taste of last week’s draw. They Dyspnoeics notoriously play badly during State of Origin time, but they’ve won some big games recently – every game in fact since their 13-13 draw with the Drop Bears just over a month ago. So maybe this game will be tigher than some think. The big battle in Division 1 this week (the one we would televise, if we could – at least because one of these teams has the most handsome lads on the scene), is the UQ Lovers vs White Lantern. Its one win each this season for this matchup, and recent form for both has been uneven. White Lantern though forced a 15-15 draw last week against the mighty Poachers, so may be looking tighter as exams approach for the students.

>Our Tips: Poachers for the win, Dyspnoeics for the epic, and White Lantern to surprise us.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

BPL Logo Competition - From the Judges

This morning we received an important press release from one of the spin doctors over at BPL Tower, announcing that the options for the new Brisbane Premier League logo have been unleashed on an unsuspecting public.

You may wish to make like a democrat and get on over there and vote.

Before you go though, we've brought in three of our best style-merchants to review the designs and tell you who to vote for.  Yes, never forget that we here at the Brisbane Ultimate Blog are your rightful overlords and all that.

Our judges today are:
- Jeannie Janelloquoi - designer and owner of Woman Wonder Ultimate Boutique
- Baz Friendly - television personality and presenter of 'Behind the BPL 2:  Look Behind You!'
- Luke in a Cookie Monster Outfit - young lad about town with a thing for blue fur

BUB:  Ok groovers, what do you think about design number 1?
JJ:  Well darling I don't know who did it, but they did a good job.  I love the maroon and yellow.  Four stars.
Baz:  It says Ultimate and has a frisbee on it, plus Mount Coot-tha and the river.
Luke:  Mmm, me likey!  Yum yum yum.
JJ:  Perfectly acceptable.
BUB:  And design number 2?
JJ:  Well darling its very dynamic - the rays of sunlight are like the dawn of tomorrow and a wonderful new future for this BPL thing.  Four stars.
Baz:  Looks like a beer logo.  This is a good thing.
Luke:  Delicious!  Yum yum yum.
BUB:  And what about the one behind door number 3?
JJ:  Well darling its so masculine!  It makes me want to take my clothes off.  Five.
Baz:  Its kinda quirky, although the implicit dissing of the smooth-faced Heroes Club may be a problem.
Luke:  Two kinds of icing!  Yum yum yum.
JJ:  I'm naked for this design, darling.
BUB:  Okey dokey.  Let's keep moving.  Design number 4?
JJ:  Darling, all I see is an evil grin.  It scares me, and I like it.
Baz:  I'm a bit meh on this one.  Needs some cowbell.
Luke:  Look at what I can do with these goggley eyes!  Woooo wwow wowooo!  Me hungry now.
BUB:  Number 5?
Luke:  Nothing rhymes with orange.
JJ:  Darling, I'm all for orange.  Let me tell you about how I got a special 'slamming' in the penthouse over the weekend with the ...
Baz:  Needs more frisbee.  This could be for a soccer thing.
BUB:  And finally, number 6.
JJ:  Darling, its marvellously abstract.
Luke:  Me hungry for fish.
Baz:  I like the concept, but it needs a bit of work yet.  And where are the bubbles?
BUB:  So gang, could I ask for your decisions?
JJ:  Darling, its very very difficult.  Clearly people have tried very hard, and I never want to dispirit someone I may be sleeping with one day.  I don't like floppy floppy, after all.  But if you backed me into a corner and waved a strapon in front of me to get a decision, I'd go with logo 3, as I love a good tickling.
Baz:  Its quite tough - there's some good stuff there.  They're all good, but I think logo 1 is the steadiest and likely to stand the test of time.
Luke:  Give me cookie and I tell you.
BUB:  I don't have a cookie.
Luke:  No cookie!  What?  Why did me waste time coming here, when me could be out looking for cookie!  Surely a lad who's spent sooo much time looking at silly logos, and listening to boogie-bums here ramble on, would be deserving of just one, small, cookie?
BUB:  I don't have a cookie.  You can have a frisbee.
Luke:  Me settle and eat frisbee and vote for logo 2.
BUB:  Thanks everyone.

Friday, May 18, 2012

BUML 2012-1: Round 11 – Someone’s stolen my spyglass!

As we all know in the hyper-sensitive uber-democratic and eager-for-approval world of Ultimate, one offhand and badly typed comment made online is easily extrapolated into an important position on a major issue, and a handful of these made over a long period of time can occasionally be taken as evidence of a ubiquitous view. It can be useful to recognise criticism and respond to it. But one must be cautious about reacting to noisy wingnuts or those who just like to stir the pot. Except when it suits one’s own purposes of course, in which case we’ll be taking the advice of at least one of our dear readers, and keeping it shorter this week (at least, after this intro).

**Division 1 – The Naughty Division
>>White Lantern vs Poachers – Annerley 3B
Poachers had first loss of the season last week. May be vulnerable. White Lantern love it when we tip against them, so let’s do them another favour.
>Our Tip: Poachers by 2.

>>Dyspnoeics vs UQ Lovers – Easts 1
Half of Dyspnoeics will have been well distracted by the release of Diablo3 this week. Half of the UQ Lovers also. We’re tipping the D’s because they’re now in their 11th game straight at Easts 1, while UQ have been all about the billie-o, so the Blue’s gamers at least know the quickest way to get there from home.  That burning sensation in your groin?  You should stop to pee at least once during your 18 hour stretch.
>Our Tip: Dyspnoeics by 2.

>>Drop Bears vs The Ghost Who Walks – Gap 2
The Bears are adrift in fifth place, six points out of the finals, so will be focusing on fun and next season (proposed dates for next season were announced to Captains a few days ago, ask them if you’re interested). After last week, we won’t be tipping the Ghost again this season … or next!
>Our Tip: Drop Bears by 5.

**Division 2 – The Nice Division
>>Tsunami vs Discheads – Annerley 3A
Tsunami currently sit equal second on the ladder, Discheads are a little adrift at fourth. Both teams want wins to solidify their chances going into the finals in a few weeks time.
>Our Tip: Tsunami by 4.

>>Bermuda Triangle vs Disc-iples – Easts 2
An opportunity for BT to further improve their goal difference. The Disc-iples will likely bring cookies.
>Our Tip: Bermuda by 10.

>>What the Huck? vs Heroes – Easts 3
Ok, so we’ve been a bit nonchalant so far in these previews, but we’ve just been saving our excitement for this game. Heroes are desperate to get a win here – they’re running out of chances to make the finals. The Huckers meanwhile will be hurting after a five point loss to Bermuda last week. So, a big game.
>Our Tip: Heroes by 1.

>>Baby Chimis vs Agent Orange – Gap 1
Agent Orange are also on their tenth or eleventh game on Gap 1, so you’d think they’d know every blade of grass … if only they could field a consistent lineup. However, the opportunity to defeat cellar-dwellers the Chimis will bring our the full orange.
>Our Tip: Agent Orange by 4.

**Division 3 – The Neutral Division
>>Mellow Yellow vs Slipped Discs – Annerley 5A
This are getting confusing in Div3, as last week was somewhat unexpected for both these teams. The previously mighty Mellow Yellow lost heavily to the still-rampant Go-Go’s, while the previously variable Slipped Discs easily accounted for the unpredictable QUTies.
>Our Tip: Mellow Yellow by 4.

>>Griffith Oh Yeahs vs Yeast – Annerley 5B
Speaking of confusion, the Oh Yeahs easily accounted for former top team the Apostles, while the Yeast went hard before going down to Griffith FC.  The Oh Yeahs do have to travel away from Griffith, but they're getting used to it as they do it every second or third week or so - sharing and all that.
>Our Tip: Oh Yeahs by 4.

>>Apostles vs Griffith FC – Griffith 1
Over at Apostles HQ, the red dartboard should be covered in bulletholes … except the Apostles seem to have lost their previously perfect aim the last couple of weeks, which have seen defeats by the Go-Go’s and the Oh Yeahs. So Marcus “the Rock” L will be firing up his squad this week and seeking vengeance upon the third Griffith team – Griffith FC; who are on a high after a win last week and are aiming to have the full compliment on boards.  And a tip for Griffith field users who like a good warmup - the University is turning the lights on at about 6.30pm now, presumably so that the soccer players can safely walk across the Ultimate field.

>Our Tip: GFC by 2.

>>Griffith Go-Go’s vs QUTies – Griffith 2
The Go-Go’s are on a huge high at the moment. Top of the table, and having won convincingly against bogie team Mellow Yellow last week, and without their mentor JdR who decided rainy Melbourne and flights with a small child were a better option last week. The QUTies pushed the original reds very hard last time though, and remain practically impossible to predict.
>Our Tip: Go-Go’s by 4.

See you next week!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Future of BPL - Proposal from a Distance

Over at the BPL Blog is a discussion about recruiting, retaining and growing the BPL.  We were going to comment, but heck, we've got our own blog to fill up!

Upstairs here at the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion, we haven't been able to play BPL for some time, but we still love it dearly.  Plus, well, we've seen a lot of change in Ultimate leagues over a decade of playing here and there, and given it a lot of thought over the years, and maybe there's some benefit in offering thoughts 'from a distance', so here's our suggestion.

For those thinking about this issue, two thoughts first.

1) There's a point of view that most players in the BPL are comfortable. They get good games against a reasonable diversity of teams each week. So why change? Those who want change need to articulate clearly why.

2) After that, there needs to be a vision or a description of where to go to, which helps you to work out what changes (particularly sacrifices) may need to be made to get there.

Here's our answer to these points.

I think the case for change is "If you want Open Ultimate in Brisbane to be better, if you want the sport and competition to be respected within the sport and in the wider community, then BPL must grow."  If the League stays the same size, top players will continue to gravitate towards winning teams, making BPL dull and predictable.  Firestorm will not win Nationals while the base of elite Open Ultimate in Brisbane is the size it is.  There will not be strong teams from Brisbane going to tournaments worldwide until there is growth.  And frankly, a six or seven team league playing at the same venue every night looks like a social touch football competition.

The Vision I think needs to be "two divisions".  Two divisions allows BPL to cater to its two goals - enabling elite Ultimate and providing a place for guys to play Ultimate against each other in Brisbane.  Two divisions provides space and a pathway for new players and teams to enter, and then progress (and possibly for elite players to step down a division, and therefore be retained rather than retired).

The sacrifice to get there would be that next season have a Division 1 of only four teams with limited rosters. The remaining teams and players form Division 2.  There is certainly plenty of enthusiasm for recruitment within BPL - we all love to bring more people to our great sport - this structural measure provides the space needed for growth.

As a result, in the space July-November, there would be two short seasons.  A short season also allows for a lower season fee (yes, its about the same price per week, but the entry cost is half - much easier for a new player to give it a go).  2013 may also plan for three seasons, depending on how growth is going.

Keen players will beg/borrow/steal to get onto those four Div 1 teams, and keen Div 1 Captains will want the best and know they can pick and choose a bit.  Two seasons allow this to happen twice.  There's some tight and firm deadlines involved in sorting rosters relatively early.

The quality and quantity of play in Div 2 is directly up to the recruitment and enthusiasm of the players who aren't picked for Div 1.  There is a roster minimum of say eight, but no maximum.  New players can join rosters at any time.  If Div 2 starts with a three team League, or some teams routinely field five or six players, so be it - this is how BPL started and eventually prospered, after all.

Its more likely you'll see four teams anyway.  With the more rigid and self-interested 'elite Clubs' out of the way and up in Div 1, the players of Div 2 will be more flexible in recruiting new players and taking care of them in a less intense environment, and moving amongst teams to maximise their enjoyment (and for some, chances of moving into a Div 1 team next season).

The second half of the year is the time to do this, with the momentum of a completed season rather than a Christmas break, and without the distraction of Firestorm and Nationals campaigns.  Attempting radical change in the BPL at the start of a year is far less practical.

Two divisions, starting next season, sets things up for Div 2 to grow organically (individual player by individual player).  Top players in Div 1 are also motivated to keep recruiting people - but to the League rather than to their Club (at the moment, a lot of potential recruitment of "mates" is hamstrung by not being able to offer them a place on a full and competitive team).  Div 1 meanwhile grows structurally over time - as Div 2 gets to a certain size, an extra team may be added to Div 1, made up mostly of 'the best players of Div 2', rather than a Div 2 team being promoted.
Thanks for reading this 2c.  Be brave!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

BUML2012-2: Round 10: Say Seaweed!

All is in flux and the centre cannot hold at the moment here at the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion, and indeed, the Cloister Bell is ringing, meaning its time to man the battle stations (or at least, change the toilet paper roll). But anyway, here’s some chat about next Monday’s BUML games.

**Division 2 – State of Decay

>>What the Huck? vs Bermuda Triangle – Easts 3
Asgard itself will ROCK as the immovable force that is the undefeated Bermuda Triangle takes on the unstoppable object that is the-once-defeated What the Huck?! Yes, it’s a top of Division 2 CLASH OF THE TITANS. MARVEL at TJ’s inspirational speeches. AWE at the might of Helen McD. Run in TERROR from the Webb brothers. Face it TRUE BELIEVERS, this one will have it ALL.
>Our Tip: Bermuda by 4.

>>Heroes vs Disc-Iples – Annerley 5B
The Heroes were soundly defeated by their sister-team Agent Orange last week, after soundly defeating their other sister-team Discheads the week before. So they clearly go both ways. But don’t expect them to cuddle afterwards – the Heroes haven’t had a close match for months. Neither has the Disc-Iples really, which is a pity, as after talking to their brother-team the Apostles, we’ve discovered that the Iples are likely looking for a slow hand, a lover’s touch, someone who will spend some time, not come and go in a heated rush. Hard to pick who’ll win, but the margin will be by 7.
>Our Tip: One of these teams by 7.

>>Tsunami vs Baby Chimis – Easts 2
Did you see those stories this week about the stuff from the Japanese tsunami last year starting to wash up on the west coast of Canada? The same coast that was once the stomping ground of Nick, Jessie and Relic of The Beachcombers (probably the best Canadian TV show ever to be shown in Australia, even better than the X-Files or Wayne and Shuster). Anyway, The Beachcombers often featured a very slow sort of race between Relic’s speedboat and Nick’s more stately tug, to round up stray logs. If that isn’t a metaphor for this game between Tsunami and the Baby Chimis, I don’t know what is.
>Our Tip: Tsunami by 3.

>>Discheads vs Agent Orange – Gap 1
Ok, so two weeks back the Heroes beat Discheads, then last week Agent Orange beat the Heroes, so you’d expect Agent Orange to beat the Discheads, wouldn’t you? The score from their game back in Round 4 never did get put up on the official BUML website by the official BUML webmaster, did it? Conspiracy? Note also the Agents seem to be making a late season run to be the one HUC team to make it into a Semi Final.
>Our Tip: Agent Orange by 1

**Division 3 – Warrior's Gate

>>Slipped Discs vs QUTies – Annerley 5A
These two teams appear to be the most unpredictable in Division 3. The unpredictable and unfancied slippery Petes have won two in a row to be just outside Semi Final contention. Meanwhile, the QUTies sit in fourth position despite being blown off the field 16-5 by the Griffith Financial Crisis, only a week after rolling the Yeast 17-4. The QUTies won the previous outing 14-10, so we’re going with them.
>Our Tip: QUTies by 4.

>>Mellow Yellow vs Griffith Go-Go’s – Annerley 3B
A game so big, so famous, so dazzling in prospect, they had to move it from Annerley Field 5 where Division 3 has languished for much of the season, over to Field 3, bumping the anticipated Heroes/Iples yawnfest. Yep, this one will be better to watch than most Division 2 games, even with Go-Go playmaker and senior massive-ego JdR’s absence interstate. What is it with that guy? Is he scared of Rolo? Rumours of some backroom communications between teams looking for weaknesses in opponents abound, reminding us all that Ultimate isn’t a matter of life and death, its more important than that! MY are the only team to have defeated the otherwise rampant Go-Go’s this season, who may have expended their last drops of thrust defeating the Apostles and the Oh Yeahs in previous weeks … the two teams the Mellows played also. Should be good.
>Our Tip: Mellow Yellow by 1.

>>Apostles vs Oh Yeahs – Griffith 1
The Oh Yeahs have had an amazing season that has included three one point losses, and two other losses by less than 3 points. They’re clearly in it, just can’t win it. Is it their youth? Something to do with their sexual prowess (or lack thereof?). Brad and Gus are getting angry about this, and have started ordering onion rings at the Club meetings at the Logan Road McDonalds after games on Monday nights. Meanwhile, the Apostles had their first loss in a long time against the Go-Go’s last week, and will be looking to add fluoro pink wristbands, waistbands and bootiebands to their headbands before taking to the field on Monday night.
>Our Tip: Apostles by 1.

>>Griffith FC vs Yeast – Griffith 2
The Yeast return to the Nathan field, as do the Griffith FC, who are learning to rely less and less on the unrealiable Moto and Jordiii (three I’s). There’s bragging rights here as 7th plays 8th.
>Our Tip: GFC by 3.

**Division 1 – Full Circle
>>UQ Lovers vs Drop Bears – Annerley 3A
A few commentors have noticed the lack of Jack “Goose” Allan here on the BUB lately. Good noticing. We understand this is because he’s been busy channelling his inner Freddie Mercury and has spent the last month up to the ‘stache in coke and rum. It won’t work. Drop Bears meanwhile have been hitting the reggae hard in the lead up to this game. Most of the attention will be on the Div 3 game next to them, because everyone loves Daves.
>Our Tip: Lovers by 2.

>>White Lantern vs The Ghost Who Walks – Gap 2.
White, the colour of purity and virginity, against purple, the colour of sexual desperation and perversion. Well, that’s all you need to know, really, isn’t it?
>Our Tip: Ghost Who Walks by 2.

>>Dyspnoeics vs Poachers – Easts 1
This is the game we had no choice but to preview last. Why? Well, this way Mansauce, Andy, Adilia and DanB have to read the whole preview before they can see that yes, we have mentioned them again. Well done, go to matron and ask for another bit of tuck. Oh yeah, this is another top of the table clash, and the Poachers won last time 15-12.
>Our Tip: Dyspnoeics by 2.

Friday, May 04, 2012









Huck like Frisbees though.  And beans.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

BUML2012-1 Round 9: Andy, Open the BUML-Hatch!

Some astute readers were outside the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion last week, with their pitchforks and burning torches and placards saying “Something witty”, all because we weren’t able to post our regular instalments of Poll Thursday and BUML Previews. Well, here’s what happened. We’ve started to box up some of the stuff here in the mansion in getting ready for the move, and we ventured into Wettie’s old room in the attic, which was supposed to be empty, and mostly was. But in the corner was a pile of old Cobras shirts, and something started moving. Yes, we roused one of Wettie’s old socks, which escaped into DanS’s wing (the one with all the ducting and grates … yes, just like those spaceships in Alien – we don’t know what’s going on in that kid’s head sometimes), and we’ve had to break out the proton packs and be constantly on edge. Keeping your finger on the trigger makes it hard to type. But after several days there’s been no movement on the scanners, so we can only assume its gone back into hibernation and get back to packing.

Packing you ask? Well, yes, normal service here will be first disrupted and then probably discontinued as JdR is departing the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion at some time in the next month or two (farewell soiree to be confirmed) for the freezing cold death plains of Canberra. Expect a few adios posts but don’t panic, it won’t be some sort of multi-year contract of testamonials with Courier Mail coverage and all that, because after all, we ain’t footballers.

Anyway, let’s have a look at next Monday’s BUML draw, mostly because you probably couldn’t be arsed reading the above, and are busy looking to see what we’ve written about White Lantern / the Dyspnoeics / Luke ‘Winter Is Coming’ Stark.

Plus, it’s a pretty thrilling set of games this week!

**Division 1 – Captain America!
“When Captain America throws his mighty shield,
All those who chose to oppose his shield must yield!
If he’s led to a fight and a duel is due,
Then the red and white and the blue’ll come through!
When Captain America throws his mighty shield!!”

>>Drop Bears vs Poachers – Annerley 3B
The Drop Bears have been getting stronger as the season progresses, plus they pushed the Poachers very hard last time, but this week looks like continuing the big P’s rampage. Indeed, the Poachers currently undefeated sit at the top of the Division 1 table and thereby officially lose any ‘dark horse’ status that’s been attached to them for … hmm, probably for as long as they’ve existed now. Indeed, there’s starting to be talk of a Poacher Premiership in some quarters, although of course media darling ‘Sugar Dan’ Blacklock will likely be rolling out the clich├ęs like “We’re just playing one game at the time”, “It’s a long season”, and “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woochuck could chuck would?”
>Our Tip: Poachers to make like World War 2 and win by 3.

>>Dyspnoeics vs White Lantern – Easts 1
Well, this should be interesting. Two of the biggest smack talking clubs in the League (at least on the internet) face off at Easts. The Dysponeics are still making hay from former D’s junior Andy McLean’s successes in the National Division 2 competition and Mansauce still looks like that guy from Bluejuice. Meanwhile, White Lantern have got their new kit been talking about how they’ve been undefeated for some time … since they lost 14-10 to the Dyspnoeics back in Round 4. Hopefully the wittiest banter will all come out to play in the comments selection below.
>Our Tip: Dyspnoeics to harness the power of the cosmic cube and win by 1.

>>UQ Lovers vs Ghost Who Walks – Gap 1
After two losses in a row, the Lovers seem to be continuing their traditional Semester 1 fade as holidays kick in, exams approach and without an immanent UniGames to fire them up (surely a reason for the normally recalcitrant UQ hierarchy to support Ultimate at Northerns in 2013 – it seems that several Griffith Ultimate players were so desperate for Northerns this year that they signed up to play mixed netball!?) The question is, can the Ghost Who Walks capitalise on this? The Gap venue can only help. An upset beckons, if only the purple-suited-mothers can get their defence sorted out. Still, the Lovers will probably get out of bed enough to get a conceded pass.
>Our Tip: Lovers to partner with the Falcon and win by 2.

**Division 2 – Thor!!
“’Cross the Rainbow Bridge of Asgard
Where the booming heavens roar,
You’ll behold in breathless wonder,
The God of Thunder, Mighty Thor!”

>>Tsunami vs Bermuda Triangle – Annerley 3A
Sweet mother of crap! THE biggest clash of the season so far, we might say. Bermuda Triangle remain the only BUML in the world that has won every game its played in 2012. The smile on BT Donna’s face must be a mile wide … but don’t forget those pursed lips hide the fangs of a game-dominating monster! Tsunami meanwhile have only lost once, and that was way way way back at the start of the season, when they went down 15-9 to … Bermuda Triangle. Yes, we’re now clearly into the second half of the season for Division 2, and well done draw-master Foxy for setting up these two likely grand finalists playing each other this far out. It’ll be a close one!
>Our Tip: Bermuda to bring the hammer down and win by 2.

>>Disc-iples vs Discheads – Easts 2
As our regular readers will know, cheesy disc-pun attempts at team names always put us off, and this game, which features two such abominations, makes it difficult. Particularly since they are such nice teams, filled with nice young men and women, who play some nice Ultimate. The Iples have been in a lot of games without taking the points, and meanwhile, the Heads have lost a few lately and are vulnterable. That said, expect the Heads to give it, Radiator style, and to lift and tuck it long all night long.
>Our Tip: Discheads to claim the all-seeing eye of Odin by 6.

>>What the Huck? vs Baby Chimis – Easts 3
We here at the stately mansion haven’t have a chance to wander down to the School of Huck for quite a while (hmm, maybe they need offer someone up for an interviewing?), but with their running game they’ll be looking to do some schooling of the under-age jailbait that is the Baby Chimis in this game.
>Our Tip: What the Huck? to quaff an entire barrel of enchanted mead by 4.

>>Heroes vs Agent Orange – Gap 1
Tighter than a very tight thing. The Agents seem to have started to get it together the last few weeks – maybe its been the compulsory defollication of some of their hairier moments (and players) and are now looking to work their way up the table. The Heroes remain largely steady, but will still be happy about rolling middle brother the Discheads recently. Frankly, this should be an excellent match.
>Our Tip: Agent Orange make like Loki on our heroes by 1.

**Division 3 – Iron Man!!!
“Tony Stark makes you feel
He’s a cool exec with a heart of steel.
As Iron Man, all jets ablaze,
He’s fighting and smiting with repulsor rays!
Amazing armor! That’s Iron Man!
A blazing power! That’s Iron Man!”

>>Griffith FC vs QUTies – Annerley 5A
Griffith FC (is it Griffith Financial Crisis? Flatball Club? Facility Challenged?) have managed to shake the Yee Haws moniker their club tried to put on them but now have to travel to Annerley to take on the QUTies, who last week annihilated the Yeast to show that yes Mum, they can score. Plus this made it two wins on the trot. All Griffith Clubs hate travelling but the GFC in particular, as MoTo and Jordii have trouble finding the team at the best of times. The QUTies will be very much seeking revenge for their 9-7 loss to the Yee Haws at the start of the year.
>Our Tip: QUTies get it on with some honeys by 4.

>>Slipped Discs vs Yeast – Annerley 5B
Well, this is very exciting. Two of the newer teams in the competition, and already the rivalry is there … and it is FRESH, let us tell you. Only two weeks ago these two teams played out a colossal battle that saw the Yeast grab the closest possible win of 17-16 in triple overtime with cheese and onion rings on the side because they like it a little bit fancy. The Slippers sucked up the pain and unleashed at Griffith last week, stringing together the necessary 17 points to close the game with a five point win (their first for the season). So yeah, this should be a big and passionate game.
>Our Tip: Yeast to slam down a few dozen martinis before lunch by 1.

>>Apostles vs Griffith Go-Go’s – Griffith 1
You know up above we said this was one of the best rounds of BUML this season? Well here’s why, as we see a TOP OF THE TABLE clash in Division 3. The distant past, where the Go-Go’s won this match-up at the start of the season, 16-12, is not only gone and forgotten, its been buried, dug up, slapped around, dismembered, incinerated and left for the crows, as the Apostles have gone from strength to strength on a seven day basis of being unbeaten since, most recently cleaning up heavyweights Mellow Yellow by 4 points, who of course delivered the Go-Go’s their only defeat of the season a fair way back. Still, the Go-Go’s have solidified into a quite heavy solid-thing, and they showed a lot of grit to come back and win against their effervescent sister team the Oh Yeahs 13-12 last Monday. Plus with JdR leaving town sooner or later he’s got real glory to play for (rather than the usual inevitable spirit prize). So heck, we’ll have to tip the rRds, even though this is probably the hardest game to call of the season so far, and going on form, a likely grand final preview. Have we said enough?
>Our Tip: Go-Go’s to invest billions in some high technology stuff by 1.

>>Mellow Yellow vs Griffith Oh Yeahs – Griffith 2
Meanwhile, if there’s two teams that are looking to shake the Apostles-Go-Go’s-Final calculation trees, its these two. It’ll be like one of them western movies we think – the sly “old gringo’ out for a quick score or at least a knees up at the saloon that is Mellow Yellow, up against the young “Kid” with a charming smile that covers up his theft of your grandmother’s false teeth and gold toenails. Both these teams will also be all about coming back from losses last week, loses that burn deep into their very souls, like the blazing sun while you ride across the desert on a horse with no name. Let’s home there’s no rain.
>Our Tip: Griffith Oh Yeahs to engineer a better future for all through free energy oh wait that’s just a comic book by 2.

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