Wednesday, May 23, 2012

BPL Logo Competition - From the Judges

This morning we received an important press release from one of the spin doctors over at BPL Tower, announcing that the options for the new Brisbane Premier League logo have been unleashed on an unsuspecting public.

You may wish to make like a democrat and get on over there and vote.

Before you go though, we've brought in three of our best style-merchants to review the designs and tell you who to vote for.  Yes, never forget that we here at the Brisbane Ultimate Blog are your rightful overlords and all that.

Our judges today are:
- Jeannie Janelloquoi - designer and owner of Woman Wonder Ultimate Boutique
- Baz Friendly - television personality and presenter of 'Behind the BPL 2:  Look Behind You!'
- Luke in a Cookie Monster Outfit - young lad about town with a thing for blue fur

BUB:  Ok groovers, what do you think about design number 1?
JJ:  Well darling I don't know who did it, but they did a good job.  I love the maroon and yellow.  Four stars.
Baz:  It says Ultimate and has a frisbee on it, plus Mount Coot-tha and the river.
Luke:  Mmm, me likey!  Yum yum yum.
JJ:  Perfectly acceptable.
BUB:  And design number 2?
JJ:  Well darling its very dynamic - the rays of sunlight are like the dawn of tomorrow and a wonderful new future for this BPL thing.  Four stars.
Baz:  Looks like a beer logo.  This is a good thing.
Luke:  Delicious!  Yum yum yum.
BUB:  And what about the one behind door number 3?
JJ:  Well darling its so masculine!  It makes me want to take my clothes off.  Five.
Baz:  Its kinda quirky, although the implicit dissing of the smooth-faced Heroes Club may be a problem.
Luke:  Two kinds of icing!  Yum yum yum.
JJ:  I'm naked for this design, darling.
BUB:  Okey dokey.  Let's keep moving.  Design number 4?
JJ:  Darling, all I see is an evil grin.  It scares me, and I like it.
Baz:  I'm a bit meh on this one.  Needs some cowbell.
Luke:  Look at what I can do with these goggley eyes!  Woooo wwow wowooo!  Me hungry now.
BUB:  Number 5?
Luke:  Nothing rhymes with orange.
JJ:  Darling, I'm all for orange.  Let me tell you about how I got a special 'slamming' in the penthouse over the weekend with the ...
Baz:  Needs more frisbee.  This could be for a soccer thing.
BUB:  And finally, number 6.
JJ:  Darling, its marvellously abstract.
Luke:  Me hungry for fish.
Baz:  I like the concept, but it needs a bit of work yet.  And where are the bubbles?
BUB:  So gang, could I ask for your decisions?
JJ:  Darling, its very very difficult.  Clearly people have tried very hard, and I never want to dispirit someone I may be sleeping with one day.  I don't like floppy floppy, after all.  But if you backed me into a corner and waved a strapon in front of me to get a decision, I'd go with logo 3, as I love a good tickling.
Baz:  Its quite tough - there's some good stuff there.  They're all good, but I think logo 1 is the steadiest and likely to stand the test of time.
Luke:  Give me cookie and I tell you.
BUB:  I don't have a cookie.
Luke:  No cookie!  What?  Why did me waste time coming here, when me could be out looking for cookie!  Surely a lad who's spent sooo much time looking at silly logos, and listening to boogie-bums here ramble on, would be deserving of just one, small, cookie?
BUB:  I don't have a cookie.  You can have a frisbee.
Luke:  Me settle and eat frisbee and vote for logo 2.
BUB:  Thanks everyone.

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