Friday, May 18, 2012

BUML 2012-1: Round 11 – Someone’s stolen my spyglass!

As we all know in the hyper-sensitive uber-democratic and eager-for-approval world of Ultimate, one offhand and badly typed comment made online is easily extrapolated into an important position on a major issue, and a handful of these made over a long period of time can occasionally be taken as evidence of a ubiquitous view. It can be useful to recognise criticism and respond to it. But one must be cautious about reacting to noisy wingnuts or those who just like to stir the pot. Except when it suits one’s own purposes of course, in which case we’ll be taking the advice of at least one of our dear readers, and keeping it shorter this week (at least, after this intro).

**Division 1 – The Naughty Division
>>White Lantern vs Poachers – Annerley 3B
Poachers had first loss of the season last week. May be vulnerable. White Lantern love it when we tip against them, so let’s do them another favour.
>Our Tip: Poachers by 2.

>>Dyspnoeics vs UQ Lovers – Easts 1
Half of Dyspnoeics will have been well distracted by the release of Diablo3 this week. Half of the UQ Lovers also. We’re tipping the D’s because they’re now in their 11th game straight at Easts 1, while UQ have been all about the billie-o, so the Blue’s gamers at least know the quickest way to get there from home.  That burning sensation in your groin?  You should stop to pee at least once during your 18 hour stretch.
>Our Tip: Dyspnoeics by 2.

>>Drop Bears vs The Ghost Who Walks – Gap 2
The Bears are adrift in fifth place, six points out of the finals, so will be focusing on fun and next season (proposed dates for next season were announced to Captains a few days ago, ask them if you’re interested). After last week, we won’t be tipping the Ghost again this season … or next!
>Our Tip: Drop Bears by 5.

**Division 2 – The Nice Division
>>Tsunami vs Discheads – Annerley 3A
Tsunami currently sit equal second on the ladder, Discheads are a little adrift at fourth. Both teams want wins to solidify their chances going into the finals in a few weeks time.
>Our Tip: Tsunami by 4.

>>Bermuda Triangle vs Disc-iples – Easts 2
An opportunity for BT to further improve their goal difference. The Disc-iples will likely bring cookies.
>Our Tip: Bermuda by 10.

>>What the Huck? vs Heroes – Easts 3
Ok, so we’ve been a bit nonchalant so far in these previews, but we’ve just been saving our excitement for this game. Heroes are desperate to get a win here – they’re running out of chances to make the finals. The Huckers meanwhile will be hurting after a five point loss to Bermuda last week. So, a big game.
>Our Tip: Heroes by 1.

>>Baby Chimis vs Agent Orange – Gap 1
Agent Orange are also on their tenth or eleventh game on Gap 1, so you’d think they’d know every blade of grass … if only they could field a consistent lineup. However, the opportunity to defeat cellar-dwellers the Chimis will bring our the full orange.
>Our Tip: Agent Orange by 4.

**Division 3 – The Neutral Division
>>Mellow Yellow vs Slipped Discs – Annerley 5A
This are getting confusing in Div3, as last week was somewhat unexpected for both these teams. The previously mighty Mellow Yellow lost heavily to the still-rampant Go-Go’s, while the previously variable Slipped Discs easily accounted for the unpredictable QUTies.
>Our Tip: Mellow Yellow by 4.

>>Griffith Oh Yeahs vs Yeast – Annerley 5B
Speaking of confusion, the Oh Yeahs easily accounted for former top team the Apostles, while the Yeast went hard before going down to Griffith FC.  The Oh Yeahs do have to travel away from Griffith, but they're getting used to it as they do it every second or third week or so - sharing and all that.
>Our Tip: Oh Yeahs by 4.

>>Apostles vs Griffith FC – Griffith 1
Over at Apostles HQ, the red dartboard should be covered in bulletholes … except the Apostles seem to have lost their previously perfect aim the last couple of weeks, which have seen defeats by the Go-Go’s and the Oh Yeahs. So Marcus “the Rock” L will be firing up his squad this week and seeking vengeance upon the third Griffith team – Griffith FC; who are on a high after a win last week and are aiming to have the full compliment on boards.  And a tip for Griffith field users who like a good warmup - the University is turning the lights on at about 6.30pm now, presumably so that the soccer players can safely walk across the Ultimate field.

>Our Tip: GFC by 2.

>>Griffith Go-Go’s vs QUTies – Griffith 2
The Go-Go’s are on a huge high at the moment. Top of the table, and having won convincingly against bogie team Mellow Yellow last week, and without their mentor JdR who decided rainy Melbourne and flights with a small child were a better option last week. The QUTies pushed the original reds very hard last time though, and remain practically impossible to predict.
>Our Tip: Go-Go’s by 4.

See you next week!


Unknown said...

After being Schooled in the "Art of Ultimate" The Apostles are looking to make a dent in the swelling confidence of Griffith ultimate. I have brought out my secret weapon this week. Nothing makes the Apostles play like confectionery.

Anonymous said...

twice as many pink arm, head and other appendage bands are in play too....

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