Tuesday, February 14, 2012

QUDA Confirms Queensland Women's Fun Hat - Saturday 3 March

QUDA has announced the Queensland Women's Fun Hat will be held on Saturday 3 March, from 9am-5pm, at the Griffith University Sports Fields, off Kessels Rd , Nathan.

The cost of the day is $20, and this includes fields, insurance, lunch and prizes. The fee also includes joining the menfolk (who'll be playing on the field next door) at the party on Saturday night, as well as BBQ lunch if you want to watch the Open Final on Sunday afternoon.

The event is aimed at Queensland Women Ultimate players of all levels – from people having their first ever go, through to Australian representatives. QUDA’s objective is to ensure everyone attending has a great day, and over time to grow the Queensland Women’s Ultimate scene. The event replaces the Women's Division of Northern Regionals. We anticipate running the Fun Hat for a few years until demand for qualification to Women's Nationals grows beyond two teams.

There is no better way to get new women involved and to improve women’s skills in Ultimate (which is often played in the mixed format) than to play a women’s-only event.

QUDA’s investment in the event includes:
- subsidising the player fee down to $20, to make it attractive to as many players as possible;
- supporting several women from North Queensland flying down to play the event - yay, new ladies!
- preparing and distributing ‘women friendly’ promotional materials - http://quda.org/quda-promotional-material/

QUDA hopes that all experienced Brisbane Women players will join us in growing the scene, welcoming our female guests from Townsville, Cairns, the Gold Coast and Gympie, and having a great time!

Please register at http://afda.com/rego/showdivision.php?divisionid=2021 so that QUDA can feed you properly and so that you are insured. If you are new to Ultimate, it is free to join the Australian Flying Disc Association, which then enables you to register for events like this one.

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