Friday, November 25, 2011

Pack Your Mess Kit

The inaugural Queensland Hat is on tomorrow.

All the info is at the Queensland Hat page. Regos have hit 98 as we speak - so the event is a success before the first disc is hucked!

Hopefully by now everyone turns up to tournaments with their own mess kit. If you haven't made this as natural as grabbing your cleats and sunscreen ... well now is the time!


Coops said...

time for a post tournie write-up me thinks!!

Luke said...

Geenland (the G(r)een team) won over Chafage (the Red team) in a tight final.
And Chris Fox's doppelganger played music at the party.
I forget the rest.

Anonymous said...

This blog has become as boring as the Heroes blog


Coops said...

Thx Starky :)

boxes brisbane said...

what is this hat event? never heard of it but brisbane is the place for it !