Thursday, November 24, 2011

BPL Final Tonight (Weather Permitting)

So tonight is the Grandal Fin of the Brisbane Premier League.

In one corner, current champions the Dojo Mojo. Sure, they're the current champions, but they've lost more BPL Grand Finals than most.

In the other, the Slamtown Flatball Club will be sweating the call from Special about whether or not the fields are open or shut before they get in the cars and head north. The ground in Brisbane has been pretty dry, so lets hope Annerley has soaked up the overnight stuff and we don't get too much today. We also hope the Slammers all recovered from Kevvie putting on the white Marilyn dress to breathlessly sing 'Happy Birthday Mr President' last weekend.

Heroes deserve a mention of course made the rookie mistake of planning their end of season dinner for last Sunday, ensuring that it was the end of their season.

Here's the original registered roster for Slamtown: Michael Bienstock Abra Garfield Adrian Gepp James Larkin Nandor Locher Greg Orlando Stefan Rappazzo(c) Kevin Stahlman Phil Stocks isaac stone Rob Wiens Troy Zernike

And here's how the Dojo may line up: Peter Allen adam baker Ryan Black Stephen Cameron(c) Salvatore Colangelo Matthew Eastburn Sean Flanagan Andrew Lankowski Leon McIntyre Darren Shi Dan Walls David Watson

Assuming the game is on tonight, tips including scores are welcome.


JMc said...

Dojo by 6 if it's wet.
Dojo by 2 if it's dry.
Slamtown by 3 if Coops & Fatty are playing squash.

Abra to rack up stats (G/A/D/TO) like it's his job. Fatty to get 2 point blocks. Dojo to score at least 3 times by being taller under a contested floating disc. Dan Walls and Pete Allen to provide match up headaches for Slamtown. Slamtown to provide the night's most spectacular individual play.

dstrel said...

Thanks JdR.

Did anyone hear about the MVP system this season? It's bizarre.

My sense of humour says Dojo but my wounded pride says SFC.

SFC succeeded in their long game last week, but this will be harder against Dojo. Some early turns will force them to play their short game, which is also very good and frustrating for Dojo, as they'll have to work hard.

If it's anything like last week, Dojo should be able to hold on to the disc and hit those sensible breakside shots to score.

If it's close, Dojo could become rattled due to their history with Slamtown, ala the Cobras days.

Ok Ok, Dojo by 4.

Mike said...

Jason to answer your question from earlier in the day the Frisbee Dojo have lost 5 finals over the years. The first to Whippet Good and the following 4 to Buggers teams.

Season 2 2005
Season 3 2006
Season 3 2007
Seasons 1 and 2 2009


Luke said...

To go against the grain, I'm tipping Slammers by 3. Maybe a little closer if it's wet.

Anonymous said...

So who won?