Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Co-Mingled, Discheads win BUML17 Finals

It was a surprisingly blowy night at Griffith last night where the Division 1 Final between the UQ Lovers and Co-Mingled; and the Division 2 Final between What the Huck? and Discheads took place.

The 'old gringos' of Co-Mingled took the gusts in their stride, putting extra spin on the disc and taking advantage of the downwind hucks that were on offer, defeating an unhungover UQ by something like 17-5.

Meanwhile, the battle between the Discheads and WTH seemed to get most of the crowd attention, with the teams trading downwind points. The grey nomads however managed to get the break late in the evening, and won 12-11.

Spirit for Division 1 was awarded to Heroes, and Division 2 to the Griffith Go-Go's.


dstrel said...

if anyone has photos from the finals please email them to me

Coops said...

Is that so you can check out how good you looked in those tight denim jeans? ;)

Oh, and for the record, you looked HOT !!!!

adam said...