Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Over the Wire

Follow all the action at the Australian University Games in Perth via Forcesideline (they're doing such a good job, we're not going near it, aside from saying go UQ and QUT!) Div 1 and Div 2

Today is the last day you can order Mixed Nationals 2010 clothing.

WFDF have posted the minutes of its 2010 congress, for those who like to keep an eye on what Pottsy and friends are up to.

Following yesterday's announcement, Black Betty have posted updates to their website.

Monday, September 27, 2010

WUFL Results - 2010/2 Round 3

Week 3 Results
Missfire 12 defeated Wonder Women 8
Titanium Nachos 11 defeated Moulin Rouge 10

Ladies - Step One to Nationals 2011

As many of our regular readers will know, Nationals 2011 will be held here in Brisbane.

Brisbane-based Women's Ultimate club Black Betty have announced their initial training schedule, and are inviting all those interested in the campaign to join them.

Training will start on Thursday 11 November and run through to 16 December, before resuming again on 13 January. Sessions run 7pm-9pm at Oakman Park, Toowong. The astute will see that Black Betty training runs on from the end of the current season of WUFL.

Join the Black Betty mailing list to get more info: Black_Betty_Ultimate-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Friday, September 24, 2010

BUML Draw for 27 September

Might as well round out the week ...

BPL Results - 2010/2 Round 6

Round 6 Results
UQ Lovers 15 defeated Heroes 11
Moreton Bay Buggers 15 defeated Dojo Mojo 10
Slamtown forfeited to Cobras
Competition Ladder following Round 6
1. Cobras 14 pts
1. UQ Lovers 14 pts
3. Moreton Bay Buggers 13 pts
3. Dojo Mojo 13 pts
5. Slamtown 10 pts
6. Heroes 6 pts

Spirit Table following Round 6 (may be changed if assumed results are corrected)
1. Moreton Bay Buggers 49.5/60 - 82.5%
2. Heroes 47/60 - 78.3%
3. UQ Lovers 46/60 - 76.6%
4. Cobras 35.5/50 - 71.0%
5. Dojo Mojo 41.5/60 - 69.1%
6. Slamtown 40/60 - 66.6%

Round 7 Draw (in two weeks following break for University Games)
UQ Lovers vs Slamtown
Dojo Mojo vs Heroes
Cobras vs Moreton Bay Buggers

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Linkety Link

I suspect this is the kind of thing that Buzz picked up in the library, back in high school:


WUFL Draw - 2010/2 Round 3

The number of comments will dictate whether we get keen and try to post the WUFL draw each week ...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mondo Retro Colour

Just in case you didn't get one in the mail (is your postal address up to date?), the latest issue of the AFDA's national magazine is now available online over here.

And just in case you've worked your way backwards through the Brisbane Ultimate Blog archives and were wondering what might have come before, look further down the link and check out the 17 issues of Australian Ultimate that JdR and friends slapped together in a familiarly half-arsed fashion between 2002 and 2006. Wowsers, its like some sort of deja vu timey-wimey thing all over again.

Monday, September 20, 2010

So I Told Him, "Man, I Don't Take My Clothes Off For Just Anyone."

Just in case you've been locked in an underground chamber for the last 24 hours, yesterday and today's rain has led both Griffith and Annerley to close their fields, so there will be no Ultimate tonight.

The Ten Commandments Say Nothing About Disc Golf

So last week during a secret mission to the Moreton Bay region (more to come on that one, maybe), your blogger made a slight detour to investigate the John Bray Park Disc Golf Course, and what a fine looking course it is.

The visit was timely, given a comment here on the blog recently. Disc Golf in Brisbane is going from strength to strength it seems.

People continue to meet and play a round regularly at 3pm Sundays at Fehlberg Park, Hyde Rd Yeronga.

But the real action is on the http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/quda-discgolf/ discussion list, where golfers regularly report where and when they're going out for a chuck each weekend (including offering lifts). Subscribe by sending an email to quda-discgolf-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Friday, September 17, 2010

BPL Results - 2010/2 Round 5

Round 5 Results
UQ Lovers 15 defeated Cobras 10
Moreton Bay Buggers 15 defeated Heroes 4
Dojo Mojo 12 defeated Slamtown 9

Competition Ladder following Round 5
1. Dojo Mojo - 12pts
2. UQ Lovers - 11pts
2. Cobras - 11pts
4. Moreton Bay Buggers - 10pts
4. Slamtown - 10pts
6. Heroes - 5pts

Spirit Table following Round 5
1. Moreton Bay Buggers 41.5/50
2. Slamtown 40/50
3. Heroes 39/50
4. UQ Lovers 37.5/50
5. Cobras 36.5/50
6. Dojo Mojo 33.5/50

Round 5 Draw
Field 1 - UQ Lovers vs Heroes
Field 2 - Dojo Mojo vs Moreton Bay Buggers
Field 3 - Cobras vs Slamtown


The second single from my friend, with accompanying clip.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fields of Brisbane - Griffith Nathan

Continuing our occasional tour of the fields used by Ultimate around Brisbane, let's check out the venue that was unfortunately closed the other week due to the previous night's rain, the Griffith University Nathan campus fields.

Play of Ultimate at Griffith Nathan is partly a story about a local dude seeing the fields during his neighbourhood wanderings and saying to himself "I want to play Ultimate there!" (cf A$sembly St for a similar tale).

It was close to where this dude lived and not far from the South-East Freeway, but also was a fantastic venue. The AFL field is large enough to fit three full sized Ultimate fields on it, plus the ground was level and grass well cared for. The neighbouring rugby field is a bit rougher and doesn't drain as well, but fit two more Ultimate fields. Both fields have excellent lights, and are served by a good carpark and tidy pavillion with ample shade and change-rooms.

Regionals 2007 and 2008 were held at Griffith with plenty of success. Regionals is usually just before University sport begins, so there was no difficulty booking the field for the weekend.

Weeknights were a contrast, as the University sought to fill evenings with semester based sport. In 2009, an effort was made to establish regular Ultimate on Wednesday nights over the Winter break between Semesters 1 and 2, without too much success.

One benefit though was gaining an understanding of the Griffith sport and clubs system and people. We learned what they were after, and what was required to get more regular access to the fields.

So Early in 2010, QUDA was able to use this knowledge and commited resources to the establishment of a University Club at Griffith Nathan. This was timely as BUML was facing challenges in ensuring adequate field space at Annerley. QUDA's commitment in running an O-Day stall and providing recruitment resources showed Griffith sport we were serious, and they allocated us access on Monday night's year around.

As the year has progressed, having BUML at Nathan has also been a massive boon to establishing the University Ultimate Club, as new players were immediately thrust into regular weekly play against friendly and spirited teams - they get the real Ultimate deal from their first moment of arrival. Meanwhile, while some folks may whine, having BUML spread across two venues has greatly increased the number of teams it can accept, as well as increasing its resilience against field issues like rain and pressure from other sports.

The new Griffith Club, along with QUDA, is now starting to plan the next phase - cementing Ultimate onto the permanent University fields/sport calendar as the regular Monday night user, as well as looking to gain more space (the rugby field on Mondays) and time (another night for training or a separate League). Onwards to 2011!

View Larger Map

BPL Draw - 2010/2 Round 5

Monday, September 13, 2010

Six Weeks Until Mixed Nationals 2010

Its only six short weeks until four Queensland teams venture south to golden Bathurst for the 2010 Australian Mixed Ultimate Championships.

Qualifiers are run, slots offered and the rosters are starting to fill up.

Let's check in with the teams:

SQ1 John Doe
A Halibut win under their belt, this team has been training for some time, and looks pretty good. Objective: Win Mixed Nationals.

SQ2 Sugar
Oh honey honey, you are my candy girl, and you've got me wanting you. Objective: Make your life so sweet, yeah yeah yeah. (Side note: does Dusty or Paul = Jughead?)

SQ3 UQ Lovers
Just ran a fab tournament on the weekend, so probably need to catch their breath for a second before embarking on this campaign. Objective: Friending, with occasional lovering.

NQ1 Towns Villains
Let's hope them flights are booked, as its a long way to hitch. Objective(s): 1. Rule the world, muhaha. 2. Be despicable. 3. Get someone onto the roster.

Friday, September 10, 2010

BPL Results - 2010/2 Round 4

Round 4 Results
Dojo Mojo 12 defeated UQ Lovers 10
Cobras 15 defeated Heroes 9
Moreton Bay Buggers 14 drew with Slamtown 14

Competition Ladder following Round 4
1. Cobras - 10pts
2. Slamtown - 9pts
2. Dojo Mojo - 9pts
4. UQ Lovers - 8pts
5. Moreton Bay Buggers - 7pts
6. Heroes - 4pts

Spirit Table following Round 4
1. Moreton Bay Buggers 32.5/40
2. Slamtown 32/40
3. UQ Lovers 31/40
4. Heroes 31/40
5. Cobras 29.5/40
6. Dojo Mojo 24/40

Round 5 Draw
Field 1 - UQ Lovers vs Cobras
Field 2 - Moreton Bay Buggers vs Heroes
Field 3 - Dojo Mojo vs Slamtown


Things are a bit dull here in the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion at the moment (although this will change tomorrow with Lovefest, baby Lovefest).

So send us some (safe for work) links. Either leave them in the comments, or email them to ye blogger. Anything you want or tickles your fancy or you think worth sharing.

We'll compile the lot and then post them next week.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

All Aboard the BUDA Train!

So a General Meeting of the Brisbane Ultimate Disc Association was held on the weekend, and a fresh management committee was elected! Congratulations to:

President Mat Ryan
Vice-President Megan Barnes
Treasurer(s) Adilia Murabito and Nathan Litzow
Secretary Leon 'Fatty' McIntyre

Several other folks put their hands up to help out with BUDA, showing the enthusiasm people have for the association. Yay volunteers!

There will no doubt be a few months of getting some feet under desks, but these are the people to start talking to about your ideas for the long-term future of Ultimate in Brisbane.

Monday, September 06, 2010

South Queensland Mixed Nationals Qualifier - Results!

Results from Saturday's tournament are creeping in, but its clear that congratulations should be extended to Halibut Champions John Doe, who continued their winning ways over the weekend. Commisserations to the mighty Heroes, who missed out on a trip to Bathurst (rumour has it though there will be earlier preparations for 2011).

Round 1:
John Doe 15 def Sugar 3
UQ Lovers 15 def Heroes 9

Round 2:
John Doe 15 def Heroes 0 (pants)
Sugar 14 def UQ 10

Round 3:
John Doe 15 def UQ Lovers 2
Sugar 12 def Heroes 3

Ranking for South Queensland Teams for Mixed Nats 2010
1. John Doe
2. Sugar
3. UQ Lovers
DNQ Heroes

UPDATE: And here's the photos - http://www.nsphoto.com.au/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=188134

Operation Global View

The President of the World (aka the WFDF El Supremo that some of us know as 'Pottsy' or 'that naked guy that isn't Piers') has posted his 2010 annual report on ye internets, for your consideration.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Wednesday Night Pickup Goes Off

Last Wednesday saw the first night of Summer pickup at Oakman Park, Toowong.

Organisers were hoping for enough people to throw with.

So they were plenty happy when 22 or so people (including a bunch of rank newbies) got on down and got stuck in!

See you there! All players are welcome - lights on at 7-9pm. Bring $5 to pay for the lights. And as with all pickup games, bring a white shirt, a black/dark shirt, disc, water and your friends!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Want to Do Something Useful for Ultimate? Would Cash Help?

The Australian Flying Disc Association (AFDA) has launched another round of its successful grants program.

If you have an idea but need some help putting the grant together, drop JdR a line at ceo@quda.org

Women's Ultimate - Its ON Baby!

From uber-Laura herself:

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies,

Women's league is back this THURSDAY 9th September.

We still need more players so sign up and get your fix of women's ultimate. Women's league is a great way to improve your skills and learn more about the game.

Who: All Ladies
Where: Oakman Park (cnr Union St and Moggill Rd), Toowong
When: Thursdays 7-9pm, September 9th - November 4th
Registration Page:http://www.afda.com/rego/showcompetition.php?competitionid=855

There are some new teams on the registration page so if you're unsure about who to play with sign up under 'I need a team' and you'll get sorted out. If you want to play with someone inparticular please let them know.

And to stay up to date with all things WUFL, sign up to the yahoo group by sending an email to: WUFL-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Friday, September 03, 2010

BPL Results - 2010/2 Round 3

Round 3 Results

UQ Lovers 15 defeated Moreton Bay Buggers 9
Dojo Mojo 15 defeated Cobras 12
Slamtown 12 defeated Heroes 9

Competition Ladder after Round 3

1. UQ Lovers - 7 points
1. Cobras - 7 points
1. Slamtown - 7 points
4. Dojo - 6 points
5. Moreton Bay Buggers - 5 points
6. Heroes - 3 points

Spirit Table After Round 3

1. UQ Lovers 25/30
1. Slamtown 25/30
3. Moreton Bay Buggers 24.5/30
4. Heroes 24/30
5. Cobras 22.5/30
6. Dojo Mojo 18/30

Round 4 Draw

Field 1 - UQ Lovers vs Dojo Mojo
Field 2 - Moreton Bay Buggers vs Slamtown
Field 3 - Cobras vs Heroes

Congratulations to Pete and aL who tipped three from three this week.

Those Wacky Canadians

... and no, we don't mean Jangles.

Chris Fox is in there somewhere.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

'Round the Traps

In lieu of actual original content, lets just cut and paste from some emails and put some links in there ... and what the heck, we'll pass comment too.


The Dojo blog hits 100 posts. This is a fun blog, forever in the shadow of the Brisbane Ultimate Blog to be sure, but while we do our best to maintain some sort of diplomatic statespersonship, Sensei calls it as he sees it, even if a possible subheading for the work is 'let's bag everyone else, especially the BPL TD (bless him), while we talk ourselves up and maintain a persecution complex'. Hmm, did we say we only try our best over here? But seriously, well done, particularly since most of the posts are substantial, rather than some of the guff we post (but then, we do aim for 'mostly daily'). And it was UQ Passion with the persecution complex after all.


Meanwhile our spies report that a bunch of the Heroes Ultimate Club went in last weekend's Bridge to Brisbane. The stats below may give the Slamtown some tips for who's fit and who ain't for their game tonight:
Chris Brown DOMINATED the club results at 00:47:33 (a good 6 seconds ahead
of the runner up Pete Allen). Closely followed by Gavin Croft at 00:49:12, and the bearded Brown brother at 00:50:21 (in my book,qualifies for a RED runner next year). Leading the second half of theroster is Michael Strelan at 00:56:23, and a very close competition between Miss Laura Sonter and Craig Behrendorff at 00:57:05/ 00:57:45respectively. Your 2IC (I have the number 2 jersey for a reason) [edit - that's Sean there] enjoyed the leisurely pace of 01:02:23 (twenty seconds slower than Iwould have liked), with Adam Baker behind me at 01:06:50 and Mansauce spending too much time chatting and not enough time running to come in at 01:26:12."
You go, Mansauce. At least we can be confident you were chatting to chicks.


Elsewhere, there's new research, this time from the USA Track and Field gang suggesting that stretching is a waste of time, and you should just be throwing you fool.


Mixed Nats 2010 has a website!


Also, we figure we should share a tip with photographers out there. We here at the Brisbane Ultimate Blog figure that getting photos of the teams is a simple way to record history. Your grandchildren playing for Gold Medals at the Astrolympics will be able to search for you and all that. But its always been a bit of a challenge to get decent ones, and quickly when some players don't give a shite. But the team shots at Halibut seemed to come out better than usual. Why you may ask? This time around, we stumbled upon the best way to get half the team to make the front row and half make the back row. "Women in the front and lads at the back, please" worked very well for a mixed tournament, but easily you could have "O team in front and D team at the back" or something like that. This saved several minutes of the usual fumbling around, and made for relatively balanced and tidy shots. Next step - get the back row to move slightly right or left to centre up.


Finally, yesterday was Jack Lilwall's birthday!

BPL Draw - 2010/2 Round 3

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

WFDF Bi-Annual Rules Review

WFDF has begun it's biannual review the rules of Ultimate, and invite anyone to contribute.

There's a place to make suggestions and discuss the suggestions of others, over here:http://ultimaterules.co.cc/?page_id=1277&vasthtmlaction=viewforum&f=2.0

Personally, while I like having a regular process to review the rules (rather than something 'crisis' driven. And goo don WFDF and those involved for committing and delivering on making it happen), I'm not so keen on every two years.

Every two years is driven by the international playing schedule, and this is probably right for people playing Ultimate at that level.

But for the vast majority of players and organisers, changes every two years is probably too often.

Don't have a solution though, except possibly that while its worth having a discussion every two years, the bias should be towards not changing anything if at all possible, or possibly deferring the introduction of minor changes until the next review (ie to have major updates every four years).