Monday, December 14, 2009

Its Gonna Be Huge

It occured to us here at stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog manor, that there's going to be some huge Ultimate events occuring in our neighbourhood over the next 18 months.

The Brisbane-Canberra Invitational is scheduled for 27-28 February, here in Brisbane. The tournament's goal is to invite 8 Open and 8 Women's teams to compete. This makes this baby bigger than any Halibut, particularly as you'd anticipate teams bringing large squads, as they're usually serious groups preparing for Nationals glory. Less than 10 weeks away. TD John McNaughton probably needs your help!

Halibut 2010 on 31 July and 1 August will of course be the usual large affair, even with some of the national elite having been occupied in Prague earlier that month. I'd expect at least 12 teams, same as last year, particularly if a TD gets on board soon as is able to start promoting the tournament.

Then in less than 18 months time, the Northern Region is due to host the Australian National Ultimate Championships 2011 over the Anzac Day long weekend in April of that year. A massive 32 teams are anticipated to descend on Brisbane to fight it out - this will be the biggest Ultimate event ever held on Queensland soil. Are we up to it?

Perhaps one thing that will make life easier for the Brisbane organiser types will be the suggestion that Townsville bid to host Northern Regionals 2011. What an exciting thought!?! After all the years of Townsville teams treking down to play in the South East corner, the flow may go in the other direction. But just like the folks in Brisbane who will need to put their hand up to make Nationals happen, the Townsville folks will also have to grab the TD hats and tie them on tight ... and soon!

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Anonymous said...

Yafknkiddinme. We finally get Nationals at home, and you want me to go to Townsville to qualify? Yes, I know I am selfish ...