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Brisbane Ultimate Blog presents ... Queensland Club of the Year 2009

At the QUDA Bash (occurring as we auto-set this to be posted for all you folks who’re missing it), the Brisbane Ultimate Blog was proud to present the award for the 2009 BUB Club of the Year!

In 2006 it was Bootius Maximus.

In 2007 it was the University of Queensland Ultimate Lovers.

In 2008, the UQ Lovers won again!

Who won in 2009?

But before we post the winner up here, lets go through the process and the countdown.

You'll remember how its done from previous years (we strive for a bit of consistency. Indeed, some clubs may be able to chart their points progress from year to year, to work out what years were better than others (all are good of course (how many sets of brackets can we fit in here?))))

Qualifying Elements
1. Clubs must play two tournaments, or have travelled over 700km for one tournament, or have been included in the previous year’s Club of the Year counting.
2. Club must be majority Qld or NNSW players.
3. Players may play for multiple clubs through the year, but only one club per event.
4. Clubs may accrue additional points via multiple teams in the same event.
5. A tournament must have at least four teams to be included, and be by open invitation/qualification (hence, NUFL not included, as only certain clubs can compete).

Determining Points
1. Points are given for placing in relation to the size of the tournament. Last place gets 100 points, each placing above that gets 100 points, but to 10 teams.
2. If there are more than 10 teams, the maximum points are 1000, and the points per placing distributed down to 100 points for last.
3. Spirit points are given as 20 points per team at the tournament - so for example, winning spirit at a 8 team tournament is 160 points.
4. There is a travel bonus to recognise that getting a team a distance takes more effort. 50km-700km is 100 points, 700-1400km is 200 points, more than 1400km is 300 points
5. Bonus points up to 100 for miscellaneous at the discretion of the award organiser.
6. If there are two divisions in a tournament, second division is treated as a separate event, although points are valued at 75%.

Last year we tried to add a bit of an intangible through Captain voting. But most Captains were too busy drinking with something else to vote, so we decided its too hard.

Sorry if we’ve made any mistakes – let us know and we’ll fix them.

Second to last tangent - we also looked this year at how we could account for League Clubs, but weren't able to come up with a good formula, particularly given BUML has yet to finish for the year. Maybe next time around, Mellow Yellow.

Final tangent – thanks to everyone who’s interested in this. We’re pleased that the prestige (well, noting at least) of this Award has grown from year to year. As always, we offer it with a knowledge of its limitations – and invite anyone who reckons they can do better to get on with it!! :0

So take a seat and let us get into the Countdown!

11th-14th Lounge Lizards (426 points), Barbarians (300 points), Dojo Mojo (150 points), Griffith Guerillas (100 points)
All these teams only played one tournament this year, and entered calculations based on their past experiences as a Club. Maybe next year they’ll enhance their existence? Most sympathy to the Guerillas, who came 12th in Division 1 at AUGs, and probably would’ve smashed a few teams in Division 2, but that’s the gamble. It was great to see the Dojo Club remembering what weekend Ultimate was all about, with a visit to the Slamtown Invitational in the middle of the year. The year was a great third run at Regionals for the Brisbane Barbarians, demonstrating their pluck by taking third place and getting their name on the trophy. And providing that a great idea will never die, the Lounge Lizards came off their rock(ers) for a run at Halibut, taking a healthy 8th position and plenty of points.

10th Slamtown Flatball Club (700 points)
2009 was a tricky year for interpreting the Gold Coast’s growing strength on the Queensland Ultimate scene. Indeed, as the quality has grown, many GC players took the opportunity to play for a variety of clubs through the year, including the Stimulated combo at Halibut and all sorts of groupings at Big Sky 9s. But near as we in the stately mansion can determine, the SFC got a roll at Regionals for 5th (100 points) and Lovefest for 3rd (500 points)

9th Fresh Fries Upsized (800 points)
There will no doubt be claims that the Fresh Fries and the Trevor clubs have a very similar roster and ethos, and therefore should have their points combined. But, you need to have pretty much the same name from tournament to tournament to be a real club in our eyes! Sorry gang (but add those points up if you wish, and there is still a bit of a surprise below!) The Fresh Fries are included under their own name, even though they only played one event in 2009 (Eastern Juniors), because they also played last year. 600 points for winning the 6 team tussle, plus a further 200 points for the travel.

8th Townsville (903 points)
Was there a club called Townsville this year? Well, kinda, and we figure the continuity of some Townsville squads over the years means that we’re adding up their points together as one group. Argue all you want, but remember its a big effort for Townsville to get along to tournaments elsewhere in Queensland, and whether as Thor at Regionals, or the Downstairs Mixup at Halibut, we’re adding up those points, adding in those travel bonuses, and naming them 8th this year (down from 6th in 2008).

7th Trevor Goes to the Club of the Year Awards (1094 points)
Its been a big year for the Trevor franchise, with teams including Trevor Goes to Slamtown, Trevor Goes to Halibut, Trevor Goes to Lovefest and Trevor Skies Mike Neild getting plenty of attention and racking up the points for participation, participation, participation (and having fun too).

Indeed, it is with great pleasure that we name Trevor as winners of the Brisbane Ultimate Blog NEW Club of the Year Award! Well done gang!

6th QUT River Rats (1163 points)
Another big year for the QUTies, one of Queensland's oldest clubs. Successful again in League play, but its their adventures of their Women’s squad at Regionals that really set them apart ... wait, hang on, they did win a nice bronze medal for the first time in Div 2 at AUGs .... plus pulling 9th place at the highly competitive Big Sky 9s. Actually, its probably QUT’s biggest year ever! (For those checking – 2006 680 points, 2007 900 points, 2008 580 points).

5th Delirium (1271 points)
Pulled together to represent Brisbane and Queensland at Mixed Nationals 2009, Delirium showed off the finest shirts in all northerndom while gathering the best talent. A warm-up at Lovefest plus the long road to Hobart and the 12th of 23 result gave them the goods!

4th Sultry (1470 points)
A busy final year for the sauciest logo in Queensland Ultimate sees the ladies go fourth. Two teams plus a spirit win at Regionals, a trip to Perth for Nationals, plus down to Canberra for the BCI, led to a healthy total.

3rd Mind the Gap (1707 points)
Once again this year, the venerable Mind the Gap showed everyone how its done, putting teams in for Halibut (6th), Lovefest (2nd) and Big Sky 9s (8th). Yes, participation is the name of the game, even when you’ve got the zimmer frame waiting patiently for you on the sideline (although perhaps the recruitment of some younger folk for a Gap-year also helped).

2nd Firestorm (2360 points)
A big year for Firestorm, with 5th place at Nationals, 1st and 2nd at Northern Regionals, and 8th at the inaugural Brisbane-Canberra Invitational down south there (looking forward to BCI2010 in Brisbane though!). A big year of travel too, to Perth and Canberra.

Now, some may argue that the rules of the BUB Club of the Year are skewed to prevent proper recognition of Firestorm as a club. All we can say in response is that you need to get your arses to more than three tournaments a year for us to take you seriously (and not come dead last at one of them)! More nicely, note that Firestorm topped its 2100 points of 2008 and 1440 of 2007 – maybe next year?

1st University of Queensland Ultimate Lovers (3415)
Yes, its a three-peat, and a smashing one at that (topping 2408 points from last year). But what do you expect from the biggest, oldest, best organised (Passion aside!) and most famous Ultimate Club in Queensland? In addition to its many League teams, UQ had a team at Slamtown, Halibut, two at Lovefest which it organised, and Big Sky 9’s, as well of course the best result for a Queensland team this year, taking home GOLD GOLD GOLD from the Australian University Games on the Gold Coast in October.

Well done UQ. If you ever get yourself a clubhouse (or even a small piece of wall at a pub), you’ll have three Club of the Year trophies now to put up there.

Well done UQ, and to everyone involved in Ultimate Clubs in Queensland!

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