Thursday, December 03, 2009

BPL - Reviewing the Year

Brisbane Premier League Director Stu (bless him) has emailed out a bit of an off-field look back at 2009, and invited ye Blog to host discussion. So here's the post below, and the comments lines are open!


BPL is over for 2009, overall the season went pretty well but would welcome anyones comments on room for improvement.

BPL still needs to pay AFDA and QUDA fees, as well as few more field costs but should end up with $800 to $1000 in the account. Which is a much healthier given that BPL started in debt this year. The main reason for the cash influx is because it's income has stayed the same (same number of players as last year) but it's outgoings have dropped by about 30% as we've only had to pay for one field, the benefits of only having 5 teams! BPL wants to keep a reasonable balance for any unexpected costs that may come up, but it's your money so let me know how you think it should be spent; developing juniors, free coaching, BPL merchandise. ......... ..

There have been several rumours going around of a sixth team forming but nothing concrete yet. I'll need to finalise the field bookings by the end of the year, so please let me know if you are going to establish a new team without an existing one collapsing!!

In order to cut down on the number of dodgy 'out' calls and to make the game more enjoyable to play and watch. BPL purchased two port-a-fields, which despite being a pain to set up and take down, seem worthwhile. If we are to re-expand to 6 teams then need to decide if we buy a third field, which will cost around $300.

Due to the issues with AJSC we have also moved around a fair bit this year but without missing any games. It sounds like AJSC are going to take a long time to get their lights fixed, you would hope they can do this by mid February but guess we'll just have to see. QUDA has put a lot of effort into it's relation with AJSC but at the same time is always looking for new venues, so if you know of anywhere that's available, let JdR and myself know.

To help improve the image of the sport, BPL made a push for all teams to be wearing matching kit this year, and a big thank you to all those team captains and organisers who sorted this out. It certainly looks a lot more impressive watching 4 distinct teams playing on marked out fields, than a bunch of random people running around between some cones. Hopefully teams are able to accomodate new players in some way, and some leniance will be given to a 6th team if they do form, but hopefully everyone will continue with this.

BPL hasn't had a free BBQ during a final for a while now, mainly because I don't have to time to organise it but if people want to volunteer and start this up again, just let know.

At the end of each season, BPL spends between $100 and $200 dollars (depending on current stock levels) on drinks for the final. Do people think this is a good social idea, or a waste of money that encourages drinking?

I've stuck to the rules probably more than previous LD's to make the job easier and to bring up the proffesionalism similar to the points above. Rules that are in place to make the TD's job easier are unlikely to change but other rules have been put in place due to demand, this demand seems to change from season to season, often by the same players. Any practical proposals are welcome for discussion.

In fact Jason, if you post this on your blog site, people can comment and discuss on there.




JdR said...

Just to echo Stu, if people want suggest other fields, we need to be doing this now (December). We need to be able to get 'bids' in to field providers *before* they start thinking about their next season of Winter sport.

I suspect there isn't, but if people were interested in a change of night (to say Tuesday), alternate fields would be easier to come by. Many sports that play on the weekend are eager to train on Thursdays.

Alternative fields would also likely mean a change in travel plans for many. We work hard on keeping AJSC because its fairly central.

JdR said...

Also means to that add, Stu, you've done a great job this year. We are lucky to have you!

julz said...

Yep thanks for your efforts Stu.

Just putting this out there... was wondering if there is any thought about reverting to 3 seasons again next year? Or maybe a shorter 3rd season? Obviously some teams used them more than others, but I thought the number of training nights this year was too much given that we all had byes as well. Would be less of a problem with a 6th team obviously...

aL said...

Think that the 2 season appraoch went well.. Thought that break in the middle meant that everybody came back a little keener for the second season than has happenned in previous seasons.

And while the uptake wasn't huge thought that the all inclusive training nights in the season break were useful.

Perhaps running something similar again next year would be good. Perhaps plus 3-4 weeks of a 'draft' based mini league between the seasons?

Do think that with the bye though the number of training nights through the season was a little more than required for most teams. 2 training + 2 byes. If we were to go to 6 teams again think that 2 training weeks during the season would be useful - for at least some of the teams anyway.

Mick said...

Loved the season. Thanks Stu!

Realistically we won't see a sixth team unless the Buggers want to split. Their numbers are down from recent years (off the top of my head I know Chaddy, Damien, Harry, Alex [Klonick], Notty, Reece, Wet, Me, Nugget, Jack and Josh left the club and they did so well as a conglomerate with a some great additions. It's hard to see anything changing and the Buggers dynasty will continually succeed in seasons to come.

Anonymous said...

You're kidding... Go and find your other eye, Mick, you've left it behind somewhere.

There is no doubt that the Buggers have been the dominant club in BPL over recent years, but the 6th team is almost certain regardless of what Buggers do, and only a patented Dojo choke and a late surge of Jason/Mike connections gave them the season 2 final.

Looking forward to the new year, and having another crack at this unstoppable MBB juggernaut...

Mike said...

Another good year of the BPL - it is an excellent and exciting competition.

I think we should add the extra porta-field if we get a 6th team.

The 6th team wont be a MBB team, however I hope that it will get together.

I'd vote to keep 3 seasons, especially if we have 6 teams to play in and against.

It great that the league makes some money. I think that this should continue at the expense of the players. Some of this money could be used to pay the league director. League directors put in a lot of time and effort and I think we should pay for this service. Reward the hard work and ensure that we retain good quality league directors.


Mike said...

Bugger it.

2 Seasons, not 3.

Another close call for the Buggers, the result we wont none the less though hey Cheese?

JdR said...

Personal opinions as a BPL player now:
- hang onto the money and if necessary subsidise the 2010 seasons. ie - try to use it to keep League fees the same as 2009. But buy a third portafield if you need it.
- please introduce compulsory matching shorts as well as shirts
- I'm happy with two seasons, but as mentioned elsewhere and for a number of reasons, I would love to see a short Open hat run between the seasons. Good for potential recruits to try the level out, chance to change up who you play with and how you play, build spirit by crossing those tribal lines, etc.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it we will get a 6th team... From the GC.

Pete said...

2 seasons or 3 really depends on when the 1st season begins and how separate we want the seasons to feel. With 6 teams that will be a season of at least 12 weeks, add in 2 training weeks (1 at the start, 1 midway or just before semis?), a nationals week break, the obligatory rain delays and that can easily be 16-17 even 18 weeks. 2 season makes that 34-36 with a few weeks between seasons (which is a must or else people don't see the 1st season as such a separate indentity and the final will be a let down). So say 2-4 weeks off mid year? The xmas break of 4-6 weeks. That's 40-46 weeks taken up. Not really much time left for a 3rd league without taking away from the others. But there would be room in there for an the short hat league that JdR was on about. 6-12 weeks would be plenty of time to run something.

Pete said...

And hells yeah there will be a 6th team Mick.

Stuart said...

As Pete has worked out, there isn't much room for a third season. The typical annual plan is:
Dec/Jan - No BPL
Feb/Mar/Apr/May - Season 1
Jun/Jul - No BPL
Aug/Sep/Oct/Nov - Season 2

I tried running the SAT league games this winter but to no success, this was probably due to it being on the weekend, which most players prefer to use for non-frisbee stuff.

Could try something again next year but was also considering using July as coaching month again. Happy for someone else to pick up the reins here and run something?

The Gold Coast team is looking like the most likely 6th team but there are other non MBB options, putting in the order for the 3rd port-a-field soon.

natman said...

Cheers Stu for a great effort in 2009.
I'm a fan of 2 seasons, time at the start of the seasons to recruit and reorganise (training nights/training games/hat games), big fan of the coaching and would love to see training nights count to the player eligibility either as bonus nights or as part of the half a season quota

gref said...

I'm at work so I'll keep my input brief.
- Love the 2 seasons.
- Want 6 teams
- Get another Port-A-Field if we have 6 teams
- Give the league director some incentive (Monetary) for doing a good job
- 2 Training nights is fine

Andrew said...

Well run season Stu. I was a huge fan for the break over June/July and keeping 2 seasons. A mini draft league (4 teams) in this time would be good to mix things up a little. Would be happy to move the night though I know Wed would clash with UQ and Tuesday would mean 2 nights in a row with Mon night leauge.
Andy Mc