Friday, November 20, 2009

BPL Final - TD's Report

From TD Stu:

Congratulations to Moreton Bay Buggers who last night defeated Dojo Mojo in
a sudden death game, to retain the Championship trophy and have their name
engraved on it for an 8th time.

So final placings were: 1. MBB 2. Dojo Mojo 3. Cobras 4. UQ Lovers 5. UQ Passion(Damn I was close; I had picked MBB, Dojo, Cobras, Passion, Lovers)

I can't remember much of the final [Stu was playing, not drunk - eds], MBB seemed to be up by 2 points for most of the first half, despite JRay repeatedly hucking the disc straight out of the pitch from his own endzone line :-) The Dojo zone defence
managed to force more errors out of MBB and they took the lead in the second

After the hooter, Dojo were 12-9 up, game to 13. Somehow MBB won!!

Congratulations to the following people who made the BPL MVP all-star list,
but it was Leon 'Fatty' McIntyre who takes the trophy home:1. Fatty - 8 pts 2.
Cheeseburger - 6pts 3. Al Don - 5 pts 3. Jangles - 5 pts 5. Wetnose - 4 pts 6. Gref
- 4 pts 7. Silent George - 3 pts 8. Piers - 3 pts

I can't remember the average team spirit scores but UQ managed to tie the win. Final placings were: 1. UQ Lovers and Passion 3. MBB 4. Cobras 5. Dojo

A big thanks to JdR and Rob Lowe for finding alternative venues, which maeant that BPL didn't miss a single game this season.

More emails to follow with the plans for 2009 and what changes players would
like to see happen. Hopefully see you all again on the 11 February 2009.

Regards Stu

Can we here at the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion say, on behalf of our readers as well as the wider Ultimate playing world, a big thanks to Stuart. Once again we've had an extremely well run League. Good job. We owe you beer.

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