Sunday, August 31, 2008

Queensland Qualifier - Quick Results

Here's the quick results ... we might get some more detail into this post later in the week.

Congratulations to Mind the Gap, who defeated Great!Sugoi! in the Final, 15-8.

The Lounge Lizards took third place, defeating the UQ Lovers in the playoff, 8-5.

Spirit winners were Great!Sugoi!

So the South Queensland Qualifiers for Mixed Nationals 2008, in order of qualification are:

1. Mind the Gap
2. Great!Sugoi!
3. UQ Lovers*
4. Lounge Lizards*

*These two teams agreed that their earlier matchup, where UQ won, would be used to agree the final placing for the tournament.

Friday, August 29, 2008

BPL 2008-2 Round 10 Results

Congratulation to Slippery Buggers for taking out the minor premiership.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mass Debaters

Well the debate has hotted up in biggest election to take place in 2008: The race for the new BPL League Director. The candidates have sent out statements that are so hot of the presses, its like touching a ranga's hair.

Stu Austin:

For those interested, my previous Tournament Director experience is:

South West Student Indoor Regionals - 1999, 2000, 2001

Student Indoor Nationals - 2000 (you play a lot of indoor ultimate as a student in the UK!!)

Previous League Director experience:

Started Bristol Winter League in 2003, and continued in 2004.

BWL was slightly different to BPL as it had about 8 to 12 teams (depending on how cold it was) travelling in from a 150km radius. Therefore the league was a series of 1 day tournament on the first Sunday of each month from October to February, with teams playing in pier pools. You then had promotion/relegation after each event. Unfortunately in 2005 Bristol Plastic Factory (the main club in Bristol) decided to turn it into a pickup league so that they could recruit new players, at the first event they only had 20 players and it was never run again :-(

Since then I have been doing a bit of coaching here and there but haven't run any tournaments/leagues for a few years now. As for next season of BPL, the only change that I was going to make (which has already been discussed quite a lot on the blog) was that only first place seed wins field 1 for the next season. If the 2nd place team wins field 2, then teams 3, 4, 5 and 6 each end up playing 50% of their games on field 3, which isn't really much of an improvement on this season (other than for team 3). If only team 1 keeps their field then they never play on field 3 and the other 5 teams only play 37.5% of their games on field 3.

I'm sure discussions will continue as to the use of other fields, currently the Monday night fields 3 and 4 are being used on a Thursday night.

I'm not sure if my connection with Lookfly could improve the league in any way, their could be some sort of sponsorship, this would have to be discussed with BUDA and Lookfly. Obviously it would never be at the expense of the players. Dog-cup merchandise would always be optional rather than part of the player fee.



Well while I don't have the previous league director experience that Stu does, I certainly feel like I would still make a good league director for the ever growing BPL.

I have helped run tournaments over the past 3 years since I started playing Ultimate, and have this year taken on the role of treasurer for Firestorm. This position involved liaising with suppliers, cost calculation and budgeting, along with collecting fees from players; all roles that would aid me in leading the BPL into a next few years.

As I said, I don't have the same past experience of being a league director that Stu has, however there is always the ongoing complaint from people that there are not enough volunteers in Ultimate. If we are only going to use people that have experience and not bring in new volunteers to help them grow and gain experience then eventually the experience will leave and we will be left with people who don't know what to do and are not able to be assisted by people who have the experience but no longer wish to have the main role in their hands.

I am also looking into changing the draw to not "reward" a team that comes third by sticking them out on the dark field. I am looking into two scenarios: One is that both the first and second place teams from the previous season gain home fields and everyone else is rotated through the other fields. The other scenario is only rewarding the reigning premiers with a home field and rotating games through the other two fields.

Unlike political elections, there will be no mud slinging and I will let Stu say anything he likes about what he wants to do without me commenting, and I'm sure he will do the same.

I am very excited about the possibility of helping BPL continue its growth and development of the best players in Brisbane, and ask you to please vote for me.



So there are your candidates, the power is in your hands. Votes can be entered/changed here until 11 September.

After This One, I'm Sure Our "Obsession" Will Wear Off

Ever since these photos of a bare-chested injun hunk arrived anonymously in our offices here at stately BUB mansion, we've been wondering what to do with them.

You've seen a few posted already.

But we can't get them out of our heads.

Its getting a bit troubling.

One of the great ways to get over this kind of disturbing obsession, is to just go for it.

Overdose yourself, and hope you survive.

So following on from a fairly common internet meme, here's some fun. And since Stef hasn't been around much lately, there's a bit of him in there too.

Since we're interactive here, you're welcome to grab the first one and send us your own photos and captions.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Queensland Qualifier

The Queensland Qualifier tournament is on this Saturday.

Spectators most welcome - particularly for the Final! Supporter drinks will be available.

Team fees are expected to be announced today via email - just waiting on the UQ Club to forward its budget to QUDA for approval.

This will be a tough event - the team that comes first will gain a very high seed at Mixed Nats, thanks to Bootius' success last year on behalf of the South Queensland zone.

Questions and tips can be posted in the Comments section below.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

BPL 2008-2 Round 10 Draw

Final week of the "home and away" season (although all games are at the same venue).
The semi finals are going to shape up like this: The winner of the top game (on the draw above) will play the loser of the middle game, and the winner of the middle game will play the loser of the top game.
Lovers and Rawhide are playing each other this week, and will play each other again next week. I'm sure they are looking forward to that!

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Eye

You feel compelled to click to make bigger ....

Early Leaks from Queensland Club of the Year Calculations

So this morning we fired up the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion's own "Enigmuck" calculating machine, and pushed in a few brightly coloured punch cards covering results from earlier in the year (we thank Auscert for its recent technical advice).

After some chuffing and churning, Enigmuck forwarded some results so far for teams which are in the running for Queensland Club of the Year. You might recall the 2007 winners were the UQ Lovers (followed by Bootius and the Lounge Lizards), while 2006 was year of the Bootius Maximus (followed by UQ and Dojo Mojo).

The spreadsheets rolling off the dot matrix referenced a number of teams based out of Queensland (and Northern NSW) who've played at tournaments so far this year, including Firestorm, Mind the Gap, Slamtown Flatball Club, Minx, Sultry, Thor, the Pass, UQ, Mellow Yellow, iCarrot and Not Sure Yet. All well and good - all of these Clubs made it to something like Regionals, Nationals or Halibut, and we expect to insert results from the QQ/AMUC reps the Lounge Lizards and Great!Sugoi! before the year is out, along with any other Clubs that get themselves to Lovefest and AUGs.

As we perused and then prepared to burn the pages (we don't want any surprises leaked before the annual QUDA bash at the end of the year), we noticed Enigmu continuing to blow steam and sparks, before some more pages rolled out!

Suddenly, League teams were appearing before our eyes!?! The Moreton Bay Buggers, Chimichangas, Bermuda Triangle, Rawhide, Plastic Scourgery, Dyspnoeics, Dojo Mojo, Poachers, QUT RiverRats and the Heroes were added to the mix. These were teams that had played at least two reasonably sized Leagues this year ....

We weren't sure what to think.

So we'd figure we'd ask you.

Do you think that League teams should be included in the Queensland Club of the Year calculations? And if so, do you think winning a League is about as excellent (or more excellent or less excellent) as winning a tournament?

BPL 2008-2 Round 9 Results

Friday, August 22, 2008

Qualifier Update

The official email won't be going out from the QUDA Communications Bunker until tomorrow, but news on the wire is that next weekend's Queensland Qualifier has been reduced to four teams and a one day event.

Miscommunication led the Townsville based Hand of God to register even though they weren't planning to make the 1000km trip down, while UQ Happy and the Channon's Mismatch, realising that bringing their new players to the tournament would result in some potentially demoralising defeats by the elite of South Queensland Ultimate, particularly with the more amenable Lovefest only a few weeks away, wasn't the best idea ever. Meanwhile, the Slamtown Flatball Club is missing some key leadership folk and Byron Bay's the Pass is in a bit of a lull.

So, if you live in SEQ and want to play at Mixed Nationals 2008, you should do yourself a favour and get onto either the UQ Lovers, the Lounge Lizards, Great!Sugoi! or the venerable Mind the Gap, as quick as you can. The way we at the BUB understand the rostering rules for AMUC - they are such that teams can only pick up one male and one female that haven't played with the team in the previous two years - so playing the QQ with your preferred gang is a way to make sure you're all good.

Anyway, please await the official communication via the usual QUDA outlets.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And So ... It Begins

So the letterbox here at stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion has started to fill up with frickin' junk mail ....

That whole 'mankini' thing could become Wetnose's own Swiftboat affair ....

I'm not sure what to make of this one ...

None of these are endorsed by anyone.

House of Flying Voters

So as of this morning, BPL now has two candidates for its new League Director.

Such is the massive power of the media. We feel a bit like Rupert Murdoch.

What's super crazy beyond all expectations and comprehension?

Its going to be a vote!

This is madness on an unprecedented scale.

Ultimate works best with a mildly benign dictatorship. We all know this - if it didn't we'd start turning up to AGMs.

What are we going to get here? Candidate statements? Running mates? A Town Hall Debate? Slush funds? Spin doctors? Lurid photos suggesting bizarre sexual dressing up activities? Scurrilous emails warning us of the ongoing threat of British League Directors to our precious aussie male fluids?

Having voting leads us only in one direction.


I guess one good thing could come out of this.

Will the loser go and offer to run Monday nights for Dan and Adilia?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Crouching Bugger, Pointing Finger

The title of this post gives it away and is a bit harsh, but once something vaguely amusing enters our heads here at stately BUB mansion, well, we just roll with it.

Many of you readers will be aware that SuperJonGoodMan, the BPL's current paranormally powered and much loved League Director, is putting aside the clipboard come the end of this season.

Alas, despite lots of calls, nobody has stuck their hand up to take on the role.

It could be one of those "I"m just a simple Ultimate guy and I don't think I could do it" things - in which case we can only get Barack Obama on your arse and say "YES YOU CAN!" and finish this post. We all respect and appreciate anyone who volunteers in Ultimate, and everyone will help!

But maybe it's one of those "keep quiet and somebody else will do it" things.

When this happens, then one option is for self-proclaimed moral arbiters like this blog to construct a half-assed case and point some fingers hoping for a response*.

So here goes!

Think about the current and previous BPL Directors of the last few years, and the teams they play on:
- Jon Good (Rawhide)
- Andy Lankowski (Dojo Mojo)
We should add in Shawn Robb and Jason de Rooy, both of Rawhide, and Dan Blacklock of Dojo who've covered weeks here and there when the LDs have been away.

Beginning to see a pattern here? Where are the UQ and Bugger players helping to run the League? Aren't they the biggest Clubs?

Now, we're inclined to let UQ slide, as they already run a League themselves., over in St Lucia on Wednesdays.

Which leaves us with the Buggers.

So perhaps the Bugs can have a chat amongst themselves this week and see if there's someone who'll take up the torch.

*You know I know and everyone knows that there's tonnes of Bugger players who've done tonnes for Queensland Ultimate aside from providing an LD for BPL :) so there's no real bagging intended! Really, this post is just about reminding people we need a new League Director, and trying to do it in an entertaining and humourish manner through a faux outrage and finger pointing exercise!

BPL 2008-2 Round 9 Draw

Only 2 rounds to go before the semis, and with the semi finalists decided (barring forfeits) teams will need to watch for Lovers and Rawhide going for broke with nothing to lose.

Monday, August 18, 2008

BUML Week 7

We're into the second half of the season, and things are starting to look interesting in the all-comers Monday night mixed league. The cooler temperatures of recent weeks have seen a few teams change their looks (either because some weaklings haven't been showing up or because team uniforms now have the 'hoodie' look) making tipping difficult, so lets just check out a couple of matches we're calling Games of the Round and draw your attention to our Player to Watch.

Game of the Round 1: All the old folks sitting in the lawn bowls club house next to Annerley Field 4 will be wondering what all that racket is and then trying to chase the nude Andy's off their lawns, when the Dyspnoeics take on their arch-foes Mellow Yellow tonight. This will be a real cracker with both teams coming off wins last week. Significantly, while both teams have long term reputations as the 'also-rans' of Monday night Ultimate, this season sees them both well-positioned and continuing to come good and regular. If Jon's flu has been shaken off and Rob has had enough to drink over the weekend that he feels he need to punish his body tonight, then we're tipping the Mellies to take it out.

Game of the Round 2: Speaking of arch-foes, the QUT RiverRats take on the UQ Lovers in the battle of the studs, I mean, students. The Lovers slammed the much-fancied (on and off the field) Chimichangas last week, while the Rats turned the zoological world upside-down with their defeat of the Cougars. We here at Brisbane Ultimate Blog have a bit of a soft spot for the Runts, I mean Rats, and since UQ aren't in our good books at the moment (for once!), we'll have to tip the Rats.

Player to Watch: So if you're down checking out the games tonight, you'll want to keep an eye out for Matt Eastburn of Team 12. Soon to be of the married kind, Matt is currently leading Dojo Mojo's MVP polling and is best known for ... well, a lot of things. I wouldn't want to spoil the surprises or mystique. But if you're near Annerley Field 3, make sure you tell him you're checking him out - he might shake some booty or show you how to ".... STOP! .... Hammer time ... woo-oo-ooooo-ooo ..."

Qualifying for Mixed Nationals

So just to repeat some stuff emailed elsewhere.

1. Southern Queensland is able to send up to four teams to Mixed Nats 2008 (to be held in Brisbane on 18-20 October).

2. To be one of these four, teams need to compete in the Queensland Qualifier, to be held on 30-31 August (two weeks away).

3. To compete in the qualifier, you need to have your team registered by today (or have talked to the QUDA-nominated competition manager, JdR), and have your roster pretty much finalised by this Friday.

4. The qualifer will help to determine who gets to go to Mixed Nats, as well as providing seeding information for that.

5. Nonetheless, non-qualification seeking teams are welcome to play in the Qualifier tournament, noting though they they're likely to get beaten somewhat badly by some highly motivated quality teams!

Tournament information from the hosts, UQ Ultimate, will be out in the next few days.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

BPL 2008-2 Round 8 Draw

Sneaky Halibut Shots

These photos were smuggled into the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog manor by someone. A french speaking mademoiselle perhaps? Was she a spy? Uncovering the depravity at the lowest levels of Halibut? Who can say?


Friday, August 08, 2008

BPL 2008-2 Round 7 Results

With the end of the season getting so close, we want to make the tipping results somewhat of a surprise, so there will be no more publishing of the tipping table. And needless to say, with Lovers causing an upset in beating Passion this week, it has caused quite a stir up of both the tipping table and the league standings. Only 13 out of 30 tips again this week were correct.
Will Rawhide's performance this week see people fall off the Rawhide huckwagon for future tips? Time will tell...

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Sources of Info

Just in case you missed it, SuperJohnnyMac recently forwarded around a lengthy outline of how to find out about Ultimate Frisbee ....

Hey all,

A number of people who have come into the sport over the last year or
two tend to get all their information through friends about what's
happening. This is fine, but you may missing out on some interesting or
important news, announcements or information.

The purpose of this email is just to let you know about the information
pathways available. Please read below if you are not familiar with these.
There are a wide range of options for different interests; however, there are a couple of things that are relevant for everyone.

All players must ensure their email address is correct in the AFDA database, and know how to log in to the AFDA site.
No one can do this for you. It is vital to make sure that you're able to register for competitions, and that you're getting necessary information for your leagues/tournaments .

To do this, go to and log in.
- If you don't know your login details, go to the left menu Help -> Forgotten Password. Enter your AFDA number (or search for your name if you don't know it) and your password will be sent to the email account that you registered when you joined the AFDA.
- If this doesn't work, the email address that you have registered into the system is probably not your current one. Use the "Wrong Email Address" section of that same page to set up a new email address. Once this has happened, you will then need to use the Forgotten Password option to get your password for the site.

Congrats! You now have your login details. Make sure you record them for future reference - you'll need them to sign up for many competitions.
Once you have signed in, go to Membership -> Edit My Details and ensure that everything is current and correct.

It's highly, highly recommended that all Ultimate players in SE Qld join the Brisbane Ultimate email group.
This is a general announcement list to let you know about upcoming events. It averages less than 1 email per day, and you can unsubscribe at any time. It's the single best way to find out about new leagues, tournaments and other events.

To join, simply send a blank email to buda-ultimate- subscribe@ yahoogroups. com
A confirmation email will be sent to you, to which you just need to hit "Reply" and then "Send".

You're now on the group - welcome aboard. You can unsubscribe at any time by sending a blank email to buda-ultimate- unsubscribe@ yahoogroups. com



There's 3 general categories: Yahoogroups, email lists, and websites.
1. Yahoogroups are typically open lists for a particular
topic/club/competit ion. Some are for announcements, some for discussion.
2. Email lists are generally for a specific competition and only include
participants in that particular competition. The main one is the AFDA
registration system, used for many leagues/tournaments (where you log in
to the Australian Ultimate website with your membership number). UQ
Ultimate also uses a list for their league.
3. I imagine you all know what a website is...

Yahoogroups have traditionally been the major method of communication,
though some competition directors are starting to use the AFDA
registration system more to ensure that all players receive necessary
information. Websites, as usual, are used for a slightly different

*** 1. YAHOOGROUPS ****


The web address for a given group is
sports.groups. group/GROUPNAME
You will need a Yahoo ID to use the web features of a given group.
To subscribe to a given email group, send a blank email to
GROUPNAME-subscribe @yahoogroups. com

For example, for the buda-ultimate group:
Web: sports.groups. group/buda- ultimate
Email subscription: buda-ultimate- subscribe@ yahoogroups. com

You can set up each Yahoogroup to either send you every email
individually, a daily digest (1 email per day containing all messages),
or not to send you email (but enable you to access the messages on the
You may also unsubscribe from a Yahoogroup at any time by going to the
home page and selecting "Edit Membership" -> "Leave Group"; or by
sending a blank email to GROUPNAME-unsubscri be@yahoogroups. com


Brisbane Ultimate announcements: buda-ultimate
This group is for announcements on Brisbane Ultimate. It is not a
general discussion list, so traffic is low (average <1 style="font-weight: bold;"> Queensland Ultimate announcements: qld-ultimate
Similarly, this is an announcement list for Queensland Ultimate. Traffic
is low, once again (<1 style="font-weight: bold;"> --- SPECIFIC LEAGUES/AREAS ---

Monday night league (BUML?): yufl_intermediate
This stems from the days when the Monday night league was called YUFL,
and was aimed at intermediate standard... This is primarily an
announcement list for the Monday night league, though it also receives
some announcements about other Brisbane events. It remains low traffic
(<1 style="font-weight: bold;"> Women's league (Tuesday nights): wufl
An announcement list for the women's league on Tuesday nights. It also
receives some general announcements and other information relevant to
Brisbane women's Ultimate. This list is low traffic (<1 style="font-weight: bold;"> Brisbane Premier League (Thursday nights): dog-cup
From the days when the league was called the Dog Cup... This is an
announcement list for the BPL. However, this league has been using the
AFDA registration system to communicate in recent seasons, and this list
is mainly general Brisbane announcements and information relevant to
men's or higher level Ultimate. Low traffic (<1 style="font-weight: bold;"> Gold Coast: bond_ultimate
This list was originally just for Bond Uni, but now seems to be the
primary list for Gold Coast Ultimate (including the current Gold Coast
Ultimate League). Low traffic (<1 style="font-weight: bold;"> Byron Bay: byron_ultimate
They're not quite Queensland, but they're nearby and we consider them
ours :-) Ultimate in and around Byron has been solid over the last few
years, playing locally, sending teams to tournaments, and also holding a
tournament or two. General chat list, low traffic.

--- SE QLD CLUBS ---

Firestorm: firestorm-ultimate
Firestorm is Brisbane's representative men's Ultimate club, playing at
national level. If you want to know what's going on with the club or are
interested in playing some higher level Ultimate, feel free to join and
see what's happening. Low traffic out of season, moderate traffic as the
open/women's season comes around.

UQ: uq_ultimate
UQ is one of most established Ultimate clubs in Australia, running its
own league, entering club teams in all other Brisbane leagues, and the
reigning Australian University champion. They use a specific email list
for their league, but this list is for general club announcements (also
receives some general Brisbane announcements) . Low traffic (<1 style="font-weight: bold;"> QUT: qut-ultimate
QUT have been active on the Ultimate scene for the last few years,
competing in local leagues and also at university championship level.
This list is for general club announcements (and occasionally receives
general Brisbane announcements) . Low traffic (<1 style="font-weight: bold;"> --- OTHER LISTS OF INTEREST ---

Australian Ultimate announcement list: aus-ultimate
Like buda-ultimate and qld-ultimate, a general announcement but this
time it's Australia-wide. Information on all sorts of things, from major
tournaments to updates on the Australian teams touring North America in
the lead-up to Worlds in August. Usually low traffic.

Australian Youth Ultimate: aus-youth
General stuff related to youth Ultimate (under 19). Low traffic.

QUDA administration: quda-admin
For reasonable discussion on administrative things in Queensland
frisbee. Low traffic.

Australian Unis: afda-unis
Pretty quiet these days, but might be fired back up in the lead-up to
AUG. Low traffic.

*** 2. EMAIL LISTS ****

Some competitions will use a specific email list to communicate to all
participants. The most common example is the AFDA competition
registration system (at , as used by BPL, Halibut, etc.
This involves players registering online, and the competition manager
can then contact players in that competition.

The most important thing to say here is: *ensure your email address in
the AFDA database is correct*. If it's wrong, you won't be getting info
that you need.

*** 3. WEBSITES ****

There are a few websites that may help you keep track of Ultimate at
various levels.

Australian Flying Disc Association
This is the website of our national sporting organisation, our governing
body. It has all sorts of information, from info about what's happening
in each state, to resources on frisbee administration, to the history of
Ultimate in Australia, to all policies governing our sport, etc etc etc.
More importantly for most people, this is where you access the online
registration system, and it also has a tournament calendar about what's
coming up in Australia.

Queensland Ultimate Disc Association
Kinda like the AFDA of Queensland.. . QUDA administrates, organises and
builds the sport in Queensland. Lots of info here as well.

Brisbane Ultimate Blog
brisbaneultimatedis c.blogspot. com
Not an official site by any means, but an excellent blog run by JdR, one
of our experienced hands in QUDA. A witty, informative and entertaining
read (you can pay me later, JdR), it's a really good site for getting a
more relaxed and colourful look at what's happening around the place.

www.ultitalk. com
Finally, Ultitalk is a forum site for Ultimate around the world, but
it's essentially turned into a discussion forum for a bunch of Aussie
frisbee players. Sometimes interesting, sometimes not... Like any forum
site, really.

++++++++++++ +++++++++ +++++++++ ++++++++

Well, I hope that was worth it for at least a few people.
If I've missed anything, my apologies. Let me know and will try to add
it to the list.

Cheers all. Hope that you are now better informed about this crazy sport


P.S. Apologies for inbox-filling to all older denizens who've known this stuff for years and are on all the lists they need already...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

BPL 2008-2 Round 7 Draw

Worlds 2008 - Day 2 Summary

Another good day for the Aussies with the various teams winning 8 of their 10 games today, including the Junior Women's team taking down the Number 1 seeded USA. Here are the scores and stats:


Dingos def Venesuela 17-9
Matzuka - 2 assists
Nield - 1 assist
Potts - 1 goal

Dingos def Germany 17-7
Nield - 1 goal, 1 assist
Matzuka - 2 assists


Firetails def Switzerland 17-9

Firetails def Italy 17-9


Barramundis def Italy 17-5


Taipans def France 17-6
Stats page was unavailable for this site, so we can only assume that Buzz, Piers and Mat scored all the points and were generally awesome.

Junior Open

Thunder def by Columbia 10-15

Thunder def by USA 4-17

Junior Women

Terra def Great Britain 17-5

Terra def Number 1 Seed USA 15-11

Let us know if there is anything else you would like in terms of info on the results and we will put in a mediocre effort to get it to you.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Worlds 2008 - Day 1 Summary

Each day, at about this time, we here at the BUB Manor will endeavour to give you a summary of the comings and goings of WUGC2008, currently being played over in Vancouver. Australia has teams in all 6 divisions so we will let you know how they are going, as well as pointing out some stats racked up by Queenslanders (and some people we lay claim to being Queenslanders).


Dingos def Ireland 17-7
Potts - 3 assists
Neild - 3 assists


Firetails def by USA 12-17

Firetails def Ireland 17-2


Barramundis def Hong Kong 17-5
Al Don - 2 assists
Notty - 1 assist

Baramundis def by USA 14-17
Al Don - 2 goals


Taipans def Great Britain 17-13
Burwell - 1 goal, 3 assists
Piers - 4 goals, 1 assist
Mat Ryan - 3 goals

Taipans def Japan 16-10
Burwell - 3 assists
Piers - 1 goal, 2 assists
Mat Ryan - 1 goal

Junior Open

Thunder def France 17-12
Brock Cunliffe - 1 goal
Will Larkin - 1 assist

Junior Women

Terra def Canada 12-9

Terra def by Japan 13-17

Simon over at the friendly Ballarat Blog has done up a schedule of games for the Australian teams giving AEST times for all pool games (range from around 1am to 10am). Also, if anyone is interested there is live webstreamed coverage of the finals for the Womens, Mixed and Open divisions this Sunday morning at Coverage starts around 5am AEST with the Open final being on at around 11am.

Friday, August 01, 2008

BPL 2008-2 Round 6 Results

BPL 2008-2 Round 6 Tipping Results

Not a good week for tipping. Not only were there no perfect tippers this week, out of the 30 tips entered for the week only 13 were correct. Mainly on the back of no one tipping Slippery to beat Passion. Special mention though to Pete for is astonishing 0 out of 3 tips for the week, a first for this season of BPL.