Monday, April 29, 2013

BUML Preview Round 9

No Div 1 this week due to all your favourite rep players live Goose, Dom, Briggsy, Gio (but not Reece) and Trevor having Post Tournament Depression. The normal cure for this is to 'play some frizza' as I heard George say once. When he was talking into a loudspeaker. Instead I hear all the Nats players are having a shindig and watching this all night
Div 2

After not getting a win for 3 weeks, BT hammered Agents last week to get back in the groove. GAT meanwhile are having their own little streak, losing the last 2 weeks in tight ones. Ultimate is a game of momentum and Triangle have it again.
BT by 6

Tsunami v Heroes
Is Chris Brown backing up after helping Slamtown to an 11th place finish at Nationals? All of the fashionistas are certainly hoping so. That kid can dress. Even without Brisbane Ultimate's own Gok, I think Heroes will be too good for a Tsunami team that seems to have lost it's mojo from previous seasons.
Green Tide by 4

Chimichangas v Agents
These teams have very similar records, but those of the loud shorts have a far superior points differential. This says to me that Agents have more problems scoring than Abra at.... anything with ladies. If Chimi's can apply pressure on D, they'll walk away with this one.
Mexican food by 8

Another game with potentially another huge name missing. Will Trevor Lovering, youtube sensation, debonair pilot and hammer catcher extraordinaire, play? Or will WTH? be without it's paparazzi magnet? Only time will tell.....
Look the Guardians haven't been very good at guarding their endzone this season and WTH? are undefeated. This should continue.
WTH? by 9

Discheads v Quties A
Both teams are led by Firestorm handlers and both have big rosters. How a draining Nationals campaign has effected the 2 inspirational leaders is anyone guess. The one thing we do know is that JMac can and will hammer
Tho can he do it accurately enough that a monster layout isn't required? A telling question indeed. Let's be honest, this game isn't about the big names, but the more than capable supporting casts of both teams. People like Peter Truss, Jessie Henders, Rory Dodd, Calvin Tang and Carl Behrendorff. Cos I like orange and Quties has someone named Tang on their team, I've gotta go with them.

Quties by 2

Div 3

This one looks straight forward on paper. Which would be great if I was using paper. Instead I'm using a computer. So it looks more pixellated. Player to watch: Samantha Lavery on Disco Disco.
DD by 7

I remember when Mellow Yellow were a force to reckoned with in BUML. Led by Jon Good, they dispatched teams in a less than mellow fashion. That was a while ago though, probably before most of BriKAG were born, or at least knew about Ultimate. The lowest AFDA on Brick is 19604. By contrast, that's how many beers Rolo has drunk prematch over the course of his playing career.
BriKAG will do it in a cantering canter by 6

Dump and Burn v Team Lift
Team Lift might not be able to score much on the scoreboard, but they certainly know how to score a good spirit point. The Burners will win this, but Lift will stay atop the spirit ladder.
D&B by 5

I'm gonna pick Space Invaders for this one purely cos Craig Behrendorff is more likely to read this post than someone from Griffith Go-Yeahs. Hi Craig! Srsly tho, both these teams have very similar records and this should be a tight game. SI have a better defensive record and that's where you win games.
SI by 2

YCTD v Quties B
If Jangles plays he'll be tired and that won't be good for Quties. If he doesn't play, it also won't be good. Based on that and the fact that I like You Can't Touch Disc's name better any of the other puns, they'll win here.
YCTD by 3


The Mayor of Slamtown said...

I have a friend in town, from Cairns looking to play BUML div 2 tonight, and she wants to play on a team with me... anyone need an extra 2 players?
let me know...

craig said...

thanks Sauce, love your work

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