Monday, April 22, 2013

BUML Preview Round 8

Div 1

Drop Bears V Dyspnoeics
This game might be closer than one might originally think. The Bears are missing a few people due to OS holidays and Nats road trips, leaving their roster to depend even more on the likes of Musty, Pete and Brianna. The Blue Ds got an upset last time and will fancy their chances again if they can get enough troops on the field.
DBs in a tight one.

Poachers v UQ Lovers
It's 1 v 4, with plenty of exciting match-ups. What everyone is talking about though is Brisbane Ultimate's most exciting Power Couple 'Mylique' being on opposing teams. The twittershpere is going nuts with followers of the couple choosing sides. Hashtags that have popped up are #teamdom #teamatlas #mylique4eva #whoismylique #amishbeardsareawesome and #nevermindatlaswhataboutgoose.
Poachers should win this by 5

Div 2

What the Huck? v Tsunami
This looks pretty straightforward. WTH are 5-0 and leading the comp while Tsunami are struggling to keep their head above water back in eighth. I think WTH will be far too strong and win by 8

Agents v Bermuda Triangle
It's second vs ninth in another Div 2 mismatch. This match should follow the usual 'Bermuda play zone and stifle the Agents handlers, causing a turnover near their end-zone, resulting in an easy Bermuda score'. I'd love to tip an upset here, but I can't.
BT by 10.

Quties A v Grove Guardians
Yet another mismatch. Quties have been getting some good wins in the last few weeks, accounting for Bermuda and Chimis by a single point margins. On the other side, the Guardians have had some heavy defeats. The question I have is will Jmac be using this game to brush up on his Gary skills before Nats?
Quties by 8

Heroes v Chmichangas
Finally a game that, on paper, should be close. Both teams are toward the bottom of the logjam that is Div 2 and a win here will go a long way to potentially securing a finals berth. I'm finding it hard to go against Heroes as they seem to have better depth across the board.
heroes by 2

Griffith A-Team v Discheads
This is another game that will be very important for a finals spot at the end of the season. The A-Team have been doing nicely, sitting in the top 4 and leading spirit. Discheads are Behrly performing at their peak given their roster contains players with Nationals level experience as well as Laura 'the best' Behrendorff. I think the result will be a draw! The talking point from this game will be why coffee tampers are so expensive and who has won the Heroes Disc Design comp.

Div 3

Team Lift v Disco Disco
I really hope Team Lift's cheer is 'Do you even?'. That'd be rad. i think Disco Disco's on field moves will be too slick for their opposition who would need to lift considerably to win this game. Using my secret formula for calculating results, I'm saying a DD win by 7.

Flying Circus v Mellow Yellow
Poor Flying Circus. Not only are they at the bottom of the ladder, but they are also coming last in spirit :'( Given they are a team of newbies, the results aren't a surprise, but the spirit is. With a win here, Mellow Yellow are a still a slim chance to make the finals.
MY by 14

Dump and Burn v You Can't Touch Disc
It's YCTD vs Yet Another Undefeated Div 3 Team. Dump and Burn are yet to taste the bitterness of defeat this season (going off of the most up-to-date ladder I have access to) and I don't think this will change this week.
D&B by 5

Brick Killed a Guy v Griffith Go-Yeahs
What is it with long names Div 3?!?! There's not a team in the division that doesn't have a space in their name. Anywho, this should be a rather entertaining clash. BriKAG are doing really well this season and the G-Yeahs are also kicking goals. I think BriKAg gets the win in a high scoring affair. BriKAG by 3

Space Invaders v Quties B
The final game of the round and potentially a close one. Both teams are mid table and looking to get some momentum heading into the finals. The leaders of both teams (Craig and Jangles) are usually injured so this will come down to the supporting cast. I think Space Invaders by 3.


Unknown said...

Sweet to seen an Upadte!

Disco Disco and BKAG have new team jerseys tonight. Have a look out for them.

I ate a big red candle and i woke up in a chinese rec room and they would not stop screaming!

Big weekend!

Pumped for tonight!!

Do you even lift team lift? Come at us BRO


LiamG said...

It would seem that long names are associated with being handsome and fantastic at frisbee. Brick Killed A Guy went up by 13 over the red sea that is Griffith.