Tuesday, February 05, 2013

High Level Ultimate

This just in from the guy with the biggest calves in QLD Ultimate:

Ladies and gents,

It's Nationals season, meaning men's and women's clubs around the country are preparing for the Australian Ultimate Championships in late April.
Firestorm has been the clear number 1 team from Queensland since 2007, but the rising Slamtown Flatball Club has declared itself a genuine challenger this year.

To help our Nationals preparation, these clubs will be battling several times in coming months. Come and see the highest level of Ultimate in Queensland!
First battle: This Sunday, 10 February
10am, at the field at the end of Assembly St, Salisbury

We'll have a couple of marquees for shade and some cold drinks for sale. Bring a chair and your finest heckling.
Afterwards, the teams will be hanging out, and you're welcome to join us for that.

#10 Firestorm

It's sure to be a humdinger of a match with both teams spoiling for it after some not-so-subtle blog based mud slinging the other week.


adam said...

Pretty sure Stef has bigger calves. Maybe we need measurements. Gents?


Jangles said...

I dunno yesterday was a legs day.

cbeh said...

I reckon I could be in on this calf measuring contest... just sayin'

Gold Coast Ultimate said...

I'm always happy to have a calf-off!.... perhaps over a few celabratory drinks at the pub afterwards.

Slamtown are looking forward to it!