Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Coaches Needed

The 2013 school and Uni semesters have begun and QUDA will expect to see an increased demand for Ultimate coaches for schools.

In 2012:
The Met North West program (in its 2nd year) grew to approximately 220 students across 5 high schools.
The new South District program coached and supervised an interschool competition with about 100 students from 4 schools.
The Gap SHS junior sports program (also in its 2nd year) delivered Ultimate to another 400 students; girls & boys from yrs 8-10.

So that’s over 700 high school students who played Ultimate in SE Qld last year!!!
(Plus whatever Stef on the GC and other teachers elsewhere did on their own.)

Good on us all!

This year we are also seeing big sign-ons for Ultimate clubs in O-week at Uni.  Many of these new recruits signed up because of some exposure to the game they received at school.  Success in our schools programs will translate into bigger and better leagues and more players participating at Nationals and beyond.

This is a call out for people who are interested in paid School Coaching positions this year.


·              $40/hr for AFDA Level 1 accredited coaches
·              $35/hr for non-AFDAL1 accredited coaches

·              That you have a love of the game and willingness to work with school students.
·              That you are a competent Ultimate player with a reasonable knowledge of the rules.
·              That you either have a current Blue Card, or that you will submit an application for one.
·              NB:  AFDA Coaching accreditation is NOT necessary, (but will attract a higher pay rate.)

School coaching positions would suit any current players, particularly:
·              Students or Part time/Casual workers.
·              Workers with flexible working hours.
·               In most cases you would be working as part of a coaching team and you will not be required to run a program by yourself with no prior experience.  Some programs will demand a more experienced coach and we

If you are interested in taking on a role please get in touch.

Mat Ryan
Mb: 0434 275 661

The first program we have been requested to service is the Met. North West Interschool Sports Program.
We’ll require 3-4 coaches per week from THIS Wednesday for a 9 week interschool competition (coaches are required to adjudicate games rather than coach).
Please indicate if you are able to do this one, or else if you’d like to be considered for other programs as and when they arise.

This advertisement is specifically interested in WOMEN coaches.  Half our students are female and it is highly beneficial to have our excellent female players coaching this student group.

OK.  Have a think and get in touch.

Mat Ryan
mb: 0434 275 661

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