Monday, August 27, 2012

BUML Preview Round 4

Div 1 – Shukaku

Bermuda Triangle v UQ AUG
The best part about this game is one team is going to taste the sweetness of victory for the first time this season. Bermuda were always going to take a while to find their feet back in Div 1 but UQ’s results have certainly been less than impressive. How the UQ handlers deal with the Bermuda zone will go a long way to deciding this fixture.
UQ by 2

Drop Bears v Poachers
Both teams are capable of scoring bulk points in a fast fashion. A more free-flowing, run and gun style, will suit the Poachers more than the Bears however. It’s the ladies who I think will be the difference tonight.
Drop Bears by 3

Dyspnoeics v Cadillacs
Both teams are undefeated and will no doubt be amped up for this. New kids Cadillac have firmed to early season favourites and what better way to gauge where they are than against the team that has been a benchmark for reaching finals campaigns over the last few seasons, Dyspnoeics. Noeics are missing a few players and could struggle come the crunch.
Cadillac by 5

Div 2 – Matatabi

Griffith A-Team v UQ Fluttershy
On paper this looks like a big mismatch. Bigger than if Reece Stewart was trying to sky Pete Allen. Form demands I tip the A-Team.
Griffith by 9

Tsunami v Ghost Who Walks
I expect both of these teams to feature in the finals at the end of October. They’ve both got the strike power and defence to go far in Div 2. Ghost’s height should give them the edge.
GWW by 4

Agents v Chimichangas
It’s the battle of warm colours at the Gap tonight. What do you get when you combine Orange and Red? Oranred maybe? Rerange perhaps? Clearly I wasn’t paying attention to Mrs P my grade 9 Art teacher. This game should be loose and fast.
Chimichangas by 7

Heroes v What the Huck?
Heroes will be wanting to get a win in honour of young Michael Strelan tying the knot on the weekend. Congratulations to Mikey and his lovely bride. Speaking of tying the knot, it can’t be too long before WTH?’s own Trevor Lovering pops the question to his better half. I think WTH? will have too much structure for the Heroes.
WTH? by 3

Div 3 – Isobu

Ultimate Apsotles v Dump and Burn
The Ultimate Apostles are similar to Ultimate Juggernaut at the moment: impossible to stop when they get a bit of momentum up. Dump and Burn might struggle tonight.
Apostles by 7

Griffith Go Yeahs v Slipped Discs
The Go Yeahs are a team capable of scoring points with ease, but their defence has been a problem at the start of the season. Slipped Discs are in the same boat without the disc in hand, leaking 28 points in 2 outings so far. If Slipped Discs can control their offence they might challenge Griffith.
Go Yeahs by 6

Mellow Yellow v Griffith Aunties
Are any of the Griffith Aunties actual aunties? Or is the name a reference to the ABC? Either way Griffith will be up against it tonight. Word from the Muddy Farmer is Rolo is determined to not lose a game this season. Casey, Alenka, Pavel, Daisy & Co. will have to be firing on all cylinders.
MY by 5

Monday, August 20, 2012

BUML Preview Round 3

Div 3 – Akuila Uate

Slipped Discs v Mellow Yellow
Mellow Yellow are eyeing off the Div 3 title. You can tell already. Rolo has a gleam in his eye similar to when a pint of golden brew is poured with perfect head. Slipped Discs will be just the next step in yellow domination this week.
Mellow Yellow by 6 Rolo Lover posts

Griffith Go Yeahs v Dump and Burn
The Go Yeahs definitely have the best team name of the various Griffith teams. Easily yellable, even when drunk. Not that I’m saying that Griffith Ultimate promotes irresponsible drinking practices. At least not now that JDR The Encourager has left. Dump and Burn are still clearly finding their feet this season, but last week’s tight win will have done them the world of good.
Go Yeahs by 2 bottles in brown paper bags

Ultimate Apostles v Griffith Quties
The Apostles are the only team to crack that magic 17 mark in a game this season. That means they are clearly packing some serious heat in the offence department. After a round 1 bye the Quties had a tough 1 point loss last week. I think the Apostles free flowing offence will dominate this game.
UA by 7

Div 2 – Ashley Graham

Griffith A-Team v Tsunami
The imperiously named A-Team have been dominant this season, mercilessly crushing foes Vandal Savage style. I think this week will be another win for the cream of Griffith’s crop.
A-Team by 5

What The Huck? v Chimichangas
These 2 teams will be contenders this season. It should be a free flowing game with plenty of long shots. Geoff Grundy v Trevor Lovering will be a good contest.
What The Huck? By 3 gingerbread men

Heroes v Agents
INTRA CLUB BATTLE! The only thing guaranteed from this game is that it will be tight, hard fought and well spirited. I’m going with Heroes simply because they got a solid win last week.
Heroes by 3 hulks

UQ Fluttershy v The Ghost Who Walks
I still don’t know who exactly makes up Fluttershy. It sure would be nice if someone at UQ got their act together with the team on AFDA…. I’m assuming the off field confusion will translate to their on field gameplay. For this reason I’m tipping the highly regimented and occasionally tall Ghost Who Walks.
GWW by 4

Div 1 – Ben Barba

Bermuda Triangle v Cadillac
If there is one team that is going to feel the effects of the dreaded Halibut Hangover, it’s Cadillac. How they turn up tonight will determine the outcome of this tussle. Bermuda will definitely be fancying their chances of an upset. The question is whether their famed zone defence can put enough pressure on the Cadillac handlers.
Cadillac by 2

Drop Bears v UQ AUG
This game is a grand final rematch from last season. UQ haven’t started well though and Drop Bears will be looking to bounce back after letting Dyspnoeics grab a comeback win last week. For the men, Pete Allen v Myles McCallum will be a key matchup, especially given Atlas scores a fantastic 87% on the Pete Allen Niceness Scale. On the ladies side, Megan Barnes v Giordana Rock will have a big bearing on the result, if not on an Abney Level.
Drop Bears by 15. Cos that’s how old Reece Stewart turns today right? HB Junior!

Dyspnoeics v Poachers
Dyspnoeics v Poachers is always an entertaining battle. Both teams have plenty of points in them and both have plenty of experience. It wouldn’t surprise me if both teams were feeling a bit of a Halibut Hangover as well. Expect plenty of big shots from Poachers to their long receivers and for Dyspnoeics to make their gains in the middle third.
Poachers by 2

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

High Level Ultimate!

While lounging in the jacuzzi this morning on the BUB Mansion's sun deck, I noticed some smoke signals emanating from the Firestorm Camp. After checking it wasn't just the Slamtown lads visiting, I decoded the following message:

Thursday; Fine, Sunny maximum of 26, however, this doesn’t take into
account the Fire and Storm that will be created as a result of the
second high-level exhibition match.
As part of Firestorms post season review the club wants to increase
chances Brisbane’s best men have to regularly test each other under
Nationals level pressure. To this end the club is organizing regular
high-level hit outs for some of the best Ultimate players in SEQ.
This Thursday, August 16, will see 30+ of the best matchup against
each other in the second of these high-level matches. These teams have
been selected by captains: Liam ‘Wetnose’ Gillions playing in white,
Verses, George ‘Silent’ Salisbury playing in black. For the record
Peter Allen and Geoffrey ‘Greff’ Grundy where the respective first
draft picks.
The game will begin at 8pm on the BPL fields, Annerley Junior Football
club, Victoria Terrace, Greenslopes. This event is free for all to
attend, watch and heckle. BYO; however if there is enough of a request
there could be a possibility for some drinks to be available, so get a
crowd down. To RSVP please go to the Facebook event:!/events/402789643103307/
Now the teams:
Liam Gillions Team (Playing in white, please use matching Firestorm
uniform if you have one)
Peter Allen
Jack Allen
Craig Behrendorff
Troy Booth
Myall Hingee
Shaun Kies
Trevor Lovering
Finn McCarthy
Andrew McCasker
Guarin Owen
Stefan Rappazzo
Dan Rule
Reece Stewart
David Warren
Tim Webb
Dan Wiechec
George Salisbury Team (Playing in black, please use matching Firestorm
uniform if you have one)
Adam Beu
Sebastian Brown
Chris Brown
Tyson Buhagiar
Geoffrey Grundy
Brian Grundy
Andrew Lankowski
Alex Livingstone
Dan Mammel
Myles McCallum
Leon McIntyre
James Morrell
Paul Sanguinetti
Daniel Strelan
Troy Zed
PLAYERS: Please be there at 7.45pm ready to warm up with your team and Captain.

Whose team do you think will get the victory? Sound off in the comments below!

Monday, August 13, 2012

BUML Preview Round 2

Div 3 – GB

Griffith Go Yeahs v Mellow Yellow
The Go Yeahs mustn’t have had their glasses on when reading the preview last week. Instead of winning by 3 they lost by 3. This week is a chance for them to amend their round one failings against a team who also had a margin of 3 in their game, albeit in a positive fashion. I think this will go down to the wire.
Mellow Yellow by 2 peels

Ultimate Apostles v Slipped Discs
Ultimate Apostles. Are they the ultimate Apostles? or Apostles of Ultimate? Confounding to say the least. Slipped Discs had a close win against a rookie UQ outfit last week, even with their chiropractic problems. One team is going to continue their perfect start to the season. That team will be……
Ultimate Apostles by 3

Dump and Burn v Griffith Quties
I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen so many team name changes at the start of a season before. This Griffith team has had more monikers than JDR the Multi-Faceted. You know what they say though; a name change is as good as a holiday. Especially if you’re on the lamb. Speaking of lamb, Dump and Burn got done like a roast last week by Rolo & co. I think they’ll manage to pick themselves up and bathe themselves in the delicious mint sauce of glory this week.
Dump & Burn by 5 shanks.

Div 2 – China

Heroes v Tsunami
Heroes didn’t start the season in optimal fashion last week, going down to a rampant A-Team by 7 points. Tsunami on the other hand washed their opponents away with ease, recording a comfy 5 point win. Can Heroes start to get it together and fulfil Chris Brown’s potential? Not this week.
Tsunami 15 Heroes 9

UQ Fluttershy v Chimichangas
Can anyone explain what is going on with the UQ teams? Fluttershy are the only team that managed a game last week. This week sees them jump up a division as well. Have Applejack & Fluttershy merged? Their teams on AFDA are messier than Gooses’ haircuts and are not in the least bit enlightening. The Changas ground out a 1 point win last week against GWW. It’s the ability to win the close ones that really count come season’s end. For this reason Chimichangas get my vote this week.
Mexican food by 4

What the Huck? V Ghost Who Walks
WTH? are yet to play a game this season after enduring a UQ forfeit last week. What this will mean for Trevor’s haircut and sock choice is hard to say. Ghost are no doubt hungry to win after just missing out last week. This game will come down to how WTH? handle the Ghosts zone defence. Given the Huckers struggled against Bermuda Triangle last season, I think the advantage goes to the purple people.
Ghost Who Walks by 5 Jangles

Griffith A-Team v Agents
The A-Team had a commanding win last round, scoring 16 points to their oppositions 9. It’s an impressive start to the season for a team with championship aspirations. The Agents (no orange anymore?) fought hard against Tsunami but couldn’t get the lollies. I think the Agents best chance is to supply Griffith with as much Croft brewed beer as they can drink beforehand.
A-Team by 7 Mohawks

Div 1 – USA

Bermuda Triangle v Poachers
Structure v unpredictability. How Bermuda’s defence handles the big shots of Kalin will go a long way to deciding this game. Last week was the first time in an age Bermuda Triangle tasted the bitterness of defeat and I think it won’t get washed away this week.
Poachers by 7 pears

Drop Bears v Dyspnoeics
It’s no secret that we here at the BUB are fans of the Drop Bears. Even with Reece Stewart joining the team, their niceness rating is exceedingly high on the Pete Allen Niceness Scale (PANS). Dyspneoics didn’t get a proper run last week courtesy of a UQ forfeit, so it’s hard to say what sort of form they are in. The Blue Ds also have a decent PANS score of 72%. What this means for the game is anyone’s guess, but I’m willing to bet a gold doubloon to the piece of peppermint gum I’m chewing right now that it’ll be a close affair.
Drop Bears by 1 Dan Rule Hammer

UQ AUG v Cadillac
It’s a case of youthful exuberance v experience and grit at the Gap tonight. UQ have an average AFDA number of 14315, compared to Cadillac’s average of 9237. What this equates to is UQs legs vs Cadillacs smarts. If UQ can actually get a team on the field it should be an entertaining game. For mine, the deciding factor is that Stef has been grown more beards than some of these UQ kids have had hot breakfasts.
Cadillac by 5 hirsute gentlemen

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Worlds in Review Part 2 - Firetails

Here at the manor we are continuing our worlds wrap with an interview with yet another queenslander (even though she has now moved to melbourne) Maylin Chuah and yes another long post but I think worlds deserves it.

Congrats on making the team, so would say it is about time. 

Thanks, it was fantastic to be part of the Firetails in 2012, it was an amazing experience.

Could you fill us in on the selection process for the firetails and what are your thoughts on the selection process and then the overall selection of the Firetails team?

The selection process was well executed. It seems so long ago since we had the first camp with 60 women that were selected. From 60 there was a cut down to 35 players who attended 3 selection camps over June / July 2011. The final team of 23 was selected in late August 2011. The selection camps were tough, both mentally and physically. Being from QLD it was had to look at yourself compared to the top players from down south. Overall my experience with the selection process was positive (of course making the team influenced that!)

As we have mentioned you were based in Brisbane. However you moved to Melbourne early in the campaign do you think this helped your training for worlds compared to slugging it out alone up here is Brissie?

The move to Melbourne was mostly a lifestyle choice but the frisbee opportunities were also a motivation. It was definitely beneficial to be based here, where there was a core of 11 players from the Firetails. It meant we could complete the weekly POD sessions together and urge each other on during the tough nights in the cold. I guess I wouldn’t have had the cold problem in Brissy!

Your definitely right there we are lucky in the sunshine state to never suffer the cold. Moving on the the start of the campaign. What are your thoughts on the pretour? Was it a help for the team?

The Firetails went to Tokyo to play some pre-tour games. We played 7 games over 3 days against various women’s teams from around Japan. It was really valuable to acclimatise and get used to the Japanese style of play. We saw a few of the Team Japan players join another team to play against us but we did not actually play Team Japan. It took a while to get used to the heat and humidity over there and playing these 3 days tired us out quite a bit. Unfortunately the fields were not in great shape and a few people suffered injuries. We also played Team Canada in Sakai a couple of days before the tournament. That was great to be able to play a game at the fields against a real team and get your head in to the right zone.

So watching back here in Australia and see photos popping up on facebook of all the tour shenanigans it looked like Japan was a welcoming host country. How was the tournament received locally and did anything surprise you?

It seems like there were a few Japanese people watching the Japanese games. I don’t think there were a high number of spectators but the tournament got a bit of local media coverage. I was surprised when a local businessman on the bus explained to some other locals that we were here playing Ultimate Frisbee.

I doubt many would admit to knowing why there were smelly ultimate player on their bus. The Japanese have a reputation for running large events well, comparatively to nats how did you find the tournament was run?

The tournament was run pretty smoothly. I think in Australia we are blessed with (generally!) shade and easy access to water, in Japan the shade was minimal and water only in the toilet block. It certainly makes me appreciate when those small things are done well. There were a few issues with warm up / down space but other than that the logistics were pretty good. I was a bit disappointed by the lack of tournament merchandise; there was no stock or sizes smaller than L after the second day which I think was poor planning for such a huge event.

Thats a shame we here at the manor were hoping you would bring back a new kimo as the old one is getting a bit smelly. Oh well moving on, I don’t know why most of the women comps I have seen to prefer larger pools to repooling. Do you think this should be changed or is it a fair system?

There were 11 teams in the competition, which was an awkward number. I wasn’t really aware of the WFDF standard structure for that many teams but I think I would have preferred 2 smaller pools. It seems like a pretty simple format of top 4 go through, there is no chance to work your way up again if you lose 4 games – which is what happened to us. We played 12 games in total; the most games out of every division. It was a long haul and perhaps a different structure would be something to consider for the future.

Yikes 12 games, But I agree 11 teams makes a draw difficult. Obviously being a full round robin you got to play all the teams in your competition. How do you think the Firetails stacked up against the like of the USA, Japan and Canada?

These were always going to be tough games for us. I felt like we should have been more competitive against the Canadians after we had a pretty solid warm up game against them. I was really glad to see Japan win the tournament as I think they were definitely the best team at the tournament. These 3 teams are clearly the best in the world and I think the Firetails are just a step away (and hopefully only a few years) from being in that class.

Lets hope those newbies on the team can up their game next time and give them a better run. The Game to go through to the finals turn out to be a hard fought game against the Columbians. From all accounts I have seen of the game could have been more spirited. Talk us through the game quickly and do you think anything such as observers would have helped?

That game was really strange. I think the recount on our blog gave a good summary from our point of view ( I think at this level of the game it is essential that all players have a thorough knowledge of the rules, or the spirit to admit when they do not know the rule/s. It was a real pity to see such an athletic and talented team play without a basic comprehension of the rules or fair play. I think in this case observers would be useful or an alternative would be mandatory rules accreditation for at least the captain of each team.

So going out of the competition with 2 strong wins was good, but I am sure the girls would have loved a crack at the Columbians again and a shot at a medal. What did you learn at the tournament and what was the teams thoughts Post tournament?

Yes, definitely we would have loved to meet the Columbians again, however given the nature of the first game I am not sure that another match would have been played with any fewer stoppages. I guess we learnt that every game really matters in such a competition structure. I am not sure that we realised that the Columbia game was the one we had to win.

I think we would have loved to see that game regardless of stoppages. That said the womens final was in my opinion the most exciting of the 3 finals on the last day. What were you thoughts on the game and the large home crowd that were in attendance at the game?

It was a great final. Japan stepped up to the occasion and played with such precision and class. After a slow start there was a couple of times during the game that they got 3 or 4 points in a row. I really enjoy watching these women play, the Japanese execute their offence so cleanly and efficiently and the Americans play with sheer muscle and guts.

So the big question will we see you on the fields again in 4 years time?

I hope so, once you play at the World level it’s hard to not want to do it again…but a lot can happen in 4 years. If I don’t go for or make the Firetails I would definitely be keen for the masters team (yes I’ll be old enough then!)  

Well then have a good rest and hopefully more of the brisbane girls will join you next worlds. 

Monday, August 06, 2012

BUML Preview Round 1

Div 1 – Usain Bolt

Drop Bears v Bermuda Triangle
Kicking it off at Colmslie, last season’s beaten Div 1 finalists take on the newly upgraded Div 2 champs Bermuda Triangle. Last season these 2 teams had contrasting roads to their respective grand finals, with the Bears only just scraping into the finals in 4th spot and Bermuda coasting through undefeated. This is a new season however and a step up in quality opposition for Bermuda Triangle. Bermuda’s roster hasn’t really changed over the winter break apart from the notable loss of tyro Tim Webb, while the Drop Bears have done a bit of recruiting, pulling in Sara Cargill, Julie Topp, Alex Chadwick and the boy who once famously declared “BUML is dead” Reece Stewart.
Drop Bears by 8 niceness points courtesy of Pete Allen.

Dypnoeics v UQ AUG
Last season’s minor premiers vs last season’s eventual winners. The hardest to pronounce name in Brisbane Ultimate vs the team who need only an acronym to announce themselves. Sensible haircuts vs homemade horrors. Ashlee vs Tyson. Mansauce vs Goose. Megz vs Notty. Atlas vs someone else. It’s a round 1 blockbuster!  These two teams have developed a strong and flavoursome rivalry over the last couple of seasons, which should only add some spice and tasty side dishes to tonight’s game. For the simple fact they have Myles McCallum on their team and two people named Bonnie, even if one is a guy according to AFDA, I’m tipping UQ by 2.

Poachers v Cadillac
Perennial Div 1 black sheep Poachers take on the newly formed Cadillac in my Div 1 match of the round tonight. Not only does Poacher’s core from last season remain, they’ve added the very tall James Morrell; a move that should only strengthen their chances this season. You could say Cadillac are an unknown force given they are a new team, however one look at their line-up dispels any such notion. A third of their line-up is what’s left of last season’s White Lantern, while the rest contain some AFDA numbers so low I could almost count them on my fingers…. If I was from Tasmania.
Cadillac by 5

Div 2 – Yohan Blake

Griffith Go-Gos v Heroes
Go-Gos versus Heroes. Kinda rolls off the tongue doesn’t it. The most successful team in Griffith Ultimate history step up to Div 2 this season and take on the team that started the green revolution that has swept Brisbane Ultimate, the Heroes. Having a look on AFDA and it appears JDR the Beloved isn’t the only person the Go-Gos have lost with their roster definitely leaning on the small side. Heroes on the other hand have recruited Firestorm star and goat appreciator, Chris Brown. I’m leaning toward winning culture getting the job done here.
Go-Gos by 4 wayward Chris Brown pulls.

Agents v Tsunami
Tsunami were one of the powerhouses of Div 2 last season, composing an imperious 10-3-1 record. Captained by the guy with the best Latin name in the league, Alejandro Gonzalez, Tsunami should again be there-abouts this season. Agents had a rough time of it last season, finishing 6th and out of medal contention. They’ve added to their roster this season to try and arrest the slide and look better placed to make the finals. Their charge will have to wait till next week though.
Tsunami by 6.

UQ Applejack v What The Huck?
WTH? are a quality team. TJ has crafted a team with a strong work ethic over the course of the last few seasons. While it would be easy to talk about how great Trevor Lovering is and how many memes there could be about him, I think the real stars of WTH?’s success are their women. Talented females are worth their weight in Gold in a mixed team and WTH? are certainly doing better than the Aussies at the Olympics in that regard. WTH?’s opposition this week are the fruitfully named UQ Applejack. For those playing at home, Applejack is a strong alcoholic beverage produced from apples, popular in the American Colonial period. The only name I know on the currently all male list is Dingo Chris Cunliffe. For this reason alone WTH? should win by 10 rats tails.

Chimichangas v The Ghost the Walks
The Chimi’s have recruited well over the break with UQ expat Geoff Grundy donning the red this season. Expect plenty of hucks flying to long receivers with Geoff on the field. The Ghost Who Walks will fancy their chances however after enduring a tough time in Div 1 last season. Has the Div 1 experience turned Ghost into a battle hardened unit? Or will the scars from the past affect their ability to win?
Ghost by the strength of 4 Tigers.

Div 3 – Justin Gatlin

Griffith Oh Yeahs v Ultimate Apostles
The Apostles finished in second spot on the ladder last regular season with a points differential of 47. The Oh Yeahs on the other hand snuck into fourth with a PD of 41. Both of their rosters have remained largely the same. What this says to me is a nice even game where both teams will have their chances.
In honour of JDR the Mighty: Oh Yeahs by 3

Mellow Yellow v Dump and Burn
There’s not much to say about Mellow Yellow that hasn’t already been said. Led by the irresistible Rolo & Carla combo, the Bananas are a team that knows how to get the job done, both in and out of the pub. Dump and Burn had a hard time of it last season, finishing on the bottom of Div 2. Surely the bottom of Div 2 equals the top of Div 3? I hear you say. Mayhaps not. Though the name change can only help. Will D&B emerge as the Top Gun in this clash or will Mellow Yellow play Maverick to D&Bs Goose?
Mellow Yellow by 6.

Slipped Discs v UQ Fluttershy
In a fairly competitive Div 3 last season, Slipped Discs finished in 6th with a 4-9-1 record. They’ll be looking improve on that this season and tonight will be an excellent chance to get a W on the board. UQ Fluttershy are another of the new UQ teams. This one has a penchant for My Little Ponys. The biggest pony on the team is undoubtedly Thomas Daley, a man who needs nothing more written about him. Fluttershy continue the UQ trend of having players with female names marked down as M on AFDA. I’m not sure if this is an ingenious ploy to put off their opponents, or merely the traditional UQ student laziness. The difference will be the connections of Slipped Discs.
Slipped Discs by 8 Honey Points.

Don’t forget to have a look on I Need a Team if you’re shy a couple of players. There are a few handy guys on there, most notably the Most Powerful Man in Firestorm, Mr Dave Warren.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Halibut Need More Ladies

One exciting fish tournament seeks unattached female ultimate players. Must be enthusiastic and willing to spend a weekend on the Gold Coast. Party skills preferred, but not essential

The Mayor has put out a call for any women who aren't already playing to register to help out the teams that are struggling for women. The weekend will be great fun and I am sure the mayor can sweeten the deal if you need some convincing.

Don't take my word for it


As per usual... we need you.  In so many ways.

This time it is not just the lesser gender men that need you... but the entire sport of ultimate.

How's this?

Well Halibut is the greatest ultimate tournament known to man, and Halibut is all but ready to rock out with 10 teams in a worlds year.... which is freaking phenomenal.

However, 3 of our teams are incomplete.

Griffith A-Team, Taste My Rainbow (TSV) , and The Peoples Republic of Pikkup(Pick Up) could all stand to attract between 2 - 4 ladies each.  Griffith could stand to pick up a few men too... but that's the easy bit.

This is very much a tournament that you don't want to miss... it has all the fixins, and is Olympic Themed with 16 competitive 'Olympic Games' jammed into the schedule and a Greek God dream of a TOGA party!!!

It's on August 18-19 in the Gold Coast, and is not to be missed.

So ladies.... help out ultimate.

Register here:

Or contact TD Stef  -

and he'll sort ya onto a team.


TD Stef aka Mayor