Monday, August 13, 2012

BUML Preview Round 2

Div 3 – GB

Griffith Go Yeahs v Mellow Yellow
The Go Yeahs mustn’t have had their glasses on when reading the preview last week. Instead of winning by 3 they lost by 3. This week is a chance for them to amend their round one failings against a team who also had a margin of 3 in their game, albeit in a positive fashion. I think this will go down to the wire.
Mellow Yellow by 2 peels

Ultimate Apostles v Slipped Discs
Ultimate Apostles. Are they the ultimate Apostles? or Apostles of Ultimate? Confounding to say the least. Slipped Discs had a close win against a rookie UQ outfit last week, even with their chiropractic problems. One team is going to continue their perfect start to the season. That team will be……
Ultimate Apostles by 3

Dump and Burn v Griffith Quties
I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen so many team name changes at the start of a season before. This Griffith team has had more monikers than JDR the Multi-Faceted. You know what they say though; a name change is as good as a holiday. Especially if you’re on the lamb. Speaking of lamb, Dump and Burn got done like a roast last week by Rolo & co. I think they’ll manage to pick themselves up and bathe themselves in the delicious mint sauce of glory this week.
Dump & Burn by 5 shanks.

Div 2 – China

Heroes v Tsunami
Heroes didn’t start the season in optimal fashion last week, going down to a rampant A-Team by 7 points. Tsunami on the other hand washed their opponents away with ease, recording a comfy 5 point win. Can Heroes start to get it together and fulfil Chris Brown’s potential? Not this week.
Tsunami 15 Heroes 9

UQ Fluttershy v Chimichangas
Can anyone explain what is going on with the UQ teams? Fluttershy are the only team that managed a game last week. This week sees them jump up a division as well. Have Applejack & Fluttershy merged? Their teams on AFDA are messier than Gooses’ haircuts and are not in the least bit enlightening. The Changas ground out a 1 point win last week against GWW. It’s the ability to win the close ones that really count come season’s end. For this reason Chimichangas get my vote this week.
Mexican food by 4

What the Huck? V Ghost Who Walks
WTH? are yet to play a game this season after enduring a UQ forfeit last week. What this will mean for Trevor’s haircut and sock choice is hard to say. Ghost are no doubt hungry to win after just missing out last week. This game will come down to how WTH? handle the Ghosts zone defence. Given the Huckers struggled against Bermuda Triangle last season, I think the advantage goes to the purple people.
Ghost Who Walks by 5 Jangles

Griffith A-Team v Agents
The A-Team had a commanding win last round, scoring 16 points to their oppositions 9. It’s an impressive start to the season for a team with championship aspirations. The Agents (no orange anymore?) fought hard against Tsunami but couldn’t get the lollies. I think the Agents best chance is to supply Griffith with as much Croft brewed beer as they can drink beforehand.
A-Team by 7 Mohawks

Div 1 – USA

Bermuda Triangle v Poachers
Structure v unpredictability. How Bermuda’s defence handles the big shots of Kalin will go a long way to deciding this game. Last week was the first time in an age Bermuda Triangle tasted the bitterness of defeat and I think it won’t get washed away this week.
Poachers by 7 pears

Drop Bears v Dyspnoeics
It’s no secret that we here at the BUB are fans of the Drop Bears. Even with Reece Stewart joining the team, their niceness rating is exceedingly high on the Pete Allen Niceness Scale (PANS). Dyspneoics didn’t get a proper run last week courtesy of a UQ forfeit, so it’s hard to say what sort of form they are in. The Blue Ds also have a decent PANS score of 72%. What this means for the game is anyone’s guess, but I’m willing to bet a gold doubloon to the piece of peppermint gum I’m chewing right now that it’ll be a close affair.
Drop Bears by 1 Dan Rule Hammer

UQ AUG v Cadillac
It’s a case of youthful exuberance v experience and grit at the Gap tonight. UQ have an average AFDA number of 14315, compared to Cadillac’s average of 9237. What this equates to is UQs legs vs Cadillacs smarts. If UQ can actually get a team on the field it should be an entertaining game. For mine, the deciding factor is that Stef has been grown more beards than some of these UQ kids have had hot breakfasts.
Cadillac by 5 hirsute gentlemen

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