Monday, August 27, 2012

BUML Preview Round 4

Div 1 – Shukaku

Bermuda Triangle v UQ AUG
The best part about this game is one team is going to taste the sweetness of victory for the first time this season. Bermuda were always going to take a while to find their feet back in Div 1 but UQ’s results have certainly been less than impressive. How the UQ handlers deal with the Bermuda zone will go a long way to deciding this fixture.
UQ by 2

Drop Bears v Poachers
Both teams are capable of scoring bulk points in a fast fashion. A more free-flowing, run and gun style, will suit the Poachers more than the Bears however. It’s the ladies who I think will be the difference tonight.
Drop Bears by 3

Dyspnoeics v Cadillacs
Both teams are undefeated and will no doubt be amped up for this. New kids Cadillac have firmed to early season favourites and what better way to gauge where they are than against the team that has been a benchmark for reaching finals campaigns over the last few seasons, Dyspnoeics. Noeics are missing a few players and could struggle come the crunch.
Cadillac by 5

Div 2 – Matatabi

Griffith A-Team v UQ Fluttershy
On paper this looks like a big mismatch. Bigger than if Reece Stewart was trying to sky Pete Allen. Form demands I tip the A-Team.
Griffith by 9

Tsunami v Ghost Who Walks
I expect both of these teams to feature in the finals at the end of October. They’ve both got the strike power and defence to go far in Div 2. Ghost’s height should give them the edge.
GWW by 4

Agents v Chimichangas
It’s the battle of warm colours at the Gap tonight. What do you get when you combine Orange and Red? Oranred maybe? Rerange perhaps? Clearly I wasn’t paying attention to Mrs P my grade 9 Art teacher. This game should be loose and fast.
Chimichangas by 7

Heroes v What the Huck?
Heroes will be wanting to get a win in honour of young Michael Strelan tying the knot on the weekend. Congratulations to Mikey and his lovely bride. Speaking of tying the knot, it can’t be too long before WTH?’s own Trevor Lovering pops the question to his better half. I think WTH? will have too much structure for the Heroes.
WTH? by 3

Div 3 – Isobu

Ultimate Apsotles v Dump and Burn
The Ultimate Apostles are similar to Ultimate Juggernaut at the moment: impossible to stop when they get a bit of momentum up. Dump and Burn might struggle tonight.
Apostles by 7

Griffith Go Yeahs v Slipped Discs
The Go Yeahs are a team capable of scoring points with ease, but their defence has been a problem at the start of the season. Slipped Discs are in the same boat without the disc in hand, leaking 28 points in 2 outings so far. If Slipped Discs can control their offence they might challenge Griffith.
Go Yeahs by 6

Mellow Yellow v Griffith Aunties
Are any of the Griffith Aunties actual aunties? Or is the name a reference to the ABC? Either way Griffith will be up against it tonight. Word from the Muddy Farmer is Rolo is determined to not lose a game this season. Casey, Alenka, Pavel, Daisy & Co. will have to be firing on all cylinders.
MY by 5


Unknown said...

former friends go head to head tonight in Apostles Vs Dump and Burn!

going to be interesting

Anonymous said...

I miss the days when JdR would put these out after a fat public service Friday lunch. Although I guess the public service has changed a bit since then.

Anonymous said...

ps Rolo and the Muddy Farmer do not go together

Jangles said...

I miss when people actually put their name on their posts. that said keep reading more content in the works.

CraigBehrendorff said...

I agree with you Jangles. Anonymous posting is lame, at least they aren't send you hate mail. I can personally say - that sucks.

Goose said...

A dismal week for the lovers... :/

JdR said...

Aw man! No preview for Round 5?

Jangles said...

Yeh sauce was too busy researching NFL draft I think. I'll put up a post today to make up for the lack of preview.

Mansauce said...

Sorry I was pretty sick and in my foggy state forgot to do the preview.