Friday, January 20, 2012

Odds Bodkins! Beach Ultimate is Ruling!

We'd be remiss not to note that this weekend will see the largest Beach Ultimate tournament held in Queensland that we're aware of - 90+ people will be hitting Coolangatta Beach next weekend for the Australia Day Beach Ultimate Championships. Wooo!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Olde Order Changeth!

Adam 'Rhubarb' Baker is the new BPL League Director. Well done Adam, and thanks Graham for taking such good care of the torch before passing it on. This blogger apologises for lacking the knowledge, but presumably you can reread our previous end of the era post and update the names.

Adam's first moves in following in the footsteps of previous BPL LD's (and let's list them again: Graham Prickett, Stu Austin, Jon Good, Andy Lankowski, Stew McGlashan and Jason Ray - not a bad starting seven now, and note that Adam's lack of an academic title now tips us to 4 non-doctors against 3 Doctors) will of course be gearing up for the coming season, and Captains and players will be scrambling into shape.

Down the track, we here at the stately but somewhat decaying Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion are hoping 2012 sees a dedicated BPL website (ala the BUML website) that canbe the source of all the news, results and so forth, and well as retaining the gloried history of the Brisbane Premier League. Who will step up?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Through Rain and Sleet and Hail, the Hammer Must Go Through!

People are clearly keen to shake off the break, if the numbers of folks who turned up in the rain, wind and cold for BUML pickup last night is anything to go by. What fun, but where'd my Summer go?

With the forecast as it is for this week, expect solid crowds at Indoor Pickup this Thursday night. Keep out of the rain, enjoy easy catch's and short throws with NO WIND!

Erik welcomes all to the prelude of Brisbane's first (well im calling it that..) indoor league!

7pm start for rego's and warm up, 7:20 for a quick re-cap of indoor differences and a 7:30 game start. Its at the Howell Indoor Sports Centre, Brisbane Grammar School, 14 College Rd, Spring Hill Queensland 4000.

Games will run till 9pm, followed by a short commute to the Normanby Hotel for a drink.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Registration Rant

**Rant Mode ON**

As teams start to get registered for upcoming tournaments and events, can people please rack off with the new trend of making up stupid false names to go with their AFDA numbers?

Check out the bullshit that's being pulled by some members of this team (and apologies to the other members of that team):

Its not even juvenile, and it makes a lot more work for generous-with-their-time volunteers and people interested in taking our sport seriously to work out what's going on. Seriously, sod right off.

Ultimate is based on a concept of personal responsibility, and your reputation (and therefore your *Name*) meaning something. We've always had room for silly ephemeral team names, and personal nicknames, because we're fun people, but this is just annoying.

**Rant Mode OFF**

* please note, rant mode indicates we acknowledge that we're being exaggeratingly over the top with this, as a way to draw attention.

Monday, January 09, 2012

January 2012 Ultimate

While the 'big leagues' in Brisbane continue their Summer break, there's still plenty of opportunities to get some Ultimate in at the moment.

There is pick up Ultimate on Monday and Wednesday nights through January. Everyone from raw newbies to international giants are welcome at pick up games. Bring a black shirt AND a white shirt, a water bottle, friends, family and workmates. Its $5 although newbies are free to have a go.

Monday night pickup is from 7:15pm to 9:15pm at the Annerley Junior Soccer Club, Victoria Tce, Greenslopes, on Field 5 (closest to Pine Street)

Wednesday night pickup is from 7pm to 9pm at Oakman Park, Toowong (off Union St and Milton Road).

To get more information including notification of any changes, join the Brisbane yahoogroup mentioned over there on the right.

The first ever Brisbane Indoor League starts this Thursday too! Its not too late to register.
When: 7pm-9pm Thursday nights, starting the 12th of January through to the end of February
What you get: at least two 35minute games of high intensity crazy indoor action!
Where: Howell Indoor Sports Centre, Brisbane Grammar School, 14 College Rd, Spring Hill Queensland 4000
Who: All welcome! - sadly, Due to the limited space and availability at the venue, max of 8 teams can register! so you'll need to get in quick! dont miss out!
Why: Because this is a rare brisbane indoor league!! - right in the city too! AND opposite the normanby hotel?!
How: 3:1 or 2:2 m/f split. offence decides. Traditional ultimate rules. final league structure will depend on numbers.