Thursday, January 12, 2012

Registration Rant

**Rant Mode ON**

As teams start to get registered for upcoming tournaments and events, can people please rack off with the new trend of making up stupid false names to go with their AFDA numbers?

Check out the bullshit that's being pulled by some members of this team (and apologies to the other members of that team):

Its not even juvenile, and it makes a lot more work for generous-with-their-time volunteers and people interested in taking our sport seriously to work out what's going on. Seriously, sod right off.

Ultimate is based on a concept of personal responsibility, and your reputation (and therefore your *Name*) meaning something. We've always had room for silly ephemeral team names, and personal nicknames, because we're fun people, but this is just annoying.

**Rant Mode OFF**

* please note, rant mode indicates we acknowledge that we're being exaggeratingly over the top with this, as a way to draw attention.


Captain Ultiporn said...

Megs stole my name! There shall be A RECKONING!

cbeh said...

be quiet.

Mansauce said...

Well said Jason DR.

People seem to forget it's an official registration and should be treated with an appropriate amount of respect.

Not to mention a lot of the names weren't particularly witty :(

Anonymous said...

Speaking of team registration, have you seen the teams registered so far? Looks like dysnoeics have been busy over the summer

Coops said...

Sorry I stopped reading after 'Anonymous said ...' ;)

Oh, and btw, it's Dyspnoeics.

Jangles said...

I wouldn't be too scared lining up against that dypnoeics team. Seems like gone are the days of the real div 1 teams in BUML.

Mansauce said...

Jangles, you sound like that little kid Junior.

On paper Dyspnoeics this season is almost as strong as we've ever been, which isn't bad for a team that continually makes semis and gfs. It's not our fault other teams lack our overall attractiveness.