Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Through Rain and Sleet and Hail, the Hammer Must Go Through!

People are clearly keen to shake off the break, if the numbers of folks who turned up in the rain, wind and cold for BUML pickup last night is anything to go by. What fun, but where'd my Summer go?

With the forecast as it is for this week, expect solid crowds at Indoor Pickup this Thursday night. Keep out of the rain, enjoy easy catch's and short throws with NO WIND!

Erik welcomes all to the prelude of Brisbane's first (well im calling it that..) indoor league!

7pm start for rego's and warm up, 7:20 for a quick re-cap of indoor differences and a 7:30 game start. Its at the Howell Indoor Sports Centre, Brisbane Grammar School, 14 College Rd, Spring Hill Queensland 4000.

Games will run till 9pm, followed by a short commute to the Normanby Hotel for a drink.

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