Wednesday, July 11, 2012

BUML2012 Season 1 (aka BUML20) Grand Final Results

Just in case you haven't seen them posted elsewhere ...

Division 1 
Grand Final - UQ Lovers 17 defeated Drop Bears 5
Spirit Winners - Drop Bears
Final Standings:
1st UQ Lovers
2nd Drop Bears
=3rd Dyspnoeics
=3rd Poachers
5th While Lantern
6th Ghost Who Walks

Division 2 
Grand Final - Bermuda Triangle 9 defeated What the Huck? 6
Spirit Winners - Heroes
1st Bermuda Triangle
2nd What the Huck
=3rd Discheads
=3rd Tsunami
5th Heroes
6th Agent Orange
7th Baby Chimis
8th Disc-Iples

Division 3 
Grand Final - Griffith Go-Go's 12 defeated Mellow Yellow 8
Spirit Winners - Griffith Go-Gos's
1st Griffith Go-Go's
2nd Mellow Yellow
=3rd Griffith Oh Yeahs
=3rd Ultimate Apostles
5th QUTies
6th Slipped Discs
7th  Griffith FC
8th  Ultimate Yeast


Daniel Blacklock said...

Equal third with Dyspnoeic - I'll Rock-Paper-Scissors-Spock you for it Lankowski.

TV Theme Song said...

Thanks for the show

Anonymous said...

BF3 off. Blacklock v Coops.