Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Brisbane oh Brisbane - Australia Day 2010

Bruce: "This here's the frisbee - the emblem of our land. You can stick it in a bottle or you can hold it in your hand."

Happy Australia Day all, especially to those sons and daughters who've departed Godzone to spread the word.

So here at the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion, we like to spend part of Australia Day enjoying quality Aussie music (alas, the TripleJ Hot 100 has way too much foreign tripe on it). Bit of a list below.

But for those Brisbanites of a certain age, or for those rightly curious about the history of this town, aside from reading Pig City (essential really, particularly if you want to truly understand how Buzz and Gen play their Ultimate), you could set aside some time to watch this 1988 doco on the Brisbane music scene.

These aren't necessarily Brisbane related below, but some Great Australian Music, often forgotten.


Anonymous said...

How could you not include Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons?

And I'm sure Buzz was an early fan of the Saints. Isn't that how he got his nickname?

Molly said...

How do you stick a frisbee in a bottle?

Dave said...

Molly, only a degree in philosophy from the University of Wooloomooloo will help you grasp the concept.

Anonymous said...

JDR im gettin a disturbing insight into your mind. more please

Anonymous said...

I think the Dojo blog should reply with a string of MONKEY clips

Steve Cameron is clearly the Bhudda, while Andy makes for a great Trippitaka, and Fatty as Sandy.

Mike2 said...

So I was wondering what this has to do with Ultimate, then I realised, like its Ultimate teams, no band of note has ever come from Townsville.

Andrew said...

How about The Middle East Mike. ZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING