Friday, October 31, 2008

BPL 2008-3 Round 6 Results

BPL 2008-3 Round 6 Tipping Results

Women's Month Starts!

For the lads, November is Movember.

But for the ladies, November is the biggest month on the calendar!

There's a lot going on, and the Brisbane Ultimate Blog will be joining in.

Maybe you want to contribute some Womens-Ultimatey thoughts? We welcome guest posters!

Here's the first bit you need to know, from Chiefette Maylin:

Every Tuesday in November we'll be running skills clinics for players
of all levels. We have nationally qualified coaches coming down to
instruct activities for new and experienced players (with split
activity stations.) If you want to improve your skills and
understanding of Ultimate Frisbee, at any level, come along!

Tuesday 4,11,18,25 November.
Location: Oakman Park, Crn Union St and Mogill Road, Toowong
Time: 7-9pm
Cost: $20 for 4 weeks ($5 a session to be paid on the night)
Bring: Light/Dark shirts, water bottle, running shoes/soccer cleats

To register you will need an AFDA number, this is free membership
number and can be obtained at:
Email me if you can't sign up for some reason.


This is a great opportunity to be coached by some excellent
instructors and learn some new frisbee skills!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Advanced Thoughts for University Clubs

Some people around Brisbane will know that, while wearing a QUDA hat, I’m trying to lend a hand to the UQ Ultimate Club, in its interactions with UQ Sport (the university sports governing body).

As it turns out, an old friend of mine is now on the Board of UQ Sport, and I had a bit of a chat about things the Club could do. Some of these things are informing how we’re going forward at UQ, but some I figured were worth sharing to those of you wise enough to read this blog (strange as it is to think of Simmo, Tiger, Jangles or Alex as wise).

1. Book your fields for next year now (October/November), especially if they want more. Write them a letter. Write to the person a step or two more senior than the person who manages bookings. Make sure the letter ends with a question so they have to respond.

Offer to pay a deposit for the whole season or in advance, and borrow the money from your State Association. Sports Associations are often chasing money from disorganised clubs of students so you’re differentiating yourself by beating them to it. If they direct you towards a process for managing competing field bookings (eg, there’s a meeting once a year where its sorted out), involve yourself in that, but still do the extra stuff like an early letter. Its also worth going up the chain, as the further you go, the more permanent that person is going to be.

2. Email is cool, but make sure you're clear. Be formal if you have to, make sure your most important point is in the first sentence, and if you have more than one question or comment, number them. If they tell you something, always reply rephrasing the information in your own words, to make sure you both understand it.

Much Club/Sports Association email is unclear to the extreme. Make sure you’re using an email address that several of your Club members can read (eg but everyone should put their own name on any email they send, so that its clear to them and your Clubmates who is handling the ongoing issue. Following up in person can be really really valuable, particularly if they see you in good times, rather than just when there's a problem.

3. Detail how important your fields are. Explain to the fields management people (either in that letter, or elsewhere) whether your field needs/use are for training or League, and how many people will be using it, and how much they will be paying to use it.

If they have to make decisions about field use or closures, you’re giving them information so they can prioritise. If they’ve got a choice to close your field or someone else’s, changes are they’ll look at how many individuals this will effect, whether is stuffing up a League that people are paying for, or training that’s more easily missed, etc. to put it another way – most weeknight field use at Universities is training for weekend sports for a Club where player fees include training as a minor part, so they’ll assume Ultimate (which is normally weeknight league where people have paid a set amount per night to play) is the same unless you’ve told them.

4. Recruit staff members and postgraduates. Most Clubs focus their recruitment efforts on first year students at O-Day and eligibility for Uni Games, and that’s cool. But having people who have long term careers on campus can be very very beneficial in helping your Club maintain its basic administrative processes and contacts (once you’ve sorted out the banking or field booking or grant applications once, they’re easy to do again and again).

Find out if your Uni has induction sessions for new staff, see if there’s avenues for spruiking Ultimate at the staff club, staff carpark, maintenance staffroom, postgraduate society, etc. There are also many businesses and non-University entities located on campus - can you recruit from there too?

5. Maintain connections to your alumni. Universities and Sports Associations pay lots of attention to alumni, and Ultimate has now been on some campuses long enough that there are some senior and serious people out there who used to play on campus. Think about the fat old guys who keep rugby important on campus, even though the Rugby Club probably only has as many actual players as the Ultimate Club does. These people can help look out for your long term interests and network for you at senior parts of the hierarchy. Say thanks to them by inviting them to be the Patron of your Club and have them at big events like Finals or meetings with the Sports Association. Encourage them to remember their Uni days by always inviting them to parties (they probably can't come because they're busy with work or family, but its nice to be invited).

And of course, with VSU, most Uni Club can have non-students as members (where once they can’t). Are your alumni still playing in your league? Think about recruiting from the non-University community too, and maybe change your branding (like being something like Deakin Ultimate, rather than Deakin University Ultimate) or drop flyers around the Toowong/St Lucia neighbourhood promoting West Brisbane Ultimate rather than UQ Ultimate (still call it Uni Ultimate when talking to student though!)

6. Get the Sports Association involved in Ultimate itself. Many Sports Associations run social ‘lunch time sport’ as a money maker for the Association, or just to keep the facilities in use, or because they just like to have people playing something. If you think you can get a handful of experienced Ultimate players on campus around lunchtime, then go and see whoever runs lunchtime sport and tell them about Ultimate. Tell them its easier and cheaper to manage than sports like Touch or Volleyball because it doesn’t rely refs. Offer to make sure there’s an experienced player on each team (perhaps you can wangle that these Captains play for free).

If there’s court space, play indoors as it requires less people to get going, is easier for newbies, but perhaps most importantly, means the Sport Admin office staff see Ultimate and you and your experienced players every week - this visibility is super valuable (compared to occasional emails about far flung field bookings). Invite the Admin staff to your Club parties. Make sure that non-Uni Ultimate players know about it - they might want to come! And of course, this recruits new people to Ultimate for you!

7. Draw up a 3-5 year plan of some sort. Most Uni students are planning to be on campus for only a few years, and most Uni sports clubs are only thinking in terms of a one year horizon (in Ultimate, it tends to be “recruit at O Week, play weekly if possible, train a bit in Semester 2, then go to Uni Games”.) The result is typically the same old same old. If you’re a struggling Club, you’ll always struggle (even if you have an occasional good year because an amazing person shows up).

See if the Sports Association or your State Ultimate Association can give you advice on your plan, based on what they know about other successful sports or Clubs, and also what they can do to help. It doesn't need to be too fancy - a page of routine stuff to do every year, and a page of new things to do and build on each year if a great way to start.

If you’ve got staff members or alumni loosely connected to your Club, ask them to be the long term guardians, hanging on to it and pointing out each new year’s goals to each new Executive when they start.

8. Read the Sports Association’s Annual Report and Website. This can tell you what the Association’s priorities are, and how you might tailor your planning and contact with them. Use their language and wording and principles in your own plans and reports to build the bond.

Say for example they are focused on elite sportspeople (typically because it makes for easy media messaging). Make sure they know about the Australian Ultimate representatives that are (or have been) members of your Club. How many Dingoes and Firetails and Barramundis must have come out of Macquarie University over the years I wonder? Probably a lot more than they have Wallabies or Socceroos or Diamonds or whatever. Sure, there’s reasons for that, but the numbers can be headlines. Send them photos of these people to include in their next Annual Report. Make sure you claim alumni success as your own too.

Sports Associations tend to have their own PR/Communications people – email them about successes in Ultimate.

9. Have a sweet website. Really, there’s no excuse for a University Ultimate Club not to have a really sweet website.

Hope this helps someone, somewhere!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Migrating South

For those considering an occasional foray in the second season of the Gold Coast Ultimate League, you should know the league has moved south from Broadbeach to its new spanky (and more assured) home at the Tallebudgera Leisure Centre.

Our spies tell us the fields are pretty sweet and the centre itself is easy to find (on the main drag). While the move may be a bit more of a drive for the gang attending Griffith Gold Coast, it'll certainly make the League more attractive to folks from Robina and maybe even Byron Bay .... although we think the real season is to remove GCUL just that little bit further from the prying and envious eyes of the Brisbane peeps.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Photo Links?

The old letterbox at the front of stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion has been stuffed full lately. Not with the usual catalogues and advice for stiffening up our manhoods, but with requests for links to peoples photos ... from Halibut, Mixed Nats, all sorts of Brisbane-y events.

Can you help?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In Case You Are Bored

Why not cast your mind back to our sport's national website, circa 2001?

Thanks to Rubes for the tip.

New Season of BUML Starts Next Monday!

Well, we're still recovering here at stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion - polishing the hovercrafts and letting the Bunnies get their sleep - you know what we mean.

But a reminder that the next season of Monday nights Brisbane Ultimate Mixed League (BUML) is starting next Monday.

Registration is at

With the shortened season, its going to be interesting to see how Division 1 and Division 2 pan out. Word on the grapevine is that the QUT River Rats have asked to be dropped to Div2, so it will be interesting to see who's going to be willing to change their game plans and step up - will it be Mellow Yellow, or Dispnoeics, or someone else, or maybe no-one?

Currently Division 1 is:
UQ Playaz
UQ Lovers
Plastic Scourgery
Bermuda Triangle

Division 2 is:
QUT River Rats
Kelvin Grove Cougars
Mellow Yellow

Heroes and 12 Monkeys haven't registered as yet?

EDIT: More news in the comments below

Friday, October 17, 2008

MOvember Time

It's getting near that time of year again.

I'm sure you'll remember Mansauce and Rodney's efforts from 2007.

And below, there's a shot from Mr Matt Anscomb's efforts of the previous year.

Well, Matt's having another go, and the Brisbane Ultimate Blog is donating $10 to him. You can support Matt's 2008 engagement* MO here.

Movember - Sponsor Me

Are any other readers going to grow a new moustache this month? Let us know and we'll give you a plug, and perhaps even a $10 donation if you promise us a photo (we'll have to check around behind the couch cushions to see how we go).

*Yes, in other Matt A news, he and the lady Helen are now engaged to be wed. Apparently an Eiffel Tower, champagne and a bended knee was involved. Congrats!

BPL 2008-3 Round 4 Results

BPL 2008-3 Round 4 Tipping Results

A good week of tipping all round with every picking the Slippery and Lovers wins.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

No news is good news!

Just in case anyone is wondering, there has been no news from AJFC regarding the recent rain in town. Therefore, the fields are open and it is game on for tonight's BPL.

You kids! Get Off My Lawn!!

We here at the venerable stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion would be remiss if we did not mention the entertainment we've gained by watching by some new shacks set up down the street.

Yes, Gold Coast Ultimate now has a blog -

And now UQ Ultimate, not just satisfied with their old but fancy website, have gone a blogging too -

Go have a look, update those links, but remember, the Brisbane Ultimate Blog was here first. Accept only the best! ;)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday Night - Leagues Everywhere

So tonight sees the semi finals for the UQ League, as it returns to what some would argue to be Queensland Ultimate's spiritual home (the equivalent of Lang Park for rugby league, or the Gabba for cricket), Oval 7 at St Lucia.

There's some sort of draw I guess, but I can't find it online as yet.

Meanwhile, on the Gold Coast the second season of GCUL hucks off tonight, with game on at 7.45pm and four teams looking to win.

Field 1 - Black vs Blue
Field 2 - Red vs White

Go Wednesday!

ps if anyone was thinking about starting a new Mixed League in 2009 somewhere around Brisbane, I'd be tipping Wednesday night as most desirable! Sure, you miss out on the UQ and Gold Coast folks, but it keeps Tuesdays and Thursday free for Open/Women, and Mixed-types can choose between Monday and Wednesday (or play both, having a night off in between, like the UQ kids currently do). Anyway, just a ramble, because we've had a lack of rambles lately here on the blog ... I blame AMUC.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Northern Regionals 2009

Just to mark the date - 14-15 March 2009.

Given that Nationals 2009 will be in Perth, it might be anticipated that Northerns09 may be the climax for many players' 2009 season.

At this point we're looking to book Griffith Nathan again, as per 2007 and 2008, however QUDA are looking for a TD, who might decide to look elsewhere. Could this be you? It's worth noting that Griffith Nathan was the closest field the previous TD could find to his house ...

BPL 2008-3 Round 4 Draw

BPL 2008-3 Round 3 Results

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Music at AMUC Party

If you're going to the AMUC party at the Uber Bar this Sunday night (day 2 of AMUC), and want to put in a musical request, do so over here.

Brisbane Finals Week?

After getting through the recent AFL and NRL Finals Weeks, its fun that this week (or Monday and Tuesday at least) features TWO Ultimate Finals here in Brisbane.

On Monday night (weather permitting!), 2008's second season of BUML concludes, with the UQ Players and the UQ Lovers facing off to get their name on the trophy currently in the Chimmichangas keeping. Fortunately, Dan has already been able to engrave the words "UQ" on the prize.

Then on Tuesday night, we'll see the conclusion of the S&M League, with Great!Sugoi! ramping up for Mixed Nats by taking on Slack Attack!

There'll be plenty of sideline action at both nights, so get you chair into the boot and get going.

Friday, October 10, 2008

New Logo Concept for UQ Lovers

There was a mention somewhere a while ago about the UQ Lovers wanting a new logo, and someone being disappointed that a t-shirt showing two unicorns making love was already in existence.

Well, we offer here a logo showing an Ultimate team of seven unicorns 'doing it', and think it'd be perfect!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Next Season of BUML (Monday Night Mixed) Starts 27 October

The new League Director, Notty, has announced details of the final season of BUML for 2008.

The next season will be starting on 27 October, running until 8 December.

Because we can only fit seven weeks of games in, we're going to trial having two separate divisions, each with six or so teams, played at both fields. (If this approach is successful, it might be used in 2009).

Six teams have been invited to make up Division 1 - the Chimmichangas, UQ Players, UQ Lovers, QUTies, Plastic Scourgery and Bermuda Triangle. Other teams will go into Division 2.

Individuals are encouraged to talk to Captains about swapping teams, if they feel they'd rather be in one division or the other, but Captains of course don't have to say yes.

And as usual, any new players are ideally either adopted by existing teams, or put together to form new teams which will be entered into Division 2.

Registration at:

Qute 'n Gud

We're pretty snowed here at the mansion this week, so we thank gentleman Jangles for this historic picture of the QUT and GU squads at the recent Australian University Games.

Monday, October 06, 2008

BPL 2008-3 Round 2 Results

Passion's forfeit means that if they forfeit one more game they will be ineligible for the playoffs at the end of the season.

BPL 2008-3 Round 2 Tipping Results

As you can see, our manipulation of BPL results has finally results in the two residents of the BUB Manor sitting atop the tipping table.
Last round was a very good round for tippers, with only blind Dojo loyalty stopping Sensei and Stefan from joining everyone else on a perfect round.

BUML Finals Part II - Tonight

Pending an email from TD Dan, and looking over at the draw, here's what we at stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion think is happening in BUML tonight.

Hopefully too we'll get some announcements about next season in the next day or two.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Toeing the Line

From the desk of Mr Stuart Austin:

Hey JdR not sure if you do guest blogs but I thought I'd send you an email as I still can't fall asleep at 12.30am after a game of frisbee that finished fricking hours ago!! This is a personal view of mine, not one as league director. Anyway....

A call that comes up regularly in BUML, BPL and S&M league games is people being called out of bounds on an unmarked field. This happened again tonight against Dojo, and nothing against Dojo, they made the same call that everyone else makes, OB.

Quick synopsis, Al throws the disc down the line to Jules, Jules takes a quick glance down field to work out roughly where the line is, plants his massive size 14's and catches the disc. Inevitably a call comes from the other team "your out, your foot was on/over the line". What line? There isn't a 3" white line that you can stick your foot inside off and try and make a play on the disc!

There's also the problem that of the 5 sideline cones, you'll be lucky to get three to line up properly, it's just the way things are. Which then brings out the line "he's out by those endzone cones". Come on people, let's be reasonable. If someone catches the disc a metre out, then yes they are out. But when someone catches the disc a foot or 18" outside of the invisible white line that they tried to stay inside of, do them a favour and hopefully next time when you try and catch the disc inside the invisible line they may do the same for you.


p.s. cheers Dojo, good game. Apart from that old guy Eastbran.

Three bits from me on this topic:

- when in doubt, the two cones that the offensive player is attacking should be the ones used to line things up.

- I don't really know why people have 'halfway' cones.

- if anyone is interested in doing the work of marking Ultimate lines at the Annerley fields between now and next March when soccer starts up, let me know.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Good Morning

Today's idea: I wonder how many people would be interested in some morning Ultimate?

With Summer arriving, the mornings (at least in terms of the time from sunrise (currently 5.25am) to work-time) are getting longer, and its truly the coolest and nicest part of the day.

I reckon you could get a game happening from 6.15am to 7.30am, leaving plenty of time to get the rest of your day going. And you would have no trouble finding a convenient field - maybe even some shower access or near a coffee shop - as your only sporting competitors are the cyclists and boot campers.

I know it wouldn't float the boat of some (hello Johnny Mac). But assuming a reasonably convenient venue could be found, do you think you'd be interested?

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

BPL 2008-2 Tipping Results

Well there has been crys of outrage from many a person that believes I am withholding the results of last seasons tipping comp in order to keep the prize for myself. Well people, news flash: There is no freaking prize. All you win is the admiration of all and sundry.
That being said, it really is about time I released the results in order to motivate you to get your tips in for the current season of tipping.
A very dishonourable mention should be noted for the only person to score less than 50% for the season. The Boy from Oz himself, Peter Allen, scored 10 out of 24 tips for a percentage of 42%, including a week where all of his tips were wrong. Fellow Lovers Tomsteve (50%) and AJ (52%) rounded out the bottom 3. Pete though, to his credit, never turned his back on his own team and backed them every week he tipped. This was true loyalty, and ultimately stupidity as it turned out.
To the other end of the table, Gref (67%) defeated Stefan (63%) for the bronze medal. The top two, however, were light years ahead of everyone else.
Jmac started the competition strong, pulling out a perfect 3 in the very first round. He and Jangles scored the exact same scores for the last 4 rounds of tipping. Jangles, however, proved why QUT is better than UQ and defeated Jmac by one single tip. Jangles (78%) scored 2 or 3 in every round tipped, while Jmac (74%) will be rueing his round 6 predictions when he tipped Rawhide to beat Messy and Passion to beat Slippery, resulting in his only 1 tip week.
To the losers go our commiseration, and to the winner goes (apart from nothing) our love and affection, although I think he's had enough of that already.
See below for a photo taken at the medal ceremony.

So bring on the tips for next season, where we can confirm that Pete has already secured his first 0 after the first week, and following the Messy/Lovers draw, no one will be on 100%, and no tip will ever seem safe ever again.

QUT Scores Rare Triple-Bagel [Updated]

I've always wanted to use the phrase 'triple-bagel*', but it must be a bit of a bum for our QUT reps down at the Australian University Games in Melbourne.

I'm putting it down to the freezing weather.

Griffith Uni are also unfortunately winless following the first two days of play.

Monday and Tuesday's scores for QUT and GU are available here and here.

On the bright side though, as the tournament progresses, both teams will be meeting teams at their level, and of course as the social scene starts to dominate, the Queensland talent will come to the fore (we all know how good the QUTies are at winning on or getting arrested charming the locals).

As we always say here at the BUB - nobody remembers the first game of the tournament, but everyone remembers a) the party and b) the last game!

PS If you are bored at work this week, why not phone the AUG Media Centre on 03 9926 1531, tell them you've been reading their website reports, and want more coverage of "this Ultimate Frisbee thing."

*Just in case you don't get it - losing a game 15-0 is "being bagelled", because the zero looks like a bagel.

[Update: When I saw this very sad/bad (no jokes here) news (remembering that there are many many different players and sports down in Melbourne) I gave Jangles a call. Its nothing to do with QUT Ultimate, although the gang have their own problems, having just been kicked out of their accommodation. Jangles also reports that while they're not winning, its taking teams forever to finish them off "Our D is great, but our O is struggling in this wind. Still, we're getting used to not wearing any pants."]

[Update 2: There's a bit more info regarding this terrible accident here and here. The Brisbane Times is reporting the person killed as a member of the Griffith Gold Coast water polo team.]