Thursday, June 29, 2006

AU is Out Once Again

Hi readers,

The latest issue of Australian Ultimate went in the mail last week, and hopefully it will be up on the website asap (go to news, then newsletters to find it). Or you can email me and I'll send you a .pdf

Comments as always are welcome, either here or via email, or even in person. I think the Mythbusting article came off pretty well, and the Nats reports weren't bad. We gave a fair bit of space over to World Clubs volunteer recruitment because its pretty important to the success of the event (and the AFDA's future).

It seemed a little odd but I didn't have time at the moment, but it surprised me how few issues were sent out to Queenslanders. Possibly someone in QUDA isn't keeping the AFDA database up to date with fees paid etc (if you haven't had a fee payment noted against your afda number in the last six months then you drop off the postal list). It could also be that lots of Queenslanders have opted not to get a mailed copy. Anyway, remind me to ask someone.

Anyway, enjoy.


Friday, June 16, 2006

Bugs Rise To The Surface

Last night saw the end of Ultimate Lovers 4 game winning streak - with the Buggers coming away with a 2 point win in the Brisbane Premier League (BPL).

Last time the two teams met the Lovers came out on top, but it seems that more game time has been of great benefit to the newer up and coming members of the Bugs team. Plus they were bolstered by the return of one Mr Jason Ray - who unfortunately didn't complete the game after injuring his ankle in the process of pulling the disc at the start of the final point!

The Bugs got ahead early and Lovers were always struggling to get back into the game. But Lovers fought back hard and scores came back to level late in the game - only for a goal saving block from Scott Massey to allow the Bugs to get back enough of a lead before the final siren.

It was great to see such a high quality game in the Brisbane Domestic scene - let's keep it coming!

The win for Bugs should be a warning to all other teams that while they may not have the most experienced list, the young guns are coming along and the Bugs are a force to be reckoned with.

Don't discount the Lovers yet though - the team will be bolstered next week with the return of aL Don - and their youth and exuberance will see them bounce back with gusto!

Friday, June 02, 2006

YUFL Intermediate awards

It's about a month late but I figured it would be nice to have it up here anyway... for the record.
In wrapping up the first installment of Intermediate league this year, on April 29th, awards were given out to the following people at the end of season party.

League Winners : QUTIES
Runners Up : Bermuda Triangle

Spirit Winners : UQ

Most Improved Players as selected by each team
UQ - Carla Ziser
QUTIES - Liam Wetnose
Bermuda Triangle - Karen Roche
Disponics - Bruce Webster
TeamB - Cam Tarbottom/Rodney Weatherhead
Sultry special award of Most Incredible Player - Jenny Beard

And special thanks to all the captains
Jill Q, Sandra Poon, Dan Blacklock, SaraCargill/MikeNield, GeoffSpurling/JohnMc/Leon, Tim Marchbank

Well done everybody!!