Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Upcoming Events

Thursday 14 June - Brisbane Premier League Grand Final and one of the bigger spectator events for Ultimate fans in this city.  Game on at 7.30pm at Annerley Junior Soccer Club, Greenslopes.

Friday night 6 July - Sunday 8 July - Byron Badman Gender Blender, at Lake Ainsworth, Lennox Heads NSW (about 2 hour drive from Brisbane).  If you're after FUN, we here at the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion cannot endorse this tournament enough.

Saturday 14 July - Heroes Invitational (invite only, apparently you have to cuddle up to a Brown to get the nod). 

Saturday 28 - Sunday 29 July - Queensland Disc Golf Championships.

Saturday 18 - Sunday 19 August - Halibut 2012 aka Queensland Ultimate Mixed Championships.  Queensland's biggest, oldest Ultimate tournament, this year on again at Carrara on the Gold Coast.

Saturday 20 to Monday 22 October - Australian Mixed Ultimate Championships in Perth.  With unlimited field space, anyone who can get a team together or get on a team can go (unlike other years where there's qualifying and so forth).  BUT you need to register and pay a $500 deposit for your team by 31 August.

Hopefully the date for the second Queensland Hat (will it be a Queeland Hat or a Queenlad hat?) will be advertised soon ...

Friday, June 01, 2012

BUML 2012-1- Round 13 Preview - "It's basically a cure... for not being an axe-wielding homicidal maniac... the potential market's enormous!"

Give yourself a point if you recognised last week's title quote as from the fantastic television show 'Yes, Minister', which is strangely compelling viewing in modern Queensland.  Any guesses for the quote above?  Sorry again, its from the 80's, but then again, you young folk have teh interwebs to help you out nowadays.

Its not long now.

**Division 3 - Mike

>> Griffith Go-Go’s vs Griffith Financial Crisis – Griffith 1
>> Griffith Oh Yeahs vs Slipped Discs – Griffith 2
>>Ultimate Apostles vs QUTies – Annerley 5A
>>Mellow Yellow vs Yeast – Annerley 5B
Well, put away the crystal balls and we’ll call it here. With the QUTies losses of the last two weeks and exams on the horizon, plus a quick look at the draw for the three remaining rounds, we here at the stately Brisbane Ultimate Blog mansion (which admittedly butts up rather closely to the Griffith Ultimate Clubhouse), the Semi Finalist for Division 3 will be the Go-Go’s, the Oh Yeahs, the (fading?) Apostles and Mellow Yellow. Which makes the draw for this week and next week slightly less exciting, as none of these four teams play each other. And then the draw for the final round gets all interesting as the Oh Yeahs take on the Go-Go’s and the Apostles and Mellow Yellow face off in a draw likely to be repeated in Week 1 of the Semi Finals. So let’s just note the interesting situation that Division 3 teams alternate between the best fields in the competition (at Griffith 1 and 2) and the worst (Annerley 5A and 5B).
>Our tips: Go-Go’s, Oh Yeahs, Apostles and Mellow Yellow to win all games by at least five points.

**Division 1 - Neil
>>UQ Lovers vs Poachers – Annerley 3B
>>Dyspnoeics vs Ghost Who Walks – Easts 1
>>Drop Bears vs White Lantern – Gap 2
In Division 1, the Poachers and Dyspnoeics are booked in for the Semi Finals. Its hard to see the Greater Western Walkers giving the Blue D’s much trouble on the scoreboard next week, but the Poachers/Lovers game is looking to be a big battle, with the students seeming resurgence starting last week with the defeat of White Lantern. White Lantern can eliminate the only threat to their semi-final spot, if they beat the Drop Bears.
>Our tips: Lovers to squeeze past the Poachers by a couple, Dyspnoeics to be merciless and win by several, and White Lantern to pip the Bears for the third time this season.

**Division 2 - Rick
>>Baby Chimis vs Heroes – Annerley 3A
>>Bermuda Triangle vs Discheads – Easts 2
>>Tsunami vs Disc-Iples – Easts 3
>>What the Huck? vs Agent Orange – Gap 1
In Division 2, the still undefeated Bermuda Triangle have just about sewn up the Minor Premiership, although the Discheads will be trying hard this week, as they need a win some time in the next couple of weeks to cement a Semi-Final slot, so they might as well begin now. One would expect Tsunami to take care of the Disc-Iples, and What the Huck? to survive an expedition to the Gap. So the interesting game this week is slightly surprisingly, the Chimi’s/Heroes match up. The somewhat lowly Baby Chimis have been on a roll, with two from two over the last two weeks, which the slightly more famous Heroes have been winless since April.
>Our tips:  It’s 90’s Beach Boys time - Bermuda, Tsunama, ooo I wanna take ya, to the Huckers (not suckers) come on pretty mamma, the Chimi’s, aren’t silly, ooo I wanna take you down to Kokamo …

See you next week ...