Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gold Coast League 2012 - Details Confirmed!

From the press centre at the Mayor's Residence:

We're excited for 2012, and we are going to return with a NEW style to league.... we're actually going to revisit what we did to start this league long ago.

Bring on your team.... get your mates together, and get a team registered!!!

Minimum requirements: 6 males, 5 females fully paid at the time of rego.

First 4 teams registered in full are in... after that we'll assess based on demand. but only 4 teams are guaranteed.

Cost will be approx $5/night based on a 6-10 week season ($30-$50).

all score sheets, and evening rosters (how many and who played) need to be submitted by email the following day by both captains.

All games are to start promptly, and teams that don't have a min of 5 players will be deducted a point for every 5min they are below.

Season finale will have free drinks and BBQ for all spectators.

A big shiny trophy called 'The Bondage Cup' to represent the Gold Coast Ultimate League Premiership is on the line. MVP trophies for gents and ladies are on the line. Spirit Trophy too!

I will send out an 'AFDA registration' link in the first week of Jan, at which stage you need to race your team rego in to ensure you'll be a part of it.

Be sure to do your recruiting/rounding up now... and ensure that everyone is an afda member... it's quick, free, and easy.

If you are a new member, and might not know many who play, I'll also put up a spot to rego as an individual, and we'll work to find you a home.

Well.... get to it.... build your team... jump on a team... get those lovely ladies to grace us with their presence... and let's do this.

Oh yeah, team that regos first, gets first choice in jersey colour... and so on and so forth.

Also, Team Attendance Prize will be off the hook.

Thanks for reading.
Have a Happy Festive Season on behalf of:
Gold Coast Ultimate Disc Association

Friday, December 16, 2011

Beach Ultimate - Australia Day 2012

Hopefully you're all keeping an eye on and getting your team together to get those big cash discounts!

Brisbane Indoor LEAGUE - January-February 2012

From the press release:

Gidday all brisbane ultimate players! After alot of research, alot of rejection and finally a stroke of luck, Brisbane finally has on its horizon an Indoor Ultimate tournament! For those who have never played Indoor before, its a completely different style of ultimate. Its played smaller and faster, with no wind or rain to worry about, and every player able to throw the full field- it's a recipe for some great action-packed utlimate! For those who have played indoor, this tournament will be slightly different! Due to physical constrants of the venue, it will be played even smaller on a standard size basketball court, with an added twist of the basketball 'keyhole' as the endzone!

Also the league will be a great pre-BUML season warm up for your team! awesome team building, fitness, sharpens your handling skills, game instinct and discover tricks and techniques you never knew you had!

Certainly, Indoor ultimate is great fun for every one, beginner to advanced, its even a great way to convert all those indoor soccer/netball players at your work that havent yet seen the light and refuse to open their eyes! So, the need to know:

When: 7pm-9pm Thursday nights, starting the 12th of January through to the end of February
What you get: at least two 35minute games of high intensity crazy indoor action! Plus prizes and the never ending glory of being brisbanes indoor league champions!
Where: Howell Indoor Sports Centre, Brisbane Grammar School, 14 College Rd, Spring Hill Queensland 4000
Who: All welcome! - sadly, Due to the limited space and availability at the venue, max of 8 teams can register! so you'll need to get in quick! dont miss out!

Why: Because this is a rare brisbane indoor league!! - right in the city too! AND opposite the normanby hotel?!

How: 3:1 or 2:2 m/f split. offence decides. Traditional ultimate rules. final league structure will depend on numbers.

Contact me if you have any questions, or head straight to for more info and register!

So come along, burn off those xmas callories, keep active over summer and have a great time!

Pass this on!

Erik Stevenson

Taya Siedler

Friday, December 09, 2011

State Titles (aka Northern Regionals) Info Announced!

From the press release:

G’day Queenslanders,

I’m pleased to announce that the 8th Queensland Open and Women’s Ultimate Championships 2012 (aka Northern Regionals), will be held at Griffith University Nathan campus in Brisbane , on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 March 2012. The event will be hosted as a fundraiser by the Griffith University Ultimate Club, with oversight by QUDA.

Open Division
The Open event will run approximately 9am-5pm both days, similar to previous years. We anticipate 6-8 teams, from Brisbane , the Gold Coast, Townsville, Cairns and Gympie, of which 3-4 will be seriously seeking to qualify for Nationals (all teams of course will be keen to play well!). If you are an ‘unaffiliated’ Brisbane player, I encourage you to consider offering your services and experience early to our developing regional groups - we want to see every Ulti-lad in Queensland playing this event!

Women’s Division
As we only anticipate 2-3 Women’s teams will seek to play the event for the purposes of qualifying for Nationals, the Women’s event is currently anticipated as involving a all-skill-level Women’s Hat on Saturday (which may include some development sessions) and a short qualification tournament on Sunday (which may frankly be a game of Black Betty 1 vs Black Betty 2 to provide Nationals ranking). QUDA is currently considering providing further support for regionally-based women to attend, as well as new player recruitment material. We want to see every Ulti-lass in Queensland playing this event! More details to come.

Registration and Fees
Team and player registration is now open at:

QUDA-approved player fees will be confirmed approximately one month before the event. As per previous years, in recognition of the flight costs involved and QUDA’s role in promoting the sport state-wide, North Queensland-based players will not be required to pay a player fee.

Timing, Qualification and Rostering
Teams which are using the event to qualify for Nationals 2012 in Newcastle should be aware of the AFDA’s qualification policies and requirements.

Please note that our event will be one week before Eastern, Southern and Western Regionals, which will be held on 10-11 March. The AFDA Board has agreed with our request to host the 2012 event early, to allow our teams to gain match practice at those other Regionals, should they wish.

Equally, this provides an opportunity for interstate teams and players to come and play at our event. This improves our event, but I should note a few things to ensure the spirit of Nationals qualification is maintained, specifically:
- interstate teams and players seeking to qualify for Nationals via their own region will not be counted in terms of wildcard slot qualification
- Queensland teams seeking to qualify for Nationals should not pick up interstate players who would be qualifying for Nationals via their own region (as this would screw up our local qualification process)
- Because this is nonetheless our State Championship, non-Nationals bound teams should limit any interstate pickup players to three or less.
If you have any issues with regard these ideas, please get in touch. We’re learning.

After Nationals 2012, AFDA is considering reviewing the Regionals/Nationals system with the possibility of allowing different Regionals on different dates in a permament sense, so how this all goes for Northerns may prove an interesting test.

So mark those calendars, get on a team, and we look forward to it!

Jason de Rooy
QUDA Executive Officer and Griffith Club Secretary