Monday, February 28, 2011

BUML & Buses

BUML is back and we're into the first night of grading matches tonight.

Check the website, as times and venues are varied

Because the new tinge of green at the Imperial BUB Palace runs deeper than club loyalties, we have decided to provide you with some savvy public transport tips:

Griffith - 135 (ride in style with your new Emperor ;).. I don't know if this will get us anywhere near the fields but I will call for the Hovercraft, naturally)

Annerley - 120, 160, 170 or 111 (get off at Greenslopes, look out for public transport veteran Sean Mailander this week!)

Oakman - 444, 453 (Possibly Blacklock.. get off at BBC)

End Post.

Friday, February 25, 2011

In Summery

It seems like centuries ago that the JdR (RIP) announced that nothing happens over summer. While those at the former not-so-stately BUB mansion crammed on to the gold-plated hovercraft and headed to the beach.. while the fun-loving Monday Nighters were hitting the liquid training hard (It rained all summer, right?), our most elite girls and boys were ramping up their campaign... hitting the deck, sweeping the streets, running up mountains, meditating and climbing stairs on their assent to

Nationals - Brisbane 2011.

BUDA president (all-hail) Matt Ryan and a host of volunteers have been spending countless hours in preparation for hosting this event.

Black Betty and Firestorm started their campaign in November, with a short break over Christmas before coming back strong to shake off any notions of Christmas contentment. Both squads have successfully put two teams through Regionals,

Firestorm attending the most competitive Northern Regional Tournament in recent memory, with Slam Town (Gold Coast) and Villains (Townsville) vying for 3 spots. (report to come)

Women's Northern Regionals was held in Brisbane with a massive turnout from women across Brisbane, gaining a Wildcard for their second team.
(report to come).

Recruiting has been big this summer. A lot of rookies have stepped up to train for nationals, school and uni programs have started up again (Sunshine Coast and UQ in particular) and BPL clubs Buggers and Heroes opened up their selection process to those interested.

Blogging has also continued sporadically, and Julian Asange has been channeled with some mildly entertaining "Ultileaks".

Another new era begins under the reign of another Bugger, Graham "Special" Prickett. Team numbers remain at 6, but lists seem small and carefully manicured. UQ fades into oblivion (for now) with Los Banditos taking the young guys and the other guys making it onto MBB and Dojo lists (the latter, only if you are over 6'). Speaking of 6', SlamTown have adopted a Collingwood style line-up, boasting a lot of firepower from the men under 6'. Cobras will continue, but their line-up is heavily veiled at this point.


Women's league will start again in April, after Nationals. All of the women involved have been encouraged to participate in the Black Betty machine.


After a year of maintaining the status quo, John & Co finally made moves to shake things up again. Games are being played across 3/4 venues (ASJC, Griffith, UQ/Oakman) and in slightly different time slots. The big difference this year is that the games are longer and you have to choose your division. While we here at the Imperial BUB Palace had concerns about what this means for recruiting, it doesn't seem to be an issue with the league ballooning out to 20 teams. There seems to be very few teams interested in playing Div 1, with UQ again disappearing, Super Heroes spreading out over Div 2 and Chimis disbanding after their mestizo leader chose to discard the fancy shorts for a pair of orange ones. Who will join Wuxi and Scougery at the top? It seems like Dyspnoeics will make a push for it. Are Poachers going that way too? Discheads will no doubt be under close watch, after taking out the premiership in Div 2 last season.

It seems like the times, they are a'changin... and we here at the Imperial BUB Palace are not so foolish to come to the cross-roads without our noccs. While looking ahead, we foresee an unusual time of change, we have aligned our take-over with the changing-of-the-guard, while observing the skies and consulting Eddie the Elephant (whose trunk was surely up) we strongly believe that it is safe to declare: The horizon looks glorious for ultimate in SEQ!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The King Is Dead!!

With ambitions of a Murdoch-like coup, a band of rebels gathered outside the not-so-stately BUB mansion. Fed-up with the aloof monarchy and being left in the dark (ages) regarding ultimate news, inspired by our Arab brothers... we were ready for a blood bath. Upon storming the mansion, we found it surprisingly...



empty. The disappointment that filled our souls was immense. The take-over was too easy, and completely non-hostile. It seems that the King, in his insanity, has been put out to greener pastures, seeking a quieter life.

Rumour has it that JdR is scheming away in a cave somewhere... plotting his siege on the Halibut Trophy, after coming so agonizingly close in 2010. We wish to quash all notions of a return to this terrifying regime, and declare:


In place of the Monarchy, we will form a Democratic Republic... HA! Not so... we are ushering in another era of cruel Imperialism, more evil and terrifying than ever seen before!! (excluding the reign of JdR, which is unspeakable).

So aside from strutting our stuff and hooning around in our gold-plated hovercraft, we've made a few changes around here. We've ripped up the festy carpet, removed the peeling wall paper, and the la trine.... *shudder*

the toilet had been rendered uninhabitable, even to the most foul bacteria (giving wind to a popular ultileak). The loo has been replaced with a GLORIOUS NEW THUNDERBOX!!! Complete with blogosphere control, because we know that most of our posts will be full of crap. We have also installed a very Smart piece of technology, the Cone of Silence. This is quite ingenious, and our plans for its usage will keep you amused and hence adequately sedated.

So go forth, Ultimately, and we will go forth with our.... MIND CONTROL!!

End Post.