Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Best of the Year

The masses of readers of the Brisbane Ultimate Blog have spoken:

Halibut was the best. Groovy.

Hope you enjoyed the blog this year. Not too much is happening in Brisbane Ultimate over the silly season, so I'm going to shut down for a few weeks.

Feel free to dig around the archives for things like the Cult of Potts chant, Jangles having a plan, all the Dusty/ Notty/ Dan/ aL/ Peta/ Shawn/ boy/ boy/ girl/ girl/ etc/ etc action you can handle, crazy ramblings, payouts on all and sundry, and for some reason, my personal favourite of the year.

Have a good one. Yeah Ultimate. See you next year.


ps I think this is post number 150.

Monday, December 17, 2007

I Wake Up to Some Joy

Australia have bagged GOLD GOLD GOLD at the World Beach Ultimate Championships!

The absurdly grinning faces of Keith Cameron-Smith and Brett Matzuka spring immediately to mind! Shawn Robb will never blink again I am sure. Al Don, Al Don, Al Don, and James Larkin and Chris Cuncliffe and Adrian Gepp now have more happiness than sand inside of them.

I guess we may as well call them a Queensland team anyways!

And let us not forget the ladies! Women – BRONZE medal, GOLD spirit. Well done Queensland ladies - Danielle, Notty, Bree, Rena and Claire. And Beth played for GB and picked up gold too.

Here's a cut and paste from what's floating around the web:

Finals Sunday:

Open: Australia - Philippines 14-12 (Australia World Champions!)
Women: Great Britain - US 11-8 (GB World Champions!)
Mixed: US - Germany 11-9 (US World Champions!)
Master: US - Great Britain 11-9 (US World Champions!)

Spirit of the Game winners:

Master´s: Brazil
Mixed: Switzerland
Women: Australia
Open: Philippines

Friday, December 14, 2007

More Movember

Why I'm glad only a few Ultimate players get into Movember each year.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lounging on the Deck Again

Blogger seems to be throwing a fit about posting pictures at the moment, but here they are again.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Lounging on the Deck

The start of the Lounge Lizards Playing Cards project. Suggestions welcome.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Back to the Beach

Badman has been in touch. He's looking to book the Lennox Heads venue for a tournament early next year - likely to be one of the last two weekends in January as the place is largely booked out Feb-April.

There's been some talk about running the event as an Men-Only one, to kick off the season leading up to Nationals. Maybe as a hat, maybe using say four of the BPL teams as cores, with other players added. Let me or Bads know what you think asap.

While we're at it, here's the other photos that Sean sent me a few weeks back. As usual, click to make bigger.

Famous faces (and not so famous fashion) on the line:

The closing ceremony:

More Freestyle Flanstyle:

Saturday, December 01, 2007

We're On a Mission from God

All the talk here on the Brisbane Ultimate Blog has been about clubs lately. Sorry about that, but I'll just get this last one (about MY) club, out of the way.

Rawhide was one of the new clubs founded this year as part of the expansion of the Brisbane Premier League to six teams. It’s a mix of old fellas who've played a bit together before, and newer dudes standing wide-eyed at the gates of hell that is BPL. We have character our sprouty-green shirts with the bull logo, and our occasional quoting of Blues Brothers dialogue. In our first season, we didn't get a win, despite some close runs. This season, we made the semi's, and came within a whisker of making the final, with Dojo Mojo defeating us in the final point of the game.

We were gutted, but really, it's been a good inaugural year for the Rawhide Club.

To finish off the season, Rawhide spent the last week voting on a few awards, which were presented at the BPL final on Thursday night.

The Rawhide Best and Fairest 2007 was a close race, so congratulations to Mr Jon Good for taking the vote! Also polling high were Joel Smith, Tim Ferguson, Sean Flanagan and Shawn Robb. Good work fellas.

Meanwhile in the Rawhide Player's Player Award, the winner stood out by a mile – well done Mr James "Grannie" Gransaull!

As noted in the BPL Final report, Mr Sam Challis was also recognised as Rawhide's Rookie of the Year!

And finally, special mentions were made of the Club's Inaugural Captain for his all-round awesomeness – Mr Shawn Robb!

Cheers to all our award winners, from the 2007 Rawhide squad: Sam Challis, Roger Church, Dustin Czok, Jason de Rooy, Tim Ferguson, Sean Flanagan, Luke Fletcher, Huddy Fuller, James 'Grannie' Gransaull, Jon Good, Stewart McGlashan, Nate Peterson, Shawn Robb (c), Beth Rougier, Tony Ross, and Joel Smith. HYAAA!