Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Women’s future

Thought I might put up there my interpretation of some collective thoughts…

WUFL has been a success since it started two seasons ago. We have managed to recruit and nurture some very new and exciting women in Qld!
Another massive recruitment avenue for both men and women alike have been the university leagues, namely QUT and UQ. The semester is more than halfway gone and it is showing great potential, attracting a pool of YOUNG & FIT talent!!

The more “senior” members of the women’s ultimate community in Qld are very keen to support anything that will encourage this group of new ladies transition into intermediate and experienced level competition. Good solid players are needed to strengthen the core of the female generation in Qld ultimate.

Many of the WUFL players and uni league players have rapidly mastered the basic rules and skills and are at a stage where they are encouraged to play in tournaments and other leagues which are more challenging for them. However, the unescapable fact that men are generally more fit, fast and aggressive than women, the mixed environment can be too tough a challenge for many ladies. We need an alternative avenue where women are encouraged to learn, grow and improve their skills...

Regardless of whether you are beginner, intermediate, experienced or vetran, all Qld women need a good shake up and boost!!

After some discussion, there’s been a general air of agreement that the best way forward for now is probably to have a regular and structured women’s training session under instruction of a good coach. This way players of all levels will be able to participate as a player (not as a mentor) and focus on training, polish up on skills, discuss about tactics and set plays, build on teamwork, etc.

A potential coach has already been sourced, and Tuesday or Thursday has been raised as the possible nights for training. Fields are being investigated in Toowong and Mt Gravatt…